Oderint dum metuant! Let them hate, provided they fear!

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Oderint dum metuant! Let them hate, provided they fear!

Post  Admin on Thu Mar 06, 2014 1:03 am

By Stanley Collymore

There was a time not that long ago when uppity niggers that either insulted the sensitivities or in anyway impeded the exceptionalism of their alleged white Caucasian and superior masters they would be summarily gotten hold of beaten and tortured unmercifully and while an empathetic crowd of fellow, white Caucasians were swiftly gathered up, party atmosphere style, for the resultant spectacle publicly lynched to everyone’s rapturous delight, except that of the poor Nigger of course. Naturally there were variations on this tried and rather trusted theme, like the British armed forces and the colonial administration in Kenya prior to that country’s independence, when the locals, significant numbers of whom had only recently returned from Europe where they’d gone to fight Nazism on Britain’s behalf, were campaigning for their own independence from the UK. Then it was quite routine to round up men, women and children, confine them to fortified stockades and with them securely inside, liberally douse them all with petrol and set them ablaze, leaving them to die a most agonizing death.
Oh the good old days when whites were in charge and Blacks knew their place. Now we have a throwback from that era one so-called Justice Sweeney who obviously hasn’t a clue of what the term barbaric means venting his spleen in similar colonial fashion. He couldn’t order that Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale who’re both of East African descent to be lynched or burnt alive, although it’s quite evident that’s where he was coming from, but he could do the next best thing. And he did. Sentencing two men who did not contest that they had killed a British soldier; after all, they’d courageously waited at the scene of their activity for the police to arrive and did what they felt they had to do very much in the open.
From the very outset Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale openly stated that their crime was a politically motivated one brought on by the political and genuinely barbaric crimes that Britain, along with its white western partners and Arab surrogates are carrying out in the Global South. And as far as I am concerned these are the real acts of terrorism not what the two Michaels did, which politically motivated as their action was it was no more a terrorist act than the killing of Baby P by his mother. But terrorism isn’t something that the likes of Nigel Sweeney and Co attribute to whites regardless of where these acts take place.
When Andreas Breivik the Norwegian mass murderer and terrorist carried out his odious crimes western governments and their sycophantic media quickly and justly branded these acts terroristic and the person behind them as a terrorist instinctively jumping to the conclusion that that individual was Non-white and they would be able to jump on their racist hobby horse. But the moment it became clear that Breivik was White Caucasian all that stopped and the word terrorist was instantaneously dropped from their vocabulary, limited at best, and never used again; not even during his subsequent trial, conviction and sentencing. But the two Michaels in the minds of these perverse sickos: among them the judiciary, Crown Prosecution Service, government, Cabinet ministers, official opposition, media et al, none the less fall squarely into the category of terrorist because it goes with the territory.
Yet as Nigel Sweeney was instinctively jumping up onto his sanctimonious soapbox and manifestly grandstanding as his sort does, and more suitable to be a judge in an X-Factor charade than any genuine court that I know of , the same judiciary that he represents was sabotaging and throwing out a real life terrorist outrage that also took place in London. This outrage was the infamous Hyde Park bombing in 1982, and before I proceed any further on that matter it should be pointed out that there is no statute of limitation on murder within the UK. Anyway this evidently terrorist act resulted in the death of several people including FOUR British soldiers, not the one that Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale randomly targeted and killed and was just one many such terrorist activities carried out by Northern Ireland terrorists on the British mainland with recurring multiple deaths resulting from them. But guess what? The perpetrator of this terrorist act can’t be prosecuted because he has a letter from the previous UK government precluding this from happening. In effect, it’s all part of a covert deal undertaken by British regimes that include the present David Cameron and Nick Clegg coalition one to give letters of exemption and outright amnesty to these Northern Ireland terrorists to stop them being prosecuted for their terrorist activities.
Hundreds of such letters have been handed out by these British regimes; 38 of them since 2010 when the present government took office and the latest of them in 2013. In addition, Northern Irish terrorists that have been convicted of terrorist crimes involving the death of civilians, members of the police forces as well as the armed services have also been granted Royal Pardons. An ongoing situation secretly known to the British judiciary, the CPS, the British government and opposition of course and several others; all of whom are now rather pathetically and highly embarrassingly trying to pass the buck elsewhere as these fucking cowards always do when caught in a bind. There’s even talk that these are historic crimes and that these amnesties were altruistically granted to promote peace in Northern Ireland. What utter tosh; and how the hell can something as recent as 1982 be deemed historic? But some of these Northern Irish terrorist acts that were carried out there and on mainland UK have occurred since 1982 and of course prior to that time.
