What a prized hubristic pillock you are David Cameron!

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What a prized hubristic pillock you are David Cameron!

Post  Admin on Thu Mar 20, 2014 12:57 am

By Stanley Collymore

David Cameron thinks the Crimean referendum is “a mockery of democracy.” Apart from reaching that conclusion because it’s not the result he wanted one is nevertheless bound to ask, listening to him say that, do the mouths of the likes of David Cameron ever engage with their brains, albeit limited in scope as they evidently are, before their imbecilic owners decide to speak?

In Britain we have an electoral system of first past the post which is anything but democratic. For not only is it routinely possible for the alleged winner in any electoral race to end up receiving less votes than the combined total of votes garnered by the other candidates, which means that even among those who bothered to vote the so-called winner not only doesn’t enjoy majority support but equally there hasn’t been in living memory either in UK parliamentary or local government elections anything that’s remotely in excess of 50% of eligible voters turning out to vote; so it can hardly be said that our MPs and local government councillors enjoy the majority support of the British electorate. Usually in general elections in the UK the voter turn out is around 33% and in local elections anything between 7% and 18 % of voters who bother to turn up to vote. So work out the maths for yourselves

Even the universally acknowledged mass murderer Tony Blair in his so-called landslide victory in 1997 got that alleged landslide on the back of just 33% of the British electorate turning out to vote and that figure was itself divided between the three main parties consisting of Blair’s New Labour Party, the Tories, Lib-Dems, other minority parties, and of course independent candidates. So where’s the democracy you’re vaunting so much here in the UK that wasn’t prevalent in Crimea’s case David Cameron, a situation where most of the UK’s electorate chooses not to vote rather than actually doing so?

And how ironic David that you’re the Prime Minister of our country yet no one voted for you to become that since your party, even under our skewed electoral system, didn’t get a majority of seats in the House of Commons and it was only through a carpetbagging deal with the minority Lib-Dems, as the Liberal Party that was, out of power for nearly a century, hungry for power and seizing the opportunity to be in government again, cobbled together a deal out of mutual avarice, expediency and self-interest with your Tory Party where you as leader of the Tories and Nick Clegg that of the Lib-Dems facilitated a situation where by virtue of they and your Tories combined having had more seats in the House of Commons than the rest of the shower that got elected there you became PM and in return  you made Nick Clegg your Deputy PM. Self-interest on both sides or what?

So please don’t from your sanctimonious high tower lecture anyone on either the concept or principles of democracy David, as it sure as hell isn’t practised within the UK’s electoral system; nor in the US or Canada for that matter, close allies of the UK, where national and local elections are routinely stolen in both these countries. Who can ever forget the 2000 and again the 2004 Presidential Elections fiasco in the USA, Florida and Ohio respectively, or the last two national elections in Canada where a new dimension was appended to the word fraudulent. But of course you know this well David as do the leaders of the other parties in the House of Commons, but none of you want change or a decent electoral system in the UK because the current and fraudulent one serves your purposes adequately and keeps genuine representatives of the people out of parliament.

For example, as things stand diversity in the House of Commons is non-existent, other political parties not deemed as mainstream are seriously disadvantaged, prevented from having any free electoral airtime on the BBC and the other UK media because they haven’t any MPs while your Tories, Labour and the Lib-Dems hog it all and voters are essentially left high and dry with nowt else but Hobson’s Choice handed to them; in other words take it or leave it. It’s all smoke and mirrors with you lot when you talk about democracy, isn’t it?

Furthermore, there’s no ethical selection of candidates either for parliamentary or local council seats where the Tories, labour or Lib-Dems are concerned, since it’s not the membership of the respective parties or even the constituency voters in open primaries that determine who the eventual party candidates are but rather an unrepresentative Cabal of central office party apparatchiks that do so and anyone with fresh ideas or who challenges the status quo that the three major parties rely so heavily on and benefit enormously from hasn’t a snowflake in hell’s chance of being selected as a candidate.

And there have even been instances, very rare I must admit, where a local constituency party, in the case of all three of the major parties, has either overwhelmingly or even unanimously chosen as their parliamentary candidate someone who they feel will best represent the interests of that respective constituency but who nevertheless found himself or herself rejected by the party’s hierarchy with the democratic will of the local constituency party dismissively overturned and instead a favourite, invariably an outsider to that constituency but who is either a relative, friend or has the right connections with the party’s hierarchy, is imposed on that constituency with the local constituency party’s choice of candidate summarily rejected. Not exactly democracy in action, is it David?

