The carnal dissemblance by influential, British Establishment Paedophiles!

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The carnal dissemblance by influential, British Establishment Paedophiles!

Post  Admin on Thu Jul 10, 2014 1:52 am

By Stanley Collymore

They talk openly, ardently and seemingly even credibly,
but oh so dishonestly, about moral principles and
how our nation’s children should be protected
from wanton abuse and intentional harm;
yet behind closed doors their personal
actions couldn’t be more different
from their public pronouncements,
with private lives markedly
reeking with the ghastly
ubiquitous stench of
resilient carrion.

For these are our Establishment abusers: well
heeled celebrity gropers, sexual abusers,
paedophiles, child-traffickers and
even murderers - who not only
consider themselves to be above the
law but who in many instances, as our
political representatives, ironically
make these same laws from
whose consequences they
then absolve themselves
with explicit and

Fully aware that any incumbent Home Secretary,
the Home Office, its Senior Civil Servants, the
Police and the CPS will concur with these
appalling travesties of legality, either by
being complicit in them themselves,
or else affording these powerful
and considerably influential but
loathsome perpetrators the
customary privilege
freely accorded to
them of blanket

© Stanley V. Collymore
9 July 2014.

Author’s Observation:
In Britain the law is generally seen as an ass by Establishment figures and the privileged elites and therefore contemptuously treated as a needless inconvenience by them. Hardly surprising then that they conspiratorially and pertinaciously ensure that we have donkeys administering it.


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