The UKIP-topian, sociopathic delusions of Natasha Bolter!

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The UKIP-topian, sociopathic delusions of Natasha Bolter!

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By Stanley Collymore

I’m genuinely an aspiring politician who will forever
endeavour, if people allow me to, to do the very
best that I can for my country, those who
authentically belong to it, have the
inalienable right too not only to be
resident in it but also to permanently
control as well as determine how
it’s run; and together with that
warrantable point of view
will understandably feel
as passionately about
Britain and British
values as I do.

That’s why having become utterly disillusioned with
the Labour party of which I was once an active
member, I Natasha Bolter decisively quit
forthwith to become an ardent standard
bearer for UKIP whose views and
policies: when of course the latter
are properly thought out,
codified, become generally known and accordingly
are publicly presented for everyone to see, must
surely in those circumstances convince you
all why UKIP is undeniably the only
progressive and sensible way
forward towards justly
reclaiming our stolen British
sovereignty along with our highly
prized and privileged national identity;
and not unnaturally therefore has
rapidly proved to be such a
compellingly attractive
political alternative for
numerous and deeply
patriotic British
subjects who’re
very much
like me!

A far cry, I must confess, from Ed Miliband’s ruinous
leftie lot and even David Cameron’s pussyfooting
Tories who’re pathetically soft on and quite
noticeably as well even rather indulgent
as regards the particularly serious
and highly damaging matter of
mass immigration into Britain.
Something that as a major fillip economically,
culturally and linguistically too must right away
be reversed and a stop permanently applied
to; and the only plausible and realistic
policies to dauntingly guarantee
these necessary targets are
those that are fervently
championed by and
campaigned for
by my party

And being a highly educated woman with a prestigious
Oxford University degree – never mind that the
records kept by that educational institution
are somewhat remiss in failing to
confirm this and no one
associated with Oxford University has ever heard
about me – I’ve nevertheless since my switch to
UKIP have mentally, physically, emotionally
and even sexually courageously and freely
given my all as I’ve sought to and, additionally,
arguably managed in the process to impress
upon the hierarchy of my party per se,
and most especially its election
chief of the day Roger Bird, my
acquired and growing reputation;
that I am indeed a woman of
substance who not only
means business but also
resolutely as well
keeps her every
texted and

Even so, and most regrettably I must admit, among leading lights
in UKIP who out of their pernicious jealousy are desperately
trying to marginalize me, my demonstrable loyalty
unhappily appears to have been sadly misplaced –
divisively engendering an unforgivable affront to me
and similarly creating unwanted opprobrium for
the party. And who, putting my perfectly
legitimate and distinctly private even if
allegedly unrequited amorous ambitions and attentions
aside, have most categorically been quite remiss in
not readily perceiving and fully acknowledging
the obvious pulling power that tactically can
both be harnessed and wielded on UKIP’s
behalf by a thoroughly committed, quite
extraordinary I do believe and, very
much in line with the unfeigned
mindset of every other UKIP
adherent too: indisputably
unabashed and, can I
also honestly say to
you, absolutely
just like

© Stanley V. Collymore
17 December 2014.

Author’s critique:
Those of you who are regular readers of my poetry will be well acquainted with the fact that normally I append an appropriate remark, commentary or observation corresponding to that particular poem at the end of each of them. However on this occasion and for perfectly sound and logical reasons that will fully manifest themselves in the very near future, I’ve decided to desist from doing so this time avoiding what would obviously be the case of later needlessly repeating myself were I, nevertheless, cognisant of that realization still went ahead and acted as I usually do; diminishing in the process the informative, upcoming and most significantly a related journalistic story tied up with this poem that I am presently working on. That said, though, no such restrictions of any kind are being levelled at you by me.

However, there are a couple of things I must say, as it would be very remiss of me not to do so, and which quite relevantly and objectively pertain to immigration within Britain that have ludicrously but all the same very conveniently become the preponderant and populist hobby horse for all and sundry to mount and rather stridently display their myriad and dysfunctional inadequacies. Activities not only confined to UKIP but are also very much cross party in their nature and deeply incorporated just as principally within the Labour, Conservative and Lib-Dem parties saliently political fellow travellers of the likes of UKIP and together with vast numbers of the British public as well, collectively and asininely think and even, either wilfully or ignorantly, pathetically delude themselves accordingly that the whole of Britain is a country grossly and intolerably from their skewed point of view saturated with seemingly unstoppable hordes of immigrants who have no reasonable right to be here and crucially are not of white Caucasian origin.

Reality though is infinitely much different since neither Britain nor the rest of Europe for that matter, and that without a doubt includes the entire continent itself, is either demographically, economically, politically, culturally or linguistically dominated, owned, controlled or in fact administered by any other race of people but white Caucasians; one noticeably important fact among numerous others and that is also undeniably true of every European government, both past and present, that there has ever been.

