The murdering Yiddish Scum who make the Third Reich look like naughty choirboys!

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The murdering Yiddish Scum who make the Third Reich look like naughty choirboys!

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By Stanley Collymore

The protracted and noticeably acerbic vilification compounded by the intense, utterly one-sided, evidently damagingly and completely misleading, propagandistic portrayal in the Israeli and western media – hardly surprising to anyone with a solitary functioning brain in his or her head, since both these media are owned, extraordinarily and conspicuously influenced by, as well as totally controlled and exclusively run by those who’re either of Yiddish backgrounds or are otherwise closely aligned with them – that the three Israeli youths, even though one of them was at the outset said to be an American citizen, found dead in the West Bank were murdered by Hamas.

Par for the course really when it comes to this sort of unsubstantiated, accusatory and vitriolic finger pointing by these absolutely loathsome, obsessively paranoid and unbelievably perverse criminals, who’re no strangers to this kind of skulduggery themselves, whenever they want to draw attention to themselves, feel their criminal objectives aren’t being given the prominence in the western media that they deserve, or suspect that they’re losing the rational argument for their own sick behaviour and need to redress that situation.

For let’s face facts; any kind of unity or public demonstration of it among the Palestinians was always going to be like a red rag to a bull where the imposed rulers and vicious occupiers of the discernibly racist, apartheid and colonial entity of Israel were concerned; and like many of their European kith and kin, several of whom were ironically German, the attractive but rather twisted and immoral concept of a Greater Israel, not dissimilar to that of a Greater Germany - or as their 1930s era and close Germans relations publicly called it Lebensraum - was always going to be an appealing proposition to these utterly distasteful Nazi Jews that have taken over Palestine and, in the concerted process that they’ve barbarically employed, wilfully usurped the ancestral rights along with every shred of dignity and common humanity that the Palestinians, to whom this land belong, are lawfully and morally entitled to; and what’s even more sickening about all this, doing so under the laughable, erroneous and utterly insufferable pretext that they are the ancient owners of Palestine.

The original Jews, if you don’t mine, and Semites no less; when they bloody well aren’t but are in effect white Caucasian Europeans who’re quite noticeably the biological and incestuously inbred descendants of the white European race who chose to convert to Judaism; not dissimilar to other members of their white kith and kin who also made their own conversion but did so in respect of Christianity; and thus their ludicrously held on to, dishonestly stated and propagated belief that Palestine and much of the Middle East therefore belong to them is as credible as one stating, and really believing it too, that the original Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians or Americans, for example, were similarly white and Caucasian. Or likewise that the pharaohs of Egypt were all Arabs and the Incas and Aztecs were Spanish or Portuguese. And all this on the asininely construed assumption that because those who now totally control the territories where the blood descendants of white Caucasian settlers and or interlopers, or their Arab counterparts now have full demographic sway the situation was always as it currently is; when obviously it was not.

Archaeology will and demonstrably does show that Jews did live in Palestine in Biblical times and I for one don’t question that nor do I suspect that any other equally informed person on this particular subject would but it’s a pretty safe bet that Jews who are neither a biological, ethnic, racial or homogenous group of people anymore than Christians are, since the term Christian or Jew signifies the religion of the individual and not their race or place of origin. I’m a Christian, as is the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury, but while my ancestral background is British of Afro-Caribbean heritage the Pope is Argentinean of Italian background and the Archbishop of Canterbury is a white Brit and both men, unlike me are white Caucasian. And who would’ve known if they saw them together and weren’t conversant with the facts, that Boris Johnson the incumbent Mayor of London is Jewish while Claudia Schiffer - the famous German model who like Boris Johnson is blue-eyed and blonde-haired - isn’t; yet they’re both unmistakably white Caucasian and European.

So frankly, in my opinion, it’s utter crap for white Caucasian European that practise Judaism to arrogate and arrogantly assign to themselves an exclusive and even an exceptionalist religious status that manifestly doesn’t have any logical or credible legitimacy to it, since apart from the demonstration that I’ve given above one isn’t born with a religion indelibly imprinted in their genetic DNA in same way that they are with a specific skin colour for example that they can’t change, as religion is a concept or belief that’s assiduously indoctrinated into us by our parents, guardians or even the society which we were involuntarily, from the infant’s perspective, born into and done so either by foul or fair means.