And what I find particularly sickening is that these ignorant assholes, everyone one of them, as they jump up on their sanctimonious high horse regarding Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale and how evil they are cannot even bring themselves in 2014 to regard these terrorists acts carried out by these white Northern Irish terrorists as what they really were or refer to what is going on in Northern Ireland as a civil war. Since these pathetic fuckers still refer to them as the troubles. Anywhere else, and particularly so in the Global South in countries that the UK and west don’t like, and where they foment their customary insurrections, any such situation would immediately and decisively be categorized as a civil war; but not Northern in Ireland where it has been going on for decades or the entire island of Ireland for over a century. That’s the kind of blatant hypocrisy and double standards that are replete in the mindset of members of the British judiciary like Nigel Sweeney and the political apparatchiks who pull their sycophantic strings. And in those circumstances how can anyone with a functioning brain in their head or even an iota of commonsense have any respect for such patent nerds and particularly the judiciary, as everyone already knows the MO of your average politician let alone those who make it into government, so corrupt that they’ve become the laughing stock of the civilized world.
Little wonder then that Northern Ireland’s First Minister, Peter Robinson is quite furious and threatening resignation if there’s not a cast iron guarantee from the British government that a judicial inquiry is promptly set up to discover why these shady and disreputable deals between Westminster based governments, the CPS and the judiciary were forged in the first place without the awareness of the legitimate and devolved government of Northern Ireland that has responsibility for such matters but wasn’t informed and was evidently kept firmly in the dark about them. Why the damning secrecy if these bastards involved in these covert deals were acting within the law, which they clearly weren’t!
No one in his or her right mind was in any doubt about the outcome of the case involving Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale; least of all they themselves. But the post haste manner in which this clearly show case trial with all its kangaroo elements was undertaken leaves a pretty awful taste in the mouth. Contrast this approach with that studiously adopted in the case of Stephen Lawrence where for over of 20 years everything was done to thwart justice for him, his parents and supporters. And when a prized asshole like Nigel Sweeney can sit in the Old Bailey and talk about the dignity of this dead soldier’s family, my natural reaction was, what about the incomparable dignity of Doreen and Neville Lawrence which was nefariously and in many others respects deliberately trampled on. Fat good it did either of them. And apart from the Daily Mail, a supposedly rightwing newspapers, no one in the white establishment or the rest of the British media per se gave a shit, and that was most evident in the case of the of the judiciary, the CPS, the Met Police, other UK police forces, the UK government and parliamentarians alike that the entire world now knows through its indebted thanks to an undercover police whistleblower tasked with this nasty piece of work had individually as well as collectively done everything in their power to thwart justice for Stephen as well as unwarrantedly smear his parents, family and supporters.
Now this Jackass Nigel Sweeney and the British media, particularly Sky on the day of the sentencing of Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, were in an utter feeding frenzy with stupid bitches like Kay Burley who has racist form, as she was very dismayed that two of Stephen Lawrence’s killers had eventually been convicted for his murder after the quite inordinate time that had elapsed following his murder dismissively saying on air that it was a long time ago, but on the actual day of the sentencing of Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale was conspicuously besides herself with delight, going on ad nauseum about the dead soldier’s family and the dreadful trauma for them and despite that their extraordinary dignity shown in the face of this barbarity inflicted on them when no such sentiments were ever advanced by her, or would they have been, in respect of the Lawrence family. And in tandem with her we had Tom Parmenter, another jerk, out for making a name for himself spouting on about this same theme along with other spurious ones.
Knowing about the deal done between Northern Irish terrorists and the British authorities I instinctively asked myself why is okay for two black men who kill a British soldier at home for the very plausible reasons they not only gave but succinctly outlined be given the prison tariffs they got at the hands of Nigel Sweeney when hundreds of known Northern Ireland terrorists were allowed to go scot-free, and are still doing so in 2014, at the express behest of the very same people that asininely claim the actions of Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale were the worst ever by British citizens in the history of the United Kingdom. Hyperbolic or what! For that’s just plain crap! Even so, my query was supported by one of only two Sky Presenters that I have any respect for because he’s professional to the core in what he does and significantly also talk sense; and I’m referring to Eamonn Holmes who was as likewise as flabbergasted as I am that, in his words, Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale could “justifiably” be dispatched to jail for inordinately lengthy periods of time for what they never denied they did while manifestly hard-bitten terrorists from his part of the world, Northern Ireland that commit even viler crimes happily and are casually allowed by the UK judiciary and political authorities to just walk free as they laughingly wave their immunity from prosecution papers given to them under our noses. But like I’ve  said earlier the white powers that be who’re in charge of the affairs of the UK increasingly aided and abetted by cretinous members of the British judiciary like Nigel Sweeney don’t with their outmoded colonialist mindset see white terrorism for what it is; as in their rather sick minds whites don’t do terrorism.