So what’s your problem morons, as if I didn’t already know, other than your disquieting and extremely difficult to live with, ongoing guilt and its myriad attendant demons causing you in your concentrated and intractable paranoia to constantly brood over the morbid fantasy which you’ve managed to create and maintain that those globally whom your delinquent forbearers and additionally yourselves have historically, grotesquely maltreated, displaced, appropriated their countries and even substantial continents from as well as otherwise rather systematically and horrendously ill-treated in a multiplicity of ways, a state of affairs that in a miscellany of ways is still an ongoing matter in 2014, will someway collectively, in your head, seek proper revenge and do the same to you.

Epitomizing most effectively in your case what bullying but cowardly bastards the lot of you are - quite handy apparently in dishing out on the one hand and at will your sadistic barbarity but on the other astonishingly shit scared of the likely consequences for yourselves when as it happens your pathological fear gets the better of you and deludes you into thinking and even believing that those whom for centuries you’ve gravely wronged might at long last decide to strike back in similar fashion. A situation that most ironically you would categorize and even claim to be intolerable.

But seriously ask yourselves how realistic is such a scenario? After all if non-Caucasians are as barbaric and, consequently, highly undesirable to have around you as you try to make out that they undoubtedly are, to cite just one principal example of many to debunk this attitude and skewed reasoning there would have been no America today if that were the case. For had it not been for the explicit beneficence and overall altruism of the Native American the initial European pioneers, whatever their motives for venturing to this previously unknown to them land, would have all perished and with their demise would likewise have followed the certain collapse of the undertaking which led to the ultimate colonization and brutal appropriation of the North American continent, as well as the identical fate of the entire so-called New World regions by expressly white Caucasian immigrants from across the entire European continent, in tandem with the unmitigated disasters and still very much experienced traumas purposely inflicted by these white interlopers on the distinctly indigenous peoples who’d been so good and generous to them. An utterly savage and profoundly pernicious pattern of behaviour that was subsequently exercised by Europeans all over the globe.

What’s more, particularly so in the case of England and de facto the rest of Britain this island home of ours has effectively for millennia now been recurrently a haven for immigrants from all over the place; the first of these, as the late and highly distinguished historian, and equally a truly remarkable human being, Professor Basil Davidson in his exceedingly brilliant Africa documentary series succinctly pointed out, being the Celts whose black ancestors originated from Africa. And likewise as Peter Fryer, incidentally like Professor Davidson also white and British, concisely and informatively outlined in his much acclaimed book: Staying Power, the history of Black People in Britain, Blacks, as he laudably noted in the first paragraph of that said book had been in Britain long before either the Angles or Saxons – who by no stretch of the imagination constituted a homogenous entity but were rather two distinctly separate and Germanic tribes that rather nonsensically have been fictionally and fraudulently promulgated by white supremacist advocates as the indigenous inhabitants of England, when realistically and historically nothing could be further from the truth – ever set foot on the British Isles.

And sensibly, and more pertinently logically, with virtual non-stop immigration of all sorts into England and the rest of Britain over the past centuries, and moreover with the attendant interbreeding and resultant procreation of their progenies an inevitable consequence, who the hell apart from a purblind lunatic or else a totally malevolent and political moron could with a straight face definitively state that either he or she is a bona fide Angle or Saxon, or even a mixture of both? And that’s distinctly without factoring into the equation that even in 2014, officially some 36% of British women, a figure that keeps rising, not only regularly cuckold their husbands or partners but as well deviously get them to unwittingly father children that they either didn’t or couldn’t for azospermiacal reasons – essentially they sexually just fired blanks – have sired.

And it’s not rocket science even without having had any knowledge of the detailed and also well-documented evidence of the times but of which there’s undeniably plenty of such data available, of what routinely transpired in the past. For example, rape and pillaging generally regarded as rites of passage and pleasurable pastimes for those who were engaging in them; the incessant and systematic infidelity carried on by multiple members of the British royal families, the aristocracy and, of course, the landed gentry – how unvarying in that specific regard have things solidly remained as they were, eh? The rampant utilization, more in hope than actual expectation, of the mechanism generally referred to as the chastity belt both as a moral and or a physical sexual constraint on wives, mistresses, and even adult, unmarried daughters either by manifestly misogynistic or deeply troubled and insecure men involved in these women’s lives and absolutely determined to prevent them, in what was invariably a futile bid anyway, from willingly and unquestionably, pleasurably at the time indulging in evidently clandestine sexual relationships, even though these could very well have ended up proving to be either a risky or very hazardous business for the men they took as lovers, as well as themselves.