And while in some enlightened societies it’s possible for the followers of a religion into which they were indoctrinated from babyhood to convert to another religion of their informed choice or even give up religion altogether, this isn’t always possible or even a feasible option however much the individual concerned might want to do so. The scandalous case of the Sudanese lady who was born into an Islamic family, freely chose from reciprocal love to marry the man of her choice and actually did so – which should unquestionably have been her inalienable right to do so – yet ended up being sentenced to death by hanging for making her own informed choice on how she wanted to live her own life with the man she loved. The parents of John F. Kerry, the incumbent US Foreign Secretary whose parents were both white Causation European Jews that fled to the United States to escape the European holocaust but on arriving in the US discerning how acute anti-Jewish sentiments in the United States were passed themselves off as Christian.

It was a falsehood, undoubtedly devised for their own self-preservation, but which they carried on for quite some considerable time, and successfully remained undetected while doing so. As a matter of fact it wasn’t until John was well into his adulthood that his parents, and even then seemingly reluctantly so, told him and other family members of the truth; that the Kerrys - who like numerous other east European refugees to the United States and other countries in the west re-invented themselves and in the process assumed new names, typically with an Anglo-Saxon flavour, to appear acceptable to the host citizens and other established residents of the countries they’d fled, something that was particularly commonplace among those that were adherents of Judaism - hadn’t always been the Christians they’d made themselves out to be, and furthermore had dishonestly led their own family to think that they were.

The globally iconic Muhammad Ali - who I love to bits, have always idolized and will carry on doing so until I draw my last breath here on earth - was, as the whole world knows, given the name Cassius Clay at birth and subsequent to that brought up as a Christian. However, during his professional boxing career he changed not only his given name but his religion as well and became a Muslim. What’s wrong with that I can hear you say - nothing whatsoever at all; and where are you going with that argument you persist? Well here’s my argument, the undeniably Great Muhammad Ali who made that informed decision, can at anytime he wish change back to Christianity, embrace some other religion of his preference or simply decide not to have any religion at all. But whatever this great man does, and whatever religion or none that he chooses Muhammad Ali will proudly, enduringly, biologically and most definitely in terms of his race remain a BLACKMAN. Get where I’m coming? That is a fact of nature and nothing that he or anyone else of whatever race they are can change; any more than we could have decided who our biological parents were, or what race they should have belonged to.

And just as any white Caucasian male or female can embrace the faith of Rastafarianism and become as devout as any individual can get relative to that faith, he or she while able to assume the citizenship of the country where the Rastafarian religion was born - namely Jamaica; or opt for that of another Caribbean country come to that – and literally take on all the characteristics of dress, manner of speech, dance, culture, music and all the rest of it that’s directly and also universally associated with what’s distinctively and unreservedly a Caribbean way of life, there is nevertheless one thing that that white Caucasian cannot - no matter how much he or she does identify with the Caribbean and Rastafarianism – become, and that is to be an Afro-Caribbean; since that is something that is permanently encased in one’s genetic DNA and racial profile.

So while my iconic hero Muhammad Ali is the exemplary Muslim he has become and clearly continues to be, his voluntary change of religion didn’t suddenly make him an Arab, or could it have done simply because the originator of Islam happened to be an Arab. Likewise it would have been utterly ridiculous for Muhammad Ali or any other such black convert to the Islamic faith to suddenly deny their black African ancestry and ludicrously start classifying themselves exclusively as Arabs; but even more preposterously claim that they are the direct descendants of the originators and earliest practitioners of Islam and, therefore, have an exclusive as well as a sacred duty coupled with the unchallengeable right to sequester Islam as solely their own and to do with it whatever they please. A state of affairs that not only makes Islam and themselves synonymous with each other but similarly grants them the exclusive rights and privileges to as well as the sole ownership of the lands where Islam was first created and established, and now de facto belong to themselves alone.

Yet this is the asinine view that white Caucasian and risibly and undeniably the descendants of Europeans who converted to Judaism ludicrously have in respect of that faith, and what’s more everything that’s constructively linked to that religion. But there’s one sure bet and it’s this that whatever archaeological finds or information bona fide archaeologists come up with there sure as hell will never be anything that’s already discovered or likely to be in the future which will ever substantiate the dubious and rather dishonest claims and pretentions of Jews from Europe that the ancient and de facto the original Jews who unquestionably lived, worked and practised their religion in the Palestine area were somehow white Caucasian and European in nature; and because Palestine and its adjoining areas were their stomping ground this reality consequently means that these white Caucasian and quite distinctly European imposters have a compelling, justifiable, legitimate and unchallengeable claim to these ancient Biblical lands. For to concede that that bizarre and illogical assumption has any credibility whatsoever to it, one might as well go the whole hogs and assert that the Arabs – who now control Egypt having usurped that part of North Africa from its indigenous African population in the same way as white Caucasians did relative to the Aborigines in Australia and are now likewise the majority population in that country – were the Pharaohs of Egypt and had produced the dynastic line that ruled that land for millennia.

