Kevin Hurley the ugly Nazi, Racist, Xenophobic and Fascist face of British policing!

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Kevin Hurley the ugly Nazi, Racist, Xenophobic and Fascist face of British policing!

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By Stanley Collymore

How bloody typical of these boneheaded, racist and xenophobic cops of the ilk of Kevin Hurley: police and crime commissioner with the Surrey Police Force are in their enormously demented, delusional and downright imperialistic notions of divide and rule. For these clearly intellectually handicapped and purblind assholes either can’t see or resolutely refuse to distinguish and accept that it’s the illegal military interventions and bloody wars, both overt and covert – and that these cheerleading moronic cops personally as well as collectively don’t care about – compounded by their country’s imperialistically motivated, premeditated and concertedly inflicted chaos in these peoples’ own countries on the part of consecutive UK regimes to gain advantage of the covetous exploitation of their massive and valuable natural resources that have caused the problem in the first place.

Thus ingratitude wilfully reinforced with institutionalized racism are the nature of the official British beast and are themselves deeply ingrained within and across all elements of the British police forces. But rather interestingly as it happens I don’t personally recall moronic cunts like Kevin Hurley, unbelievably so but unsurprising for such a bonehead – but then because of the way our police forces are run and who gets promoted within them typical jobsworths like the said Kevin Hurley find themselves in pole position for these top jobs like the one he has as the crime commissioner no less for Surrey constabulary, tantamount to putting a known and serial junkie in charge of a hospital’s pharmacy department, ever coming out and like Joanna Lumley giving his support when they most needed it to the very same Ghurkhas that this prized prick Kevin Hurley now sadistically is desirous of wanting to see manipulatively used to slaughter already deeply traumatized and positively unarmed fleeing refugees whose ethnicity and skin colour he subjectively and ignorantly disapproves of.

What an utterly odious sewer rat and most reprehensible pig this abhorrent slime ball is! Not the least surprising, I must say, since it’s absolutely in line with the attitudes, actions and the bloody callous, cold-bloodedly and specifically sickening mindset of these feral and wholly sub-species element of whatever category of creatures, most certainly not Homo sapiens, they belong to; for it’s abundantly clear that promotion up the ranks of these corrupt police forces that instinctively and quite routinely condone and vigorously protect vile paedophiles isn’t due by any dint of the imagination, if you’re a logical person that is, to these cops intelligence, capability or intellectual acumen, visibly lacking in their cases, but instead by how far these senior appointed sycophantic bastards or bitches, because it’s noticeably a gender thing, with their Nazi and fascist proclivities in these police forces are cheerfully and eagerly prepared to push their ugly faces up the stinking asses of the British Establishment, UK political masters, and well established past master experts in public malfeasance as they themselves are, and significantly how many Niggers they can quite sadistically murder in police custody and because of a conspicuously slanted, ongoingly crooked and racially bigoted judiciary system get away with it.

Anyone with a working brain in their head do know that people who’ve travelled thousands of miles, battling in the process all sorts of hardships, tribulations and including the genuine risk to themselves of death in their determined pursuit to reach a destination that they truthfully feel in their view of things is infinitely safer than the one they’re fleeing from, aren’t likely candidates for sponging off anyone but, on the contrary, are invariably very resourceful people – the Irish in relation to the cruelly, ruthlessly and deliberately instigated British potato famine in Ireland and European Jews pre and post the World War II traumas t they underwent for example appositely confirmed that in the United States where they fled to – who simply want like all sensible and industrious people, these current refugees, to make a better life for themselves and those who’re dearest to them: like their parents, siblings, wives, husbands or children – in the same way that you and assholes like Kevin Hurley of Surrey police force and his like-minded cop colleagues do, and furthermore instinctively take for granted will be the case wherever you or he choose to embark on your particular life changing adventure.

Be this somewhere else within the UK or usually abroad, and would be most offended and very angry indeed if someone were to savagely and even murderously not only rather arbitrarily and callously assumed and additionally contemplated, but furthermore unilaterally, as Kevin Hurley is proposing in the case of these refugees, also decided that you couldn’t or shouldn’t be allowed to pursue and fulfil your personal and cherished ambitions, just as is being proposed in the cases of these despairing and fleeing refugees universally denigrated as “economic migrants” – what pray tell are you, those relatives, close friends or colleagues of yours who decided to piss off to Australia, Canada, the United States, Canada and even my ancestral home of Barbados among other places globally for a better life for yourselves – shouldn’t these praiseworthy aspirations that these refugees have and want to achieve be similarly humanely allowed to happen?

And the very last thing that either they or any other decent person want, is for 21st Century, Nazi SS Sturmtruppen mindset, bullying cunts like Kevin Hurley to be openly and idiotically abusing his position as a senior police officer to intolerantly and xenophobically cheerlead a campaign to get like-minded so-called political leaders, other public officials, the media and the host of other nonentities like himself to have the British military unwarrantedly and barbarically wade in with their guns blazing to slaughter these refugees as if those he wants targeted posed in the least any existential threat to England or the rest of the UK come to that, rather than as victims themselves having been enforcedly embroiled in the quite genuine humanitarian situation that they now find themselves in, and which wouldn’t have arisen if consecutive UK regimes had left them and their countries alone and in peace to start with.

But such weighty discourse or intellectual reasoning is evidently well beyond the comprehension or the competent capabilities of endemically conceived nerds like Kevin Hurley, as is perceptibly the case with other conspicuously loathsome and inveterate, racist pillocks, for the most part, that head the UK’s police forces.