Then we hear from Kay Burley and the rest of them that this soldier’s son ought never to have been put in the invidious position of having to grow up without a dad and furthermore knowing how that dad was treated. Joy Gardner when she was brutally killed as was Mark Duggan and several others subjected to the same barbarity customarily visited upon Blacks but that these whites like Kay Burley only deem as such when it’s meted out quite rarely as it happens to whites, all left young children behind and in Mark Duggan’s case four of them; so that calculated and cynical pulling at the heartstring crap I’m afraid doesn’t cut any ice with me. For if the likes of Kay Burley, Nigel Sweeney and the rest of these white exceptionalists don’t want terrorism in the UK then they should as a matter of urgency impress upon their government not to interfere in the domestic affairs of other countries, or even worst still kill their citizens with impunity in their own lands.
The depressing mayhem that the world witnesses on a daily basis in Syria was initially started by Britain two years before the insurrection itself actually broke out; obviously stoked by British Special Forces illegally and covertly sent there by the UK government. The invasion of Iraq was carried out on a premeditated lie in the aftermath of which over one million Iraqis were killed and some seven million of them externally and internally displaced; and Iraq is today a broken and dysfunctional country while Tony Blair and his cohorts who knowingly and deceitfully took Britain into an illegal war with Iraq with all its attendant consequences for personal gain and accordingly while Iraqis continue to endure a nightmare he enthusiastically assisted in creating, in marked contrast benefits handsomely financially from his terrorist crimes. So why the fuck isn’t he in the dock at the Old Bailey at least?
Then there’s Afghanistan and Libya where the worst carpet bombing by the RAF post World War II, when the same thing was done to Dresden and Hamburg, were remorselessly carried out with incredible loss of life. Australia on the other side of the world has troops in Afghanistan. Why? When was the last time that Afghanistan invaded or attacked Australia, a country that has systematically and ruthlessly ethnically cleansed its Aboriginal people? The Aussies are there because they see themselves more as European than as belonging to the South Pacific, and White Caucasian Brits as their kith and kin. So if they can travel to the other side of the world to freely render in rather loose terms familial solidarity with and back Brits fighting yet another unlawful and immoral war in Afghanistan or wherever, why shouldn’t Brits with ancestral links to the Global South do precisely the same, if they’ve a mind to, in respect of their own kith and kin under the Nazi and Fascist jackboot of whites including Brits engaged in terroristic activities in their ancestral homelands?
Doreen Lawrence was and is still the epitome of dignity in respect of the racist murder of her son Stephen, but fat good that has done her with Aidan Burley the racist and Nazi MP for Cannock lambasting the organizers of the Summer Olympics held in London for having her there making the occasion in his words “too multicultural”. Well I instantly took him to task for that remark in an article I wrote and odious as his views are he’s perfectly entitled to his opinion. But I’m also entitled to my own and will express them openly whenever I think it’s necessary to do so and nothing will ever, as long as I draw breath, stop me from ever doing so.
The death of this soldier I willingly and unapologetically admit leaves me cold, just as I’m equally sure that the racist murders of Steve Biko, Stephen Lawrence, Joy Gardner, Jimmy Mubenga and the premeditated execution of Mark Duggan and quite literally the thousands of other Blacks who were likewise executed at the hands of the so-called forces of law and order in the UK similarly affect those whites of all backgrounds that support these sorts of things. So don’t think that just because your arrogant exceptionalism delusionally gives you the idea that you alone have sensitivities that that makes it so; other people do to.
This is a new century and the world has dramatically changed; it has also become a very dangerous place largely due to the ever more, recalcitrant reluctance of significant numbers of whites to accept that Blacks, who either personally or ancestrally and for centuries now have been routinely subjected to the worst atrocities linked to slavery ever since the first boatload of Africans were savagely kidnapped from their indigenous African homeland and involuntarily on their part subsequently shipped to Barbados’ Bridgetown Harbour giving rise in the wake of their abduction to the inception and endemic evils of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, followed by colonialism, Jim Crow laws, segregation, lynching, racism and apartheid, you name it and they were subjected to it, aren’t any longer prepared to accept this kind of shit anymore from any one and particularly white Caucasians that have profited hugely from it.