We also know and the late and renowned Professor Basil Davidson in his brilliant Africa series reported that white Caucasian Europeans who first came across iconic statutes like the Sphinx with corroborative evidence that these were all the work of Black Africans, unable to come to terms with or rein in their bigotry that Blacks were savage beasts and consequently couldn’t be responsible for anything remotely like these pieces of work – a similar view they touted when they came across the ruins of the quite ancient Kingdom of Zimbabwe, claiming that it was the remains of a lost white civilization, and so the list goes on; yet find no contradiction in having the priceless and exquisitely crafted Nubian Diamond (not a bad piece of work coming as it did from Niggers who were supposedly savage and incapable of any such thing, eh?) stolen by the British (and still kept in their thieving hands) from the distinctly ancient and African Empire of Nubia, which is incontestably the progenitor of all the Egyptian Pharaohs, as part of the British Crown Jewels securely stored away in the Tower of London..

And what do you think these bloody laughable and dishonest white Caucasian Europeans did to get around their ingrained prejudices vis-à-vis the Egyptian Sphinx? Fully conversant with the fact that all sculptors, artists, painters and the like instinctively fashion their subjects in the likeness of themselves or the people that they came from – a practice still prevalent to this day, and even so with children – and moreover that the Sphinx statue had all the physical hallmarks about it equivalent to those of your average Black African, most predominantly so the broad as dissimilar from the pinched European or other racial noses, since the sculptor or sculptors were evidently African, these rather detestable, white Caucasian European, professed archaeologists and Egyptologists unintelligibly incapable of recognizing as well as totally unwilling to face up to the truth of what they saw before their very own eyes, instead opted for deception on a grand scale. The nose of the Sphinx was wilfully destroyed and the resultant damage then circulated by these blatant and pathological liars throughout western academia as the work of weathering.

The first and only such case that I know of, if one were to use the crap disseminated by these white liars, of weathering being so selective in what it wears away particularly when the object in question has been standing in the identical location for millennia. Just as well that the black sculptors of the Sphinx didn’t include a penis for that mythical creature in their masterpiece, as with the discernible penis-envy that white Caucasian males generally have vis-à-vis that part of the Blackman’s anatomy - as was markedly shown throughout the notorious lynching of Black males in the American Deep South and elsewhere in the white Caucasian world for instance when prior to slaughtering their black victims these sick, white bastards without fail and with consummate relish always viciously set about dismembering these hapless men – it’s a sure bet that not only the sphinx’s Negroid mouth but also it’s Black penis would have been similarly mutilated. Ouch!!

So don’t be at all surprised when these white Caucasian and distinctly Yiddish archaeologists together with their toadying apologists start producing so-called proof of their lot – not Jews per se, which is not at all in doubt here, but their own white Caucasian and distinctly European kind – having previously lived in Palestine and its adjacent regions and therefore everything that these white Caucasian Europeans covet de facto belongs exclusively to THEM as “God’s chosen people!” Contradictorily to this point of view we have the Ethiopian Falashas – black as the Ace of Spades and likewise Jews, coming from a country where not only the Star of David but also everything that’s positively associated with it, not World War II or Europe’s holocaust of course as that’s all white Caucasian and distinctly European, are deeply and have been for millennia embedded in the Falashas’ culture and religious rituals – and whose close links with Judaism perceptibly predates anything and everything that these Zionist Yiddish prats falsely lay claim to; but you wouldn’t know any of this would you, listening to these holocaust brain dead, deeply delusional, and feral mad men and women out of Europe.

Therefore the Stockholm Syndrome equivalent that these post European holocaust victims - for lack of a better description to define them, while totally inexcusable is, when observed closely, unexpected I supposed especially in its ferocity towards the Palestinians who’ve not done them anything, since Stockholm Syndrome sufferers rarely if ever turn on those who have mistreated them, and on the contrary often strongly identify and typically personally empathize with them as well. That’s why these white European Jews that have appropriated Palestine and aberrantly treat the indigenous Palestinian population in the manner they do abhorrently, to any intelligent person, contentedly tolerate in 2014 the insulting behaviour of both the rulers and people of the Baltic States - members of both the EU and the NARSISIES – that proudly on an annual basis celebrate their Waffen SS, Nazi wartime past; boast openly that unlike Germany they were able to eradicate all their Jews; and who until just recently banned the establishment of synagogues anywhere on their territory.