Moreover, please tell me if you can why if you, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband and the rest of you, hopelessly out of touch with reality, the electorate and the 21st Century and who individually as well as collectively have never held down a proper job in your lives, are so committed to democracy as you say David, why on earth is there a need for a party Chief Whip and Deputies in parliament and whose official role is to force MPs, whether or not they want to, to always toe the official party line or else at best get themselves severely disciplined or worst still even be expelled from the party for not doing so? Aren’t MPs supposed to be in the House of Commons first and foremost to represent the best interests of their constituents who elected them to office in the first place and not simply to act as cannon fodder for the likes of you David, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband and the arrogant bully boy apparatchiks that run your respective parties; acting not in the interest of us mere subjects, as you see us the average British citizen, but I hasten to add those of your business and corporate pals as well as the military industrial complex that collectively have bought and paid for the lot of you. And therefore have you firmly in their pockets?

The 135 independent observers from over 23 countries that monitored the Crimean referendum all declared it to be free, fair and above board; which incidentally begs the question, how many monitors or observers do Britain, the US, Canada, the EU states or the rest of the arrogant west have in their territories come election time to monitor your elections? But as with the same exceptionalist mindset you have when it comes to your possession of nuclear weapons which you can tenaciously hang on to and even upgrade contrary to the NPT provisions, that actually you’re a party and signatory to, while arrogantly and belligerently denying others the same right to even contemplate having nuclear weapons of their own let alone develop them for their own protection, which is what you say you have yours for, with you it’s all about we can be trusted but others who aren’t our friends or collaborators as in NATO can’t be. Never mind that your actions quite often conflict with your empty words.

But hey! You’re white, Caucasian and belong to the Master Race, don’t you? And what’s more are God’s Chosen People as well; as you ensured that the entire world knew David when you visited Israel in your role as PM in March 2014, assertively stating while you were there that you have Jewish ancestry. So even if you don’t win the next General Election David, Britain will still have another Jew at the helm of British politics as its Prime Minister in the shape of Ed Miliband, and with him also a staunch Zionist and committed friend of apartheid Israel as you are David it’ll be business as usual. And what really pisses me off is that you Zionist Jews while having no problems ethnically cleansing the Palestinians from their millennia old ancestral homeland as your white Caucasian lot did to the Aborigines of Australia, Maoris of New Zealand and the indigenous inhabitants of North America for example, wiping Palestine off the map of the world and replacing it increasingly with a Zionist apartheid Israel exclusively as a homeland for European settler Jews who unlike the Palestinians aren’t Semites even though they fraudulently claim to be but are effectively the descendants of white Caucasian Europeans whose ancestors had converted to Judaism.

Without a touch of irony and shamelessly so as well you not only don’t mind living in other peoples’ countries while arrogating to yourselves the right to have Israel solely for Jews but also assume that it’s your paramount privilege to be in charge of and moreover run these countries as well, as you’re cheerfully doing in the UK David, AIPAC etc are in the United States and Ed Miliband similarly wants to do in the UK. And before you hit back by saying that you and Ed Miliband were both born in the UK, which I fully accept, my response to that is so were the Palestinians in Palestine where they’re native to that land and have lived in for millennia unlike your family David or that of Ed Miliband relative to England or even the rest of the UK. And the Palestinian analogy is also quite pertinent in the case of other indigenous peoples globally that you white Caucasians have savagely either ethnically cleansed, displaced or exterminated.

But neither you nor Ed Miliband takes any bloody cognisance of that in your rabid support for Israel, do you? Yet as I earlier mentioned one of you Zionist Jews will be Prime Minister of the UK, with or without the incorporation of Scotland, after the next UK general election. So how do you justify this hypocrisy and rank double standards both of you? All the same, and with all the sarcasm that I can muster, how very nice to know that it’s not the general interests of the average Brit suffering under severe austerity caused by the actions of a bunch of venal and incompetent assholes from both sides of the aisle of the House of Commons purportedly running our country but a foreign, Zionist and apartheid state where the primary interests of yourself David, together with that of Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband all of whom along with the likes of Boris Johnson, yet another Jew, are angling for the position of Prime Minister of Britain lay!