An eye for an eye might be very biblical in its connotation and it’s readily accepted when the rogue state of Israel applies it; so why not so when Blacks and others from the Global South see what is happening to their families and loved ones there? Because whether you like it or not it will continue and intensify as long as the foreign policies of the UK and the west persist in their current manner. Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale won’t live to see it I’m sure as they’ll be killed off in prison; but then they’re not afraid to die. That’s what that carefully judicial and CPS orchestrated and manipulatively staged managed in the Old Bailey dock charade supervised by Nigel Sweeney and instinctively on cue was amplified by the British print and electronic media was all about.
Play on the old racist stereotypes of Blacks being inherently violent and all the rest of it, then conveneintly at the behest of the powers that be kill them off in jail; wont be the first time something like that happened. Then the likes of Tom Parmenter and Kay Burley can report to their heart’s content that Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale as is their nature viciously attacked their prison guards who had no choice but to defend themselves; very much like the Trayvon Martin scenario, knowing full well that there are enough racist idiots and others out there in Britain willing to believe their racist narrative.
But there’s another biblical adage to consider I would advise, namely that those who live by the sword will also die by it. And no country, far less individuals can be one hundred percent sure of their own safety or that of their families nowadays no matter how elaborate the security measures are, for their security detail has to get it right 100% of the time while the assassin or determined killer only has to do so the once. And guess what? The insurgent killers that Britain trained, financed, sent off to Syria and lavishly facilitated them with all their needs to overthrow the legitimate government of a fellow sovereign and independent state haven’t returned home yet but they’ll do so eventually. And what’s more they’ll make what Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale did look like child’s play.
It would make sense this monstrous display of hatred and racist vilification against Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale if they were spontaneous, directed at them for activities uniquely carried out by them and which profoundly offended the sensitivities of most people, particularly those in the UK. But this is clearly not the case! For these displays of solidarity with the dead soldier and his family ostentatiously and premeditatedly carried out, stem from the direct result of the cynical manipulation by racist, Nazi, fascist, xenophobic, colonialist, imperialist-minded and even Islamophobic forces that pervade the UK right down from the government, judiciary, parliamentarians, CPS, the so-called law enforcement agencies: police and prison officers for example, to the gullible and manipulated foot soldiers, as it were, of far right groups and football hooligans entirely vacuous when it comes down to intelligence or any semblance of prescient mindedness and literally spoiling for a fight to compensate for their myriad and transparently obvious inadequacies.
A situation that is then significantly exacerbated by the fact that the very activities those who are in power in Britain hypocritically fulminate about, decry and openly condemn as totally reprehensible in the UK and state have no place here, they none the less actively encourage, finance and wilfully participate in abroad, most especially in those countries with substantial natural resources that Britain sees as greatly beneficial to its existence as a developed nation and so-called first world player on the global stage, as well as permitting it to geopolitically persist with its delusional intent of imposing its white Caucasian and overarching imperialist hegemony on peoples and countries that quite frankly don’t want or need it.
Meanwhile the west and including Britain carry on refusing to condemn acts of atrocities that are conspicuously terroristic in nature but which nevertheless serve their savage purposes. To this end they’re therefore well aware of the causes of blowback in places like the Middle East and likewise in the west but the answers to these avoidable problems they don’t want to hear, which in turn creates a state of affairs where the US satrapies of the UK and France continue to risibly punch above their weight in international affairs in order to unjustifiably retain their place and veto in the UN Security Council. And backed by the west’s corporate and state media the concerted plan is to maintain this status quo.
Therefore when opponents of this obvious travesty of justice voice their opinions, however moderately this is done, against the west generally and the US in particular for self-servingly encouraging and moreover reinforcing what is basically an unconscionable state of affairs they’re viciously damned as ranting and out of touch with reality; but when the boot is on the other foot, no matter the intensity or rancid nature of the lies, it’s not. Which makes a total mockery of democracy and civilized norms of behaviour that these countries like Britain are always preaching to other people about but don’t practise themselves, and increasingly seem averse to doing so. For if you genuinely believe in human rights you do so regardless of who is violating them or who the victims are.
