John Kerry: ethnic European Jew aka Zionist Christian, pathological liar and schizoid sociopath!

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John Kerry: ethnic European Jew aka Zionist Christian, pathological liar and schizoid sociopath!

Post  Admin on Sat Mar 08, 2014 10:27 pm

By Stanley Collymore

Anyone who was either delusionally under the impression or actually believed that the west and in particular its highly paid bunch of professional lying mafia, most notably John Kerry were telling the truth of a vicious Ukrainian regime under the democratically elected President Yanukovich was systematically mowing down innocent, naïve and defenceless Ukrainian civilians and even members of that country’s police for their own gratuitous and self-serving ends are in my view in dire need of individual lobotomies, for those of us who know what the west is all about, the lengths it will go to in order to get what it wants and are also au fait with its modus operandi clearly saw all that at work and knew precisely whose handiwork was on display; namely and firmly that of the west.

That’s why the prized idiots who rely heavily or exclusively on the twisted narratives of the west’s corporate and even state broadcasting media mouthpieces should be grateful for the revelation of the leaked telephone conversation between the Estonian Foreign Minster, who was actually on the ground in Kiev and knew exactly what was going on, and Catherine Ashton the jobsworth, unelected and so-called Foreign Minister not even of the EU but the equally unelected EU Commission, in which the Estonian FM unequivocally stated that neither Yanukovich nor anyone in his government was responsible for using snipers to kill both the Ukrainian police or civilians but that that responsibility and its attendant criminality lay firmly with members of the cabal of Nazis, Fascists and others of their ilk who with western backing organised the putsch against the elected Ukrainian government.

Obviously this conversation wasn’t meant for the ears of the Ukrainian people, those in the west or the authentic global community for that matter and has of course proved very embarrassing for Catherine Ashton, whose only response was “oh gosh” and then resolutely refused to even discuss the matter when asked to do so by the alternative world media; something she would have had no problems with at all in loquaciously vilifying and calling for a tough response if the boot had been on the other foot and it was some other country that had organized a coup in one of the west’s satrapies, let’s say Bantu Saudi, Qatar or some European state for that matter. But such mindboggling hypocrisy and double standards come with the territory of jobsworths like Catherine Ashton and of course the west that she’s clearly a puppet and mouthpiece for.

But let’s digress briefly and imagine that such conduct by so-called peaceful protestors as John Kerry lyingly referred to them, as and was evidently not the case, was happening in the US or Europe. The entire world witnessed in horror the systematic, highly co-ordinated both at state and federal levels, and the utterly brutal crackdown that took place against genuinely peaceful Wall Street Movement protestors and campus sit-down student ones in the US and also as well in Britain with no hold back whatsoever of this outright brutality on the part of the government in the US or here in the UK against those that they targeted; and one can clearly envisage what their immediate response would be if these protestors were throwing Molotov cocktails at the forces of law, firing live bullets at them, occupying government buildings in Washington or London and using expertly trained snipers to target both civilians and members of the police and having overseas sponsors of them blaming such acts on the UK or US government.

The same response would occur wherever it took place in the EU or any NATO country, and self-defence and restoring the rule of law would be the recurrent mantra used by both these western governments, their law enforcement agencies and their media mouthpieces. But when it’s they who’re fomenting the problems in other peoples’ countries and using their murderous thugs to bring about regime change in countries they don’t like or whose rulers refuse to bend the knee of supplication or obeisance to their geopolitical and global hegemonic interests then what takes place is seen by these barbaric and incorrigible morons as perfectly alright, and with them adding insult to the injury already caused by classifying the actions of these murderous thugs as the democratic aspirations of the people, who at best are duped or else play no part in these obscenities, that these western states headed by the US and NATO want to subjugate.

NATO is a self perpetuating cancer in the human body politic and was created on a deliberate lie; set up to prevent communist parties from coming to power in Europe not to protect Europe from the then Soviet Union, as the US knew perfectly well that the Soviet Union had no wish to invade western Europe; and it’s this same lie even with the Soviet Union having collapsed and Russia and its former constituent parts no longer communist entities that the US and its EU satrapies persist with  and would like nothing better than to get their hands on Crimea and the naval facilities there, all the better to be militarily on Russia’s doorstep. As such this rabid and childish obsession on the part of the US that is still evident in 2014 lives on, with the US like an inveterate old whore totally unable to come to terms with the fact that the highpoint days of her prostitution are permanently behind her. And to back up this obsession we’ve seen the US embark on a number of global false flags which it then criminally and stupidly seeks to condemn as the work of others.