So I’m not the least bit surprised David that you and your ilk disapprove of what has gone on in the Crimea and use the kind of dishonest language that you’re also so good at in vilifying what took place there, and regrettably get away with what you’re doing because the majority of British voters not only consider our electoral system a bloody sham, and which accounts partially for their apathy, but also because most of them are totally distrustful of your lot and absolutely hold you all in contempt, knowing as well that as things stands you all have such a grip on the political system that there’s bugger all they can do to change matters other than by means of a revolution and that’s not the British way. More’s the pity!

So if there’s any mockery going on David it’s what the Crimean referendum makes of the likes of you David and the overwhelming majority of your MP colleagues in the House of Commons and what you stand for and that’s why you feel you must criticize what went on there as it additionally throws a ruddy great spanner in the works of the global hegemonic and geopolitical objectives of the US and its satrapies, and that includes the UK, in your relentless and onward march eastwards towards Russia’s borders with the delusional hope that in doing so you will eventually succeed in securing the Crimea as a major base for NATO. Dream on!

Now you’re an old Eton boy David Cameron and I would have thought that you would have been aware that even when France and Britain fought Russia in the Crimean War and bombarded that part of the Russian Empire with the hope of getting their hands on Crimea that enterprise failed abysmally and they were jointly unable to wrest the Crimea from Russia; so why the hell would Russia, which has had a naval presence in the Crimea continuously since 1783 let you do so now? That would be analogous to some foreign power trying to wrest Portsmouth or Southampton from the English. And especially after the numerous promises the west made to Russia post the collapse of the Soviet Union relative to not having NATO advance eastwards to Russia’s borders, promises which were instantly broken as was evidenced in the Baltic, Poland, Romania etc who can blame Russia for taking a firm stance over the Crimea which is actually right on its doorstep? Think on it Old Boy!

And that’s what really pisses you, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband and the rest of them off isn’t it David? After all you recognized Kosovo’s right to self-determination and were quite happy to observe the further break up of Serbia through having it lose Montenegro, and you boasted David about how Argentina and the rest of the world must recognize and accept the will of the 2000 people on the Falkland Islands in their UK sponsored referendum, so why don’t you and those that think like you do the same relative to the almost three million people of the autonomous republic of Crimea that for centuries was geographically, culturally and linguistically part of Russia but was capriciously given by Nikita Khrushchev to the Ukraine in 1954 when they were both part of the USSR without any consultation either with the Crimean people or the Ukrainians come to that and de facto stayed with Ukraine when the USSR imploded in 1991?

And now having witnessed the events in Kiev occasioned by the Nazis and Fascists that especially the US, UK, Germany and France have put in power there through a brutal and murderous coup financed at the rate of $US50 per day to the street thugs of the Nazi and Fascist parties that brought about this illegal and unconstitutional power grab in Kiev, something that the Crimeans and indeed most Ukrainians had nothing to do with, and sensibly not wanting to be a part of it, why in those circumstances don’t you and others like you David, as if we didn’t already know the answer to that question, not accept the inalienable right of the Crimeans to determine their own future especially when nothing but lawlessness prevails in Kiev regardless of how much gloss you put on it or how blatantly you parade this illegitimate puppet thug of yours and so-called prime minister there on the international stage to garner respectability for him?

Any true believer in democracy would not only accept and embrace the decision of the Crimean people but would also wish them well; so it shows with your refusal to do so what a hypocrite and purveyor of double standards you really are but people like myself already knew that David; and besides we also know that you have to please your US chain puller every bit as Angela Merkel and the rest of them are evidently obliged to. In your case David willingly so, as you and your current cabinet colleagues made perfectly clear on your visits to the US when you were still in opposition promising to do everything the US demanded of you; while in Angela Merkel’s case it’s thanks to the US’s blackmail of her, her covert links with Stasi being one such hold over her, and obviously the NSA file on her from its intensive spying and other surveillance of this woman.