Günter Meyer of Mainz, Germany: a white Caucasian German and knowledgeable Middle East analyst highlights my previous point when he says about terrorism as a general rule and that carried out specifically in the Middle East: “The leaders of western countries know that their sponsored death squads are completely responsible for the Syrian massacres but take the lying stance of exclusively blaming the Assad government for these and direct the corporate so-called mainstream media to take this official stance.” Then cynically and manipulatively too when an obvious blowback situation like what happened in Woolwich occurs both the government and the media instantly adopt an orchestrated outrage scenario, akin to that of a supposed virgin having, she claims, been sexually violated by a dangerous predator, that they assiduously put in place and self-interestedly exploit for all it’s worth so as to gain sympathy for and divert suspicion away from themselves as the real culprits and the catalyst for what has happened.
Which forcefully hammers home the point and puts into its true context and unquestionably so relative to what is orchestratedly going on around the dead British soldier by those who don’t really give a damn about him or his family but are just conveniently using both these set of circumstances expediently to promote their own nefarious and outright narrow-minded vested interests, that compromising with racists is like embracing a rabid dog and hoping that in doing so such an action will rid that animal of its malady. If you’re sensible you don’t; nor should any rational person, come to that, even try unless they’ve got a profound death wish. And Blacks endeavouring to seek justice in the white racist judicial system is, in the words of the late Malcolm X, analogous to going to the wolves and complaining about the fox raiding the chicken coop. Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale were well aware of this; that’s why they logically acted as they did.
But from the perspective of racist whites with their white supremacist, we’re the superior race and attendant to that colonialist, Colonel Blimp, xenophobic and imperialist mindset it’s much easier to denigrate uncomfortable facts rather than honestly and maturely confront and hard-headedly deal with them, which in turn places Blacks in the untenable situation of being forced to view horrific incidences like the Trayvon Martin case through a set of shared and rather painful experiences and a history that doesn’t go away. Not the sort of thing that the commonsensically brain dead remotely cares about or would ever understand in the unlikely circumstances that he or she did.
Therefore, given this state of affairs it was particularly easy for Nigel Sweeney to hand down the lengthy sentences he subjectively did to Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, this despite him contradictorily and openly saying in court that they’d killed just one person and it was evident they posed no threat to anyone else including passersby or the police; yet in his next sentence Nigel Sweeney posturing to the family of the dead soldier asininely denounces Michael Adebolajo as a person with “no prospect of rehabilitation” and ideally suited for a whole life tariff and no eligibility for parole.
Judgements arrived at without any appropriate medical or clinical expertise on the part of the man delivering them to support his rant, or for that matter any incontrovertible proof either from appropriately qualified medical or psychological experts and were then transparently and objectively produced in court and which substantiated Nigel Sweeney’s personal opinion that Michael Adebolajo is indeed without any prospect of rehabilitation.
But as unlike the case of a white suspect where proof would not only have been expected to be produced but also firmly demanded as well, Nigel Sweeney was fully cognisant that such niceties or a logical deference to natural justice weren’t requite characteristics in the case of a black defendant. And consequently he also knew that he could say whatever unsubstantiated crap he wanted to and unchallenged get away with it, because the predominantly white racist society in Britain of which he and the rest of the judiciary are an integral part would buy it without demur.
The hypocrisy and arrogant double standards replete in the comments, attitudes and actions of those ostentatiously besides themselves with manufactured rage and expediently jumping up and down with demented ire on the self-serving bandwagon of the British soldier killed in Woolwich by Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale is absolutely mindboggling; and if one were to excuse the stark fact that some of those involved in these activities are blissfully ignorant of the darker side of British history, courtesy of a dumbed down educational system; and moreover that they’re themselves vacuous to the core as well as illiterate and innumerate and most happy to be spoon-fed by way of the dishonest and lying narrative dished out by the BBC and the private sector corporate media alike, which routinely and manipulatively use them for their own self-centred and financial vested interests, it still doesn’t alter the fact that overall the UK, its white Caucasian population and their kith and kin significantly dispersed across the globe as a result of an often brutal and enforced white European hegemony have considerably much more to apologize for than to complain about, especially in the raving and lunatic fashion that they characteristically go about the latter.
In that regard let’s take just one example of the myriads of those dreadful double standards to exemplify what I mean. The infamous case of Baha Mousa an Iraqi hotel receptionist who was humiliated, tortured and brutally murdered by the British Army in Basra in 2013. A most dastardly set of circumstances that were covered up by the British Army and the government in Westminster with only one person and evidently the selected fall guy in this case, one Cpl. Payne convicted of a preposterous minor assault charge even though ample and clear video footage showed what had actually taken place. An enquiry however was forced upon the UK government after persistent demands by Baha Mousa’s father, an Iraqi colonel, and others for one to be held. Headed by Judge William Gage the enquiry reported on the 8th September 2011; and its findings were that the British Army was directly responsible for Baha Mousa’s death along with those of several other Iraqi civilians as well as their systematic mistreatment prior to their calculated murders.