Nevertheless, the growth of the chastity belt business became an enterprise that proved to be both a lucrative and on the more personal front a very rewarding one, if you get my drift, for flexible locksmiths who were prepared to combine their regular work of manufacturing these chastity belts for their male customers with that of, let’s say, accommodatingly unpicking on a quid pro quo basis these identical belts worn by their grateful female clients when their men folk and, of course, the locksmiths’ financially important male customers who were the ones that commissioned these vast range of chastity belts in the first place and literally comprised monarchs, princes, the nobility and commoners alike who could afford to pay for them were away from home, usually for lengthy periods of time, to make war rather than being at home and making love.

So as is currently the case in 21st Century Britain even with the benefit and precision back-up of scientific DNA testing, a strategy previously unheard of and therefore not available in the past, there was similarly then a hell of a lot of people that were born but whose pretentiously stated biological ancestry - either unwittingly to them and also others who like them were not in the know, or else fully aware of the true situation nevertheless deliberately chose to conceal it - wasn’t what they would fraudulently have the general public assume their pretend lineage to be. A decedent scenario, essentially, that by no means or in any way was strictly limited to the ordinary subjects of Blighty but rather went all the way up the hierarchal “family” tree of the British aristocracy and Royal Family.

Sorry therefore but you’re going to have to properly research and honestly enlighten yourself about all of this; that’s assuming of course you’ve either the wit, presence of mind, or the will power to do so. Since it’s rudimentary commonsense I believe, and several years in education at every possible level have confidently confirmed this, that the best and most effective ways to get students to appropriately discover and preserve relevant information is to point them in the right direction in the first place and afterwards persuasively get them to scrupulously research what they come up with. For whenever a vivacious mind is positively coordinated in this analytical procedure of searching and eventually consolidating what it has unearthed, things invariably do tend to stick and remain deeply embedded in that particular mind, resulting usually in the end of that specific problem.

And trust me; there’s an impressive array of accurately based, professionally researched and well documented information out there not only in libraries but also on reputable online sites comprehensively detailing the aforementioned matters that I’ve raised, as well as completely delineating the UK’s demographic composition right through the past centuries; immigration into the country starting from the thawing of the Ice Age, and how and why it all came about. And, therefore, crucially preventing you from being just another opportune and rather useful idiot unthinkingly swept along in the iniquitously manipulative and profoundly, perniciously, populist maelstrom of fraudulent mind games cynically fashioned, routinely played and quite callously exploited, expressly doing so for their own power hungry and financially avaricious advantage, by Britain’s political parties and their self-seeking leaders.

But what’s particularly sickening and deeply offensive to any right-thinking person I believe but, all the same, would otherwise probably be regarded as the pathetically perverse and even laughable ranting of utter dimwits if these individuals involved were just regular members of the public, is the unbelievably appalling, markedly racist and xenophobic posturing on, of all things, immigration in the United Kingdom by Britain’s garrulous, immeasurably privileged, manifestly imperialistically-minded and political class.

Who, to be perfectly honest with you, is decidedly nothing more than a viciously malevolent pack of prowlingly rapacious, extremely ostentatious, mentally unhinged and absolutely self-seeking jerks; instinctively given to publicly and childishly gloating, as we regularly witness at Prime Minister’s question time in the House of Commons, at the inflicted expense of their hapless victims. Absolutely contemptible charlatans the lot of them both in and outside of the Houses of Parliament with household names like Nigel Farage, David Cameron, Ed Miliband and his brother David, Peter Mandelson, Michael Howard, Boris Johnson and the rest of their loathsome ilk among them readily coming to mind. And who paradoxically all have distinctly pronounced and markedly contemporary immigrant roots, being themselves either first generation Britons or actually having been born outside the UK.

But even more tellingly so would in the case of a number of them never have been born had their frantic parents not successfully managed to use Britain, and especially England, as a bolthole from the savagery of the Nazis and fascists of mainland Europe and their inevitable rendezvous with the Grim Reaper in the death camps and gas chambers that awaited them. The same fucking savagery that they ostensibly would like to mete out to what they would consider as Die Untermenschen von Grossbritannien!

Some gratitude eh?

For those of you that neither speak nor write German that literally translates into English as the “Undesirables” – a most beloved Nazi word extensively used by the Master Race against those whom they regarded as being vastly inferior to themselves and therefore not worthy of life. Yet ironically those religiously aping the policies of the Third Reich are insufferably the cheerleaders of Zionist apartheid Israel; furthermore, racist-inclined are committed Zionists themselves but who are most quick to persistently, rather subjectively and quite avariciously use Europe’s holocaust as a battering ram against the consciences of those of us that weren’t even born then for their own financial and political ends, and in essence have themselves become the New Nazis!

What human filth we have living among us and most loathsomely as well run our country, or else wish to do so. Not rocket science that if anyone should be expelled from Britain who the most logical and obligatory candidates should be!


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