Now we have that idiot the west has installed in Kiev as PM threatening all manner of atrocities on those in Crimea who instigated and organized the populist referendum there, openly promising that hellfire will burn under their feet and there’ll be no hiding place for them. Just imagine for a just a second or so that those were the words of the Argentinean President after the Falklands referendum and were directed at the people ton those islands or even British officials, we all know what would happen. There would immediately be hell to pay for Argentina with Britain referring the matter to the UN Security Council and all the rest of it. But when it comes to the west’s Nazi puppet in Kiev there’s not a dickey bird’s tweet coming from you David, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband or the rest of you charlatans.

In addition to all that the Nazi head of security and the armed forces in Kiev has threatened Russia with a nuclear attack saying that the Ukraine has the capacity and the determination to build and deliver nuclear weapons within 3-6 months. Again no comment or condemnation from the west on what is a real threat to Europe as Ukraine does have the nuclear knowhow to build at least a dirty bomb and in Soviet times actually hosted nuclear weapons. But can you imagine with the west’s fixation with Iran’s non-existent nuclear threat what the response would have been not only from western governments but also their media if such a threat instead of emanating from the Ukraine had been made by some official in Iran? For as you said yourself David while you were recently in Israel that Iran must never be permitted to have nuclear weapons, which in your skewed thinking relative to Iran would not only be a major threat to Israel, paramount in your concerns no doubt as the Zionist you are, but also a threat to the world.

No such concerns about Ukraine having them though and what’s more asininely threatening to use them against a superpower with a well stocked nuclear arsenal of the sort that Russia has and the rest of the world is well aware of. What, pray tell, does this prime asshole, or you for that matter David, think that Russia would do, just sit on its hands and say ah well it’s not worth responding to? And wouldn’t such a reckless act on the part of Ukraine pose a real as apart from a fabricated threat in Iran’s case to the whole world; for sure as the sun rises in the east Russia would respond and quite massively so. But you David are just as idiotic as this nutter in Kiev for you have just sent RAF fighter jets to patrol the borders of Russia. What a bloody waste of time and money that Britain can ill afford, and no one in the House of Commons has the balls to tell you so.

This bearing in mind and adding insult to injury that an increasing number of British working families are having to turn to charitable food banks to make ends meet while within the same UK the five richest families own more wealth than the combined total of over 20% of British people at the lower end of the economic scale. But David Cameron doesn’t mind risking a thermo-nuclear war to ensure that the interests of the 1% are catered for as opposed to that of the bulk of our population. And honestly ask yourselves, in a nuclear tussle with Russia who do you think will win? Answers please, as they say, on the back of a postage stamp.

Britain posturing as usual and asininely trying to punch above its weight, with complete morons living in your world of fantasy. Meanwhile Jews are again fleeing Europe this time from Ukraine courtesy of the Nazi and Fascist government that the west have installed in Kiev, and those that have reluctantly decided to stay are getting paramilitary training from the Israeli Defence Force in order to defend themselves; this in 2014, the 21st Century and a throwback to the days of World War II when the Waffen SS ancestors of these current Fascist and Nazi killers liquidated not only Jews but Russians and Poles. And the agenda of their descendants is exactly the same. In 2014; but all that you David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband, Boris Johnson and the rest of you along with the US and NATO can think of is the west’s geopolitican positioning in eastern Europe. A situation that’s compounded by deliberately adopting a Nelsonian blind eye to what is happening in the Ukraine thanks to your unwarranted intervention there and when challenged on this passing it off as Russian propaganda.

From my own personal perspective it’s sincerely hoped that the Frankenstein monster that the west has unleashed in Ukraine will do precisely what did happen in that original scenario, and that these descendants of Ukraine’s World War II notorious Waffen SS do a much better job than what their parents and grandparents did; but instead of killing decent citizens, be they Russians or Jews, that they concentrate instead on actually wiping out en masse the Zionist scum of all kinds and not least so those that brought them to power; and as much as I detest these odious Ukrainian scumbags I’ll be more than delighted to provide them with the names of several of our own British Zionist scum that they can flex their muscles on.

Since I’m wholeheartedly of the view that some ethnic cleansing of the right sort wouldn’t at all be a bad thing for Britain; analogous to setting a cane field on fire at harvest time. It gets rid of trash, snakes and replenishes the soil. And there’s a hell of a lot of trash and snakes in Britain, trust me; and high time that we replenished, proverbially speaking, our own soil!


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