The British Defence Secretary at the time, Liam Fox then unconvincingly and hypocritically described what had been done to Baha Mousa as “deplorable, shocking and shameful” even though he knew the full facts about what had taken place all along, studiously said nothing about them at the time, didn’t see fit to institute criminal or court-martial proceedings against those who where responsible for these horrendous murders, totally unrelated to any combat activities it must be stressed, and were it not for the persistence of Baha Mousa’s father and others to have the truth made public, measures that were followed by the UK government’s enforced consent to an enquiry and afterwards that enquiry’s findings, Liam Fox would have continued to obdurately stay silent and complicit in the brutal murders including that of Baha Mousa; and the belated and mealy-mouthed words Liam Fox unconvincingly uttered in the aftermath of the enquiry’s findings basically to cover is incompetent, complicit and hubristic ass wouldn’t otherwise have been said.
Meanwhile we had David Cameron, just as unconvincing in his remarks for as PM he must have been told what had actually happened or at least one would have expected him to have asked provided he cared that is, saying it must never happen again, then quite incredibly went on to claim it’s not the way the British Army behaves. Oh really David! Well, here are a few historical incidents for you to mull over and that will quickly and incontrovertibly debunk your stupidity, ignorance or wilful disingenuousness on this matter: Kenya’s Mau Mau, the Indian Munity, the Boer War and Northern Ireland.
Check these and others out mate and you’ll soon be disabused of this infernal hubris that you and others like you who’ve never worn a British military uniform in earnest, donning one on for TV photo-ops doesn’t count, or haven’t the slightest intention of ever doing so but whose hubristic impudence and bogus patriotism nevertheless lead you to narcissistically jump into the vanguard of ostensibly defending Britain and what you think it should stand for in the 21st Century and doing so to the last drop of someone else’s blood never your own or that of your close relatives or friends. And what’s more overtly overcompensating for your own abject cowardice relative to matters that are clearly and genuinely in Britain’s best interests and are diametrically at odds to the ones that you embark on and which are evidently inimical to the well-being both of Britain and its population; this either from your own criminal propensity or perversely misguided perspectives; attitudes that cause you to feel compelled to defend the existing status quo, including the rogue members of the British Armed Forces charged with implementing the UK’s nefarious foreign policies.
Then we had Peter Wall, a British Army general, asininely stating, as if this could remotely be a vindication for these rogue soldiers odious conduct, that many of them involved in these dastardly activities theirs and that they routinely used weren’t born when these said activities were banned in 1972. So that makes their actions alright Peter? For starters prized assholes like yourself who’re now regrettably so Britain’s military top brass along with our political apparatchiks would be the first to say that ignorance of the law is no legal defence. Besides, how come Peter that so many British soldiers born after 1972 could so collectively involve themselves in criminal activities outlawed before their birth unless of course they were taught them? Bearbaiting, putting people in the stocks, drowning or burning supposed witches or forcing one’s enemy or traitors to walk the plank were activities that were outlawed before any of us in the UK were born but I don’t see anyone resurrecting these activities and using you lame, insulting and rather sick excuse Peter Wall relative to these British soldiers actions abroad to justify indulging in these proscribed activities. Murder is murder however you look at it Peter Wall, and furthermore manifestly odious when it’s callously and premeditatedly carried out; which is exactly what happened in the case of your soldiers!
Adding insult to injury we also had Mike Bracken, aka a Wing Commander in the RAF who admitted that he killed innocent civilians but resolutely refused to make any apologies for his doing so, and didn’t think that he needed to. In the interview he gave this sociopath spent a considerable portion of his time talking about the failure of a so-called smart bomb but most of his conversation centred on his fanciful comments pertaining, proclaimed this prized RAF prick, to Colonel Gaddafi wanting to massacre his own people; all of them innocent civilians went on this pathetically sick man very much in need of an urgent lobotomy and a complete disgrace to the RAF I once voluntarily served with. But even if his patent lie about Colonel Gaddafi had even a modicum of probability about it, why was it wrong for the leader of a sovereign and independent country to kill traitors to that country at home but perfectly okay for this insufferable British asshole Mike Bracken to openly and unapologetically boast about killing Libyan civilians, cowardly doing so from a military aircraft thousands of feet up in the sky and totally out of their reach, in their own country, not at war with Britain, and asininely claim to be doing so under the ludicrous pretext of humanitarian reasons. Sick or what?