Yet the Palestinians who had nothing at all to do with what went on in Europe and certainly not the plight of these white Caucasian Jews, or for that matter their parents and grandparents from Europe - since their hapless situation in Europe’s holocaust was as a direct consequence of the deliberate actions of their own white European kith and kin – are being made to pay the price for something of which they’re entirely blameless, while the Jewish victims and their alleged survivors of World War II along with the premeditated perpetrators of their massacre and the Final Solution intended for them happily, opportunely and conspiratorially line up together to devastatingly inflict whatever misery they can on the people of Palestine, as in the process they misleadingly, and rather successfully too, deflect their collaborative and repulsive wrongdoings from the short-lived memories of a world all too eager to forget. Which prompts the obvious question; if these European Jews can kiss and make up with those who murdered them in their millions, why the hell then do they take their sick revenge out on those that weren’t responsible for what happened to them?

When I first heard of the kidnapping of these teenagers alarm bells instinctively went off in my head and my first reaction then, and still is, that it was another Israeli false flag; since these rather sick bastards aren’t above killing their own - and there’s a plethora of solid documentary evidence to substantiate this point of view – to get their way while accusing and even pinning the blame for their criminal activities on others who they don’t like in order to have public and even international opinion, in total conjunction with the control that these Yiddish Nazis wield over the western media discriminatorily vilify total innocents for acts of barbarity they didn’t commit and which were comprehensively and exclusively the work of these feral elements of humanity that run Israel and who support its existence. And consequently what happened in the West Bank is just another example of this kind of repellent behaviour.

Later on I shall give a few examples of the multiple cases, too numerous to detail in any one article of the false flags operations that consecutive Israeli regimes and their several state run authorities across the board have premeditatedly and quite sickeningly carried out not only in the Middle East but also globally; and that includes Europe and the USA. However, before one gets too carried away in their sympathy for these youths that the Israelis say, and the western media accordingly enthusiastically mimics this view, were killed by Hamas, let’s first get some serious perspective in place relative to what has actually gone on.

Since 2000 some 1,600 Palestinians youths comprising young children and babies have been systematically killed by Israeli state operations alone but for which no one has been brought to book and the western media don’t think is worthy of reporting on. Furthermore, not long before these Israeli youths were allegedly kidnapped and murdered, two unarmed Palestinian youths were brutally shot down in cold blood in an empty street and despite CCTV footage showing quite clearly that they weren’t doing anything untoward the misnomer named Israeli Defence Force said that their extremely heavily armed, completely masked and highly protected soldiers were mortally in danger for their lives and therefore were left with no option but to shoot to kill these Palestinian youths that were rioting in the street.

Yet no CCTV footage showed any rioting having taken place, and apart from RT not a single western received, media broadcaster bothered to report this tragedy or its accompanying lies. And all because these killers know they can operate with absolute impunity and, additionally, have blanket immunity granted to them by their regime and the Israeli courts to quite literally do as they please. And even following the wide response by the western media after the killing of the three Israeli youths two Palestinians youths: one in Jerusalem the other in the West Bank were also kidnapped and killed, ostensibly by Israeli revenge seekers, but you can readily forgive yourself for not knowing that these specific incidents did occur, since there has been no reporting of them in the western media. For as usual it’s only the lives of white Caucasians and no one else that matters.

And rather sickeningly adding his contribution to this asymmetrical, propagandistic discourse we have President Obama saying that as a father he can readily empathize with the anguish of the parents of these Israeli youths; oh really Barack? What then about the parents of the kids - not just youths but also toddlers and babies - killed by your authorized killer drone strikes in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Iraq and elsewhere in the Global South; don’t they also qualify for a mea culpa from you? But apparently not; since like you, Congress, the US Supreme Court and the rest of you quite clearly must kowtow to the all powerful Yiddish Nazi lobby in the US and across the western world.

Benjamin Netanyahu: a classic sociopath, if ever there was one - needed an excuse to scupper the recent burying of the political hatchet between Hamas and Fatah and anything that would paint unity among Arabs as being a constructive force must be destroyed. We see this mindset quite evident in his call for the recognition of the autonomous region of Kurdistan in Iraq to be recognized as an independent state because his outlook like that of western leaders is that failed states in the Arab world are fine as they then don’t pose any threat to the hegemony of the US, its western satrapies and, of course, its attack dog Israel. And together with the western media they collaboratively embrace and implement the policy that information warfare even against western citizens and the global public generally is acceptable too; since it enforces the required narrative even when what is being said doesn’t match up with reality, and is in effect an Alice in Wonderland scenario.