Here are some of them. The US orchestrated Operation Gladio in Europe post World War II in order to carry out atrocities against civilians there and blame these on the communists. The ploy worked successfully in countries like Italy, Spain, France, Portugal and Greece. Other infamous false flags in which the US was also involved are: Operation Northwood: the plan to cause the invasion of Cuba; the Israeli attack in 1967 on the US Liberty in a dastardly and blatant attempt in which several US naval servicemen on board were killed to draw the US into the war between Israel and its Arab neighbours by blaming this attack on Israel’s foes. Even to this day the US is tight lipped about this matter and refuses to even contemplate compensating the relatives of those who were slaughteded in this manner.

The Gulf of Tonkin affair; a US ploy that resulted in the dishonest attack on Laos, Cambodia and of course North Vietnam. The CIA attack on a night club in Berlin and also the downing and destruction of the 1988 Pan AM flight over Lockerbie in order to blame Libya for this and provide the US with a false and disreputable excuse to attack Libya that had become a thorn in its side. The attack and invasion of the tiny Caribbean island of Grenada, no navy or air force, and so much for this prized bully picking on those weaker than itself yet Grenada held the mighty US off for two weeks; also the ousting, with the complicit and subservient help of Britain, of the democratically elected government of Dr. Cheddi Jagon of what was then British Guiana simply because as would later happen with Grenada these Caribbean affiliated and actual countries of that hemisphere had the temerity in the US’ eyes to forge diplomatic, cultural and economic links with Cuba, another Caribbean territory; tantamount to some country with the muscle to do so telling the US that it shouldn’t have any ties whatsoever with Mexico or Canada that are its close neighbours simply because the country doing so feels it can do what it likes and doesn’t for purely perverse reasons like either Canada or Mexico.

There are numerous other examples of these US double standards: the premeditated break up of Yugoslavia; the systematic bombing of Serbia along with sustained threats to invade that country if it didn’t surrender to the US and NATO’s ultimatum and demands that Serbia relinquished Kosovo which was a historical and integral part of Serbia followed by their unilateral recognition of Kosovo as an independent country, no democracy involved here mind. A fait accompli through the barrel of the gun which fast forward to 2014 Jackass John Kerry is literally and fallaciously accusing Russia of when the Crimean people democratically state that they will hold a referendum to determine their own future. Actions in the case of the break up of Yugoslavia embarked on with the specific objective of Balkanizing the Balkans into weak, vulnerable and manageable entities in what during the Soviet Union era were distinctly and voluntarily under the USSR’s sphere of influence.

Then there’s Sudan where the oil rich south of that country was orchestrated by the west into splitting from the sovereign and independent country of Sudan with a similar pattern of destabilization and fragmentation in Iraq, Libya and Syria, still ongoing. Egypt too where the US didn’t like the outcome of democracy there and decided to put the Egyptian military back into power. Then there are the African countries the US is interfering with in a very heavy-handed fashion as it did in the past with the Congo, Ethiopia and Somalia, and is currently still doing. And how about the Philippines where the US wiped out over a third of its population in a war with that country simply because the people there wanted to be free of the US shackles. And who can forget the US’s interference in Korea, where another false flag was used to instigate the Korean War which is still simmering to this day. And I haven’t even begun to touch Latin America and the US meddling and also its military interventions either directly or through surrogates in all of Latin America: the horrendously brutal Condor operations there with their thousands of disappeared civilians, the military interventions in Chile, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Mexico: most of the Southern USA and particularly states like Texas and California once belonged to Mexico that was denuded of them through US false flags and subsequent attacks and wars with Mexico and the list goes on globally relative to US infamy and barbaric subjugation of other countries..

A power obsessed entity with over 100 military bases in well over 139 countries, considerably more than the rest of the entire world combined yet not satisfied with what it already has and blaming as 19th Century sovereign usurpers countries that don’t have any bases outside their own territories. Crimea for centuries was always geographically and culturally part of Russia until 1954 when Nikita Khrushchev in an organizational arrangement, no different from the British government splitting the once unitary county of Sussex into West and East Sussex, allocated it under those terms to neighbouring Ukraine never expecting that the Soviet Union, that Ukraine was a part of then would break up. But that did happen and that’s how Crimea, where the people are overwhelmingly ethnic Russian and consider themselves to be closely connected to Russia linguistically and in every other way, came to be politically linked to Crimea after the breakup of the Soviet Union. But what I find absolutely astounding is that if the US under false pretences could invade Grenada to rescue a handful of US students there who were in no danger and said so when they were involuntarily taken back to the US, why is it wrong for Russia, even if it chose to and we know it hasn’t done so, to go into next door Crimea to protect its own kith and kin?