What goes around, it’s an absolute certainty, eventually comes around. And I’m quite sure that British insurgents and others sent by the British authorities to create havoc and commit murder in Syria, Libya and elsewhere and who will eventually return home to the UK and the rest of Europe more radicalized than when they left, already know the private address(es) of Mike Bracken and his family members; and in the unlikely event that they don’t already have this information ought to be made aware of it, those opposed to this utterly objectionable, self confessed and boastful mass murder Mike Bracken will argue and in keeping with that view cheerfully oblige by providing them with it. And who can blame them considering what he said in that interview he gave and evidently stands for when it comes to the inalienable rights of people he clearly considers to be his inferiors, simply because they aren’t white Caucasian as he evidently prides himself on being.
It’s a sick and obsessive exceptionalism that’s pervasive throughout British, white Caucasian society and particularly so among Britain’s elites; and British judges pathetically out of touch with reality and the real world they don’t know anything of and care even less about, living in a bubble of elitist exclusivity fashioned by their own hands and that is fulsomely rendered an unwarranted and the most obsequious of obeisance to it by the overwhelming majority of the British public are some of the worst offenders. Yet forever quick to crack down on what they paranoically perceive as a presage towards contempt in what they narcissistically and hubristically regard as their courts, never the nation or the peoples’ courts mind you, and do their damnedest not to lose control of, even when there’s no actual or intrinsic threat to their inherent control-freakism; and the only issue at stake is their pretence at being civilized men or women. Likewise the CPS, all part of the same incestuously close-knit legal fraternity, that has no problems with facts, which if they don’t like them they simply change them. Just part of the irrational prejudices of class solidarity.
That’s why I firmly believe that these people who aren’t democratically elected to any office within the UK’s legal system that they hold and therefore can’t be removed by the electoral will of the nation’s voters and where nepotism and corruption, malfeasance in office, the lack of transparency and unaccountability are manifestly evident, subjective prosecutions, or none at all, are the order of the day particularly when the suspects in the latter case are friends of those in power or the self-confessed idol of an incumbent Prime Minister, where probity is at best variable and at its very worst a sham and cover-ups of wrongdoing aren’t only frequent in nature but also institutionalized and fine-tuned, that British judges, the CPS, politicians, the police and even those who run the BBC and corporate media should acquaint themselves with the fact that revenge is an insidious thing, since it eats away at you and takes over your life.
That statement with sanguine and logical reasons to substantiate her contention for doing so was firmly impressed upon me at the age of four years old and shortly after I had started my debut at the primary school I was enrolled at by my maternal grandmother throughout my life has be a tremendously influential and quite inspirational figure. This eloquent and instructive piece of advice from her which I’ve meticulously followed ever since came about when a lad much bigger than me then and in a higher class than I was, he was also much older than me, gratuitously picked on me. I told Gran about this and contemplated ways of dealing with this bullying lad and actually getting my own back when Gran intervened with her indisputably level-headed advice, which was never to harbour a grudge or worst still apply my mind with thoughts of revenge; since by doing so I would basically be allowing my adversary to dictate the terms of my own behaviour. I did as my Gran advised and as she always knew I would. Crucially I got the better of this bullying lad and quite decisively so too; but it wasn’t through any sleepless nights on my part revengefully agitating about how best to do so. For Gran’s advice had well and truly paid off!
Which all boils down to the simple realization that commonsense, a carefully worked out plan, strategy in other words; an unshakable determination, unwavering commitment, a firm resolve, undaunted courage and immaculate timing beats impetuosity and sheer brute force, based on the irrational concept that might regardless of how misguided it actually might be is always right, hands down every time; irrespective of however long that takes. The actions of Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale therefore clearly and unabashedly fall into the first of these two categories; those of the UK government, Britain’s elites, the judiciary, CPS, police, parliamentarians and significant numbers of white Caucasians very much, and clearly from an objective point of view, regretfully fall squarely into the second and latter category. It’s an outcome that stems from the positioning, whether freely or manipulatively embarked upon by those involved, which asininely assumes that by killing the messenger or at the very least shutting him or her up those acting this way will somehow be spared the uncomfortable home truths of what his or her message is all about.