For it’s a safe bet that if these refugees were white, and regardless of where they originated from or the context of their refugee status, there’s conceivably no likely way that these motherfucking dim-witted, totally brain dead and intellectually challenged morons that front the police forces of the UK, and particularly those in England and Wales, and are insisting that these militaristic and other extreme measures of theirs be extensively used against what are discernibly non-white and clearly Global South enforced refugees would be so eager to go down this same road, and I’d bet you the proverbial Pound to a penny they’d instantaneously baulk at the idea of either suggesting or conducting the same solution in respect of white Caucasian refugees unfortunately forced into the same parlous situation as these non-white ones.

That’s because the white herd instinct stops its “leaders” and Animal Farm-type, reactionary dog coppers that automatically pay obeisance to them from ever seeing their sort, no matter how very undeserving of empathy, sympathy or tolerance from sane and moral individuals, or how actually evil they are as genetically or psychologically constrained Untermenschen characters - the label they’ve no problem at all in gratuitously attributing to all non-whites. Yet paradoxically are the same narcissistic fuckers that overwhelmingly have close family members in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States and until comparatively recently were all racially signed up to keep apartheid South Africa and its similarly coercively next-door neighbour white minority ruled Rhodesia as they were; and therefore were most apoplectic with indignation and hostility not only to Blacks generally but  also those in Zimbabwe and post-apartheid South Africa in particular for having the temerity and audacity to throw off the yoke of white colonial bondage, free themselves, and to the profound mortification of white supremacists everywhere, and most conspicuously so in the UK, began determining and running their own affairs; a situation still profoundly resented by substantial sections of the British public and similarly loathed by white Caucasian officialdom and sizeable chunks of the white western populace.

Yet I don’t know, nor does anyone else, who is not the justifiable recipient of a mental asylum’s straight-jacketing programme, of a single European country which is ruled by anyone other than white Caucasians; where the heads of state, elected or hereditary, the domestic political regimes, civil service, all the senior public service officials and even the police forces foremost officers aren’t all lily white in character and staunchly endeavour to remain so!

So try logically explaining to me, or others averse to your bigotry, you demented white cops why the Aborigines of Australia where your dear kith and kin are ensconced and additionally a white doltish Englishman, Tony Abbott is the PM: a position no Aborigine can realistically aspire to or achieve, and with immigrant descended Europeans in and even white migrants to Australia rather idiotically talking about “Reclaiming our Country”, a land that clearly isn’t theirs to reclaim and as they additionally vent their unrestrained racism and vitriolic bile on immigrants and would be migrants to Australia of different colours and racial origins and quite bizarrely as well even other whites who don’t share their rather sick ideology – just explain to me you UK coppers with what you’re robustly proposing here in Britain and quite dementedly want to see become the norm not only at home but also across the whole of Europe, is this sort of abominable idiocy I’ve outlined above and relative to your kith and kin in Australia even conceivable, seeing how much you here in Britain want an all-white Britain and Europe, let alone possible; yet it’s happening! Don’t they know that Australia, despite the assholes at the Eurovision Song Contest preposterously deluding themselves that it is, isn’t anywhere near Europe or offshore Britain, let alone being part of either of them?

Then there are the Maoris of New Zealand’s who’re exactly in the same boat as their Australian Aborigine counterparts and with a similarly dim-witted nincompoop at the head of their country as prime minister; plus the indigenous peoples of North, Central and South America who don’t have any control either of lands they were savagely and illegally dispossessed of but which are still legitimately, rightfully and morally theirs; and who can forget the Palestinians? All of these people having their countries and resources brutally usurped and plundered by marauding white Caucasian interloping Europeans. But unsurprisingly I don’t hear David Cameron – a principal financial beneficiary of all this together with his wife Samantha and naturally their sprogs – or Kevin Hurley using insulting words like “swarm” to portray whites who’ve globally and most savagely turned these aforementioned peoples into the profoundly marginalized minorities or dismissive Untermenschen in their own brutally stolen homelands.

But of course for you Kevin Hurley, the delusional concept of white Caucasian exceptionalism inevitably give cretins like you the exclusive and divine right, you asininely deceive yourselves, while savagely depriving others of what’s justly, morally and lawfully theirs, and in the process making their lives a recurrent nightmare, to nonetheless selfishly declare Europe and specifically your precious and racially uncontaminated England as you’d like it to be, a verboten zone for all Niggers, Wogs, Sambos, Piccannies, Pakis, Nignogs and all the other deprecating terms which in private and among your sort you normally use for persons that don’t look like you and as a result must be disposed of by all means possible.

Well I’ve news for you Kevin Hurley and those of your abhorrent mindset too, for I’d really like to see some explicit “disposing of” myself; and if it were left entirely up to me it wouldn’t be the refugees in the Calais area or the perceived Untermenschen inside Britain that I’d be instinctively predisposed to using the Ghurkhas against if I had command of them or any influence over what they did. But since that’s extremely unlikely to happen, and for very obvious reasons, perhaps a freelance unit out there with all the appropriate military expertise, and more besides, will see the necessity, and as a matter of the utmost priority and a requisite civic duty to a truly civilized and equitable Britain as well, determinedly seize the opportunity that’s there to purposefully take on that noble task which I’m alluding to here.

And the sooner that identifiable enterprise is uncompromisingly embarked on and pursued with the utmost vigour and the maximum determination, the better I say!


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