Anyway here are some of the more notorious – which really isn’t saying much as they’re all loathsome – false flags conducted by successive Israeli regimes in close collaboration with the United States and the rest of the west. Research and check them out for yourself.

The Lavon Affair of July 1954. Israeli bombings in Cairo and Alexandria with attacks on US interests and properties there, then blaming these attacks on the opponents of President Nasser. The primary purpose to drastically undermine the then Nasser government, get the US and UK to distance themselves from him and effectively bring about regime change in Egypt. The real culprits of these attacks, Mossad.

Direct Action attack on the Goldenberg Deli in Paris on the 9 August 1982. Six people killed and 22 injured. The leader of that murderous operation was Jean-Marc Rouillon, code name “Sebas” who was a Mossad operative, and would you believe it, the owner and the principal customers of that deli were French Jews. But then that was the entire purpose of the operation; to murder Jews and blame others for their deaths; how sick can one get? That’s like you killing your parents or grandparents and other close relatives just to incriminate those you didn’t like, or had a perverse obsession about.

October 1976. Mossad kidnapped two West German students: Brigitte Schultz and Thomas Reuter in Paris, planted clues and then made anonymous phone calls to make it appear that a Bavarian Nazi group was responsible. Meanwhile, the abducted Germans were secretly flown to Israel, drugged, tortured and coerced into making false confessions of complicity with the PLO; then anonymously incarcerated in an Israeli prison.

Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi was openly accused in the early months of the presidency of Ronald Reagan of having dispatched a Libyan hit squad to the USA to kill Reagan. The source of this claim was, you guessed it, Israel. Then with the enthusiastic and unquestioning support of the Yiddish media in the US full coverage was given to this blatant and manufactured lie by Israel, but it nevertheless succeeded in inflaming public feelings against Libya and Muammar Gaddafi that carried on right up to his execution by the USA and other western countries following their attack on Libya three years ago. The originator of that lying story was Manucher Ghorbanifar – an ex Iranian Secret Police (SAVAK) member under the dictatorial Shah and an Iranian Jew – who was a Mossad agent.

But even when the Washington Post conceded that the CIA genuinely thought Ghorbanifar to be a liar, the United States media and practically everyone else with influence in that country still carried on with the manufactured lie implanted by Israel but which had the desired and absolutely disastrous consequences for foreign relations between the US and Libya; and whose costs can still be seen in Libya in 2014. The doggy Iraqi dossier that complicit mass murderer Tony Blair dishonestly attached so much importance to, lyingly sold to the House of Commons and the British public as the Gospel Truth and led to Britain illegally attacking and invading Iraq in 2003 also emanated from Israel, something that arch-Zionist Tony Blair KNEW to be a perfidious and premeditatedly concocted lie.

Then there was the USS Liberty incident in 1967 when Israel deliberately attacked that United States warship and killed some 34 US servicemen with the singular purpose of dragging the US into the war Israel was waging with its Arab neighbours. But so powerful is the Yiddish lobby in the US, and with so many US Congressmen and other administration officials, as well as the US Supreme Court over the years in the financial pockets of that potent lobby, that successive US administrations, and that includes the incumbent Obama one, have always shied away from revealing the truth, which all of them know, of what actually happened, and that prompted that Israeli attack on the USS Liberty; and instead chosen to hide themselves behind the cover-up that took place and is still going on; in the process cynically and most cruelly denying justice to the dead US Servicemen and their surviving relatives.

So do I believe the Israelis are behind the murders of these three youths? I most certainly do; and smelled a rat from the moment their abduction was announced and the fervour with which it was projected and promulgated in the Israeli and western media. Gilad Shalit was captured and held by Hamas for some 5 years and it’s my belief that if Hamas had taken these kids it would have used them as a bargaining chip like they did with Gilad Shalit and not kill them; as to do so wouldn’t have served any purpose whatsoever. Which poses the age-old and rather pertinent question: Cui Bono – who benefits? And the only logical answer to that question is Israel.