And talk about Russia having a base in Ukraine and abusing this to the detriment of the Ukrainian people, what poppycock. Russia is there legally through an agreement negotiated between Russia and Ukraine and for which Russia pays quite handsomely for those facilities. Contrast that situation with Guantanamo Bay where the US illegally occupies part of the sovereign territory of Cuba despite Cuba for decades now saying it doesn’t want the US on its soil. And what is the US’s response? That it made a binding agreement with the puppet regime of Cuba in the 19th century when the Cuban people had no say in how their country was run and therefore the US can stay there and do what it likes regardless of what the legitimate wishes of the Cuban people or their government are in 2014. Can you imagine an elected government of Britain or Germany, where the US also has bases, asking for their land back where these bases are and for the US to quit and this asinine argument the US uses relative to Cuba being used and the US allowed to get away with it, and moreover use these bases in the way it uses Guantanamo Bay as a legal black hole to do whatever criminal activity it wants to pursue? Don’t hold your breath looking for an answer on that one as we all know what the outcome would be.

But what really did it for me was seeing Haaretz the Israeli so-called liberal newspaper condemning Russia and praising the Nazi thugs that now run Ukraine and one of the first things they did was to un-ban all Nazi and fascist symbols. Over 22 million Russians died fighting Nazism and Fascism in Europe and their relatives must be fuming with anger and asking themselves why when twats like those on the Haaretz, who wouldn’t have been alive had it not been for these Russian sacrifices in Eastern Europe and beyond, can act in this way? My own relatives fought against Nazism and Fascism and I too am asking myself why they did when prized assholes like those in Israel of all places can behave in this shameful manner.

As for John Kerry this man isn’t just a moron but also a schizophrenic sociopath. Born to parents who were ethnic European Jews that escaped the European holocaust and fled to the US on arriving there found themselves in a situation similar to that of jumping out of the frying pan into the fire since pro-German Nazi sentiments were also rife in the US until the attack on Pearl Harbour. Kerry’s parents anglicized themselves pretended to be Christians and through basic survival instincts hid their Jewishness from those they daily came in contact with. Even John Kerry didn’t know about any of this until he was well into adulthood.

Brought up as a Christian he’s an avowed Zionist, not to be confused with Judaism, since many decent Jews abhor Zionism while many of Zionism’s rabid supporters are so-called Christians like John Kerry and Senator John McCain, and it should be firmly remembered that John Kerry was even more hawkish than John McCain in calling for a US attack on Syria which was only narrowly averted through Russian mediation. So essentially John Kerry apart from being a prime sociopath and schizophrenic is equally with it a classic case of someone suffering as well from Stockholm syndrome. And all that crap of his about Russia behaving like a 19th Century aggressor and how civilized countries don’t invade others on phoney pretexts, where was this prized asshole, his media cheerleaders and their equally bankrupt EU leaders and others when Grenada, Iraq, Libya et al occurred? Maybe they should have a close look at themselves in their own mirrors.

Finally, I’d like to close with this statement. “How can you trust those who are arming the counter revolutionaries in Bahrain; who illegally invaded Iraq and whose destabilization of that country is causing numerous deaths there on a daily basis; and along with the invasion and lengthy occupation of Afghanistan, far longer than World Wars I and II combined, are directly responsible for all the consequences we already know of in those two countries alone: Over one million Iraqis killed, 7 million displaced and hundreds of thousands killed in Afghanistan and the border areas of Pakistan, with similar daily massacres and drone assassination murders in Yemen, Libya, Somalia and elsewhere in the world, to be thought of much less be accepted as the liberators of the global community? It’s a contradiction in terms and you don’t have to be a genius to work that out!”

And how can the people of Crimea transparently taking a democratic path to determine their own future be condemned by the west as illegal yet the murderous Nazi thugs and fascist sniper killers the west has put in power by means that by no stretch of the imagination can remotely be called democratic, since a putsch never is and that’s what it was that ousted the democratically elected President of the Ukraine and his government there and in which the overwhelming majority of ordinary Ukrainians, particularly those in the East of the country and specifically in Crimea played no part at all be arrogantly and self-righteously declared as democratic and legitimate? Have these criminal western leaders no conscience or morality? Obviously not!


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