A fish rots from the head and here in Britain we’ve got and, for some considerable now, have had governments that are rotten; a parliament that’s rotten; and a media that’s rotten. We also have a financial system that’s rotten, a class structure that’s rotten, a criminal justice system, military top brass and police forces that are extremely politicized, corrupt and institutionally rotten to the core like all the aforementioned. Is it any wonder then that some of this massive, endemic and palpably top level rottenness has cancerously spread downwards to contaminate and, even as I write, is effectively permeating other sections of British society as well? And to these people revenge is totally okay it seems when it’s white Caucasians that are practising it however unpardonable their actions are; not so apparently when other people out of sheer frustration or absolute desperation embrace the same practices either for their own protection or survival, while additionally seen and considered as completely infra dig when used against those very same whites who gratuitously target such people in the first place.
Tony Benn, one of Britain’s few conscionable politicians with his sort an even more dismal rarity in 2014, once said in a television interview that if Britain were ever subjected to the same kinds of mindless atrocities which it has consistently and unwarrantedly perpetrated against other countries particularly those in the Global South, and continuing with this analogy was also attacked, invaded and had its citizens, or subjects if they freely choose to be so categorised abominably mistreated, tortured, savagely murdered and then dismissively and contemptibly regarded as collateral damage and their bodies indifferently, disrespectfully and appallingly mutilated and randomly disposed of, as British governments, their military top brass, senior civil servants in the Ministry of Defence and the Foreign Office routinely and barbarically support, authorize or turn a blind eye to when it’s jackboot Britain that’s calling the shots, those Britons who by any means at their disposal however supposedly terroristic or unconventional these were that resisted such wanton, pervasive and savage attacks on the UK and its people, especially its white Caucasian population, would instinctively be regarded by their fellow Brits as gallant heroes and heroines and extravagantly praised as such.
The Woolwich murder isn’t in my opinion your average murder but a calculated political act, no different from what Britain premeditatedly and along with its allies routinely carry out in the Middle East, the Ukraine, Venezuela and elsewhere in Africa for example, and the dead British soldier was collateral damage. Hard for you to swallow because it’s one of your own? Then don’t use the same terminology when your armed forces gratuitously murder hundred of thousands and even millions of innocent non-whites: old men and women; mothers, their babies and other underage children; peasants tilling their fields; guests at wedding parties and other social functions totally unrelated to your asinine war on terror and randomly any male who looks to be over the age of 14 - the age of majority in Britain for Christ sake is 18 years - with the overwhelming majority of those slaughtered and dismissively not even counted unquestionably being civilians; killed exclusively in their own countries where Britain and its collaborators have no lawful or moral right to be.
Preoccupied with racial prejudices of their own, themselves encouraged and reinforced by a distinctly slanted and white Caucasian narrative emanating from the corporate media and its BBC catch-up, unbridled vilification from the police and CPS and the subjective remarks of Nigel Sweeney with his ingratiating bias towards the dead soldier’s relatives and supporters – beats me why he didn’t just hand over the entire trial to them or have them openly assist him as the court’s assessors - Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale were always going to be found guilty, the killing was never in doubt just the motives for it; and the unanimous 90 minutes durations of the jurors’ so-called deliberation confirmed their prejudices.
Nigel Sweeney’s remarks in his summing up prior to his sentencing Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale to a full life tariff and 45 years minimum imprisonment respectively and in which he pertinaciously rejected the two men’s legal submission that their actions were political and not criminal, showed that he and his minders were psychologically rattled vis-à-vis what Britain, as they all well know, is daily up to abroad; and the contention of Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale as to why they’d acted as they did clearly struck a raw nerve with Nigel Sweeney and as such Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale had to be remorselessly slapped down, which they were. That said British judges know a lot about the law but precious little about justice or probity for that matter.
And if they don’t like that remark; tough! Since in my opinion, and I’ve every right to my freedom of expression as they assertively state they have, you can’t logically libel someone or persons as regards besmirching something they never possessed in the first place and most certainly don’t have now!
When I triumphed over my first real adversary at the age of four and the subsequent bullying ones after that and always utilizing the sensible advice tendered to me by my Grandmother, with a warm, affectionate hug and a beaming smile she would always when we were entirely alone together remind me in her most supportive words that I was simply the best. Several years later as an adult when someone totally unrelated to what went on between my Gran and me penned a song by that name and it became a smash hit for Tina Turner Gran would laugh effusively and every time she heard it aired say to me that they were playing my signature tune. She even bought me that record as a present and which I treasure immensely not only because of what it signified for me as a child growing up under Gran’s remarkable influence but also because it was from her.
I can’t hug you or it wouldn’t be allowed Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale but my thoughts and best wishes even so will forever be with you; for in the words of my Gran to me I now say to you: “You’re simply the best!”


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