But two other things also come to mind; these Israeli youths were able at will to roam across the West Bank, something no Palestinian – man, woman or child – can do within their Israeli imposed, Palestinian-US-style reservations much less so that considerable segment of Palestine that these white European settlers have already appropriated from the indigenous Palestinians. And when you’re next inclined to feel or even consider how hard-done-by these Israelis are by these barbaric Palestinians, as is the wont of those of you who like nothing better than being consistently brainwashed by the Yiddish media, because you’re either incapable of or much too lazy to think for yourselves and check out the facts; just remember this one salient one - if only to put matters into their true perspective. Every THREE days on average ONE Palestinian child is murdered by the Israelis.

And this doesn’t factor into that particular equation the scores of thousands of Palestinian men and women who routinely have been killed by the Israelis since their occupation of Palestine. For as far as these white European settlers are concerned they are quite willing and prepared to endanger innocent lives – even those of their own kind – as part of their strategy of expanding their vainglorious global influence. In which case why should the lives of three insignificant Yiddish teenagers, alive, matter to the Israeli authorities in the least when by murdering them they immediately become more beneficial to their cause, as they can then effectively become a vital part of the utilization of their rather sick propaganda campaign put to full and devastating effect, knowing that a brainwashed western public, comprehensively aided and abetted by their Yiddish media, will readily swallow every bit of their loathsome garbage.

So bearing all that in mind how would you like to be in the shoes of the Palestinians, relative to your own family members, and treated in exactly the same manner? Food for thought wouldn’t you say?

Funny, but I don’t recall Khazars – who these white Caucasian, Yiddish European settlers in Palestine largely are and have naturally been descended from themselves – either being Semites – if so where the DNA proof of this? - or even more ludicrous in authentic Biblical terms ever being classified as “God’s Chosen People.” However, there’re two certainties that are indisputable where these European interlopers are concerned, and there are that they’re not only practised fantasists but also a pretty barbaric and loathsome bunch of Zionist-Nazi butchers.

For this continued asymmetrical onslaught against Hamas generally, an organization that the Israelis initially created as a foil against Fatah when the latter was a genuine liberation movement under Yasser Arafat and hadn’t become the venally corrupt and bought off traitors of the Palestinian people that it now is, and the residents of Gaza specifically who’re inhumanly being forced to live in what’s basically a grossly overcrowded and open-air concentration camp by their white Caucasian, Zionist-Nazi and Waffen-SS-style prison guards surrounding them everywhere from the territorial enclave of Zionist, apartheid and settler Israel - the only so-called country in the world with no legally defined or constituted borders and frankly wants none.

And therefore assiduously eschews having any – is being cynically and premeditatedly conducted because the utterly barbaric and Yiddish Nazis affecting this campaign against the Palestinians and are themselves imbued with the extremist colonialist notion of Lebensraum – as were their Third Reich Nazi mentors and German kith and kin - didn’t like the recent willingness shown by the United States administration to work with a unified Palestinian entity.

And particularly so not one that embraced Hamas, which the Zionist-Nazi, mafia-type Dons in charge of the Israeli settler and apartheid regime in Tel Aviv were extremely fearful of and still are – hence the false flag of killing those three Israeli youths and blaming their sadistic murders on Hamas – that any such US and Palestinian overtures and even a rapprochement between them would ultimately lead to real peace and real Israeli borders for the very first time; the very last things that these demented and warmongering, Yiddish-Nazi bastards, purposely entrapped in their grotesquely paranoiac, World War II reparations and massive US-subsidies beneficial and enduring victim comfort zone culture, actually want.

And amidst al this misplaced Europe holocaust sympathy that the world, 70 years on, still exclusively doles out to these mass murderers who make the Third Reich Nazi killers look like naughty schoolboys in comparison; it’s being conveniently forgotten against this rather irrational backdrop that Israel has the right to defend itself that it’s Israel that is actually the aggressor and perfidious wrongdoer. For let’s remember that under International Law all oppressed and occupied peoples globally – and not just white Caucasian ones – have the legitimate right to liberate themselves and put an effective end to their oppression by any means at their disposal.

This is what Hamas and the Palestinians who genuinely care about restoring their dignity as a people along with their misappropriated homeland and ancestral rights are doing, and very much as it happens against the odds of white Caucasian, European interlopers and their western and even Russian backers obstruction, and from among whose own populations many of these settlers in Palestine have emanated; and since the end of World War II have been systematically occupying most of historic Palestine – a process that’s still ongoing – and with impunity markedly oppressing the entire Palestinian population. And if that doesn’t justify retribution on the part of the Palestinians, then I don’t know what does!


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