My Lifetime Fighting Evil!

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My Lifetime Fighting Evil!

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By Stanley Collymore

I’d already penned the rough draft to this article and it was about to take its turn in the queue of other articles I’d been working on or had already completed and were awaiting publication when on going through my customary online research procedures and accordingly as well scrupulously as I always do keeping abreast with the latest news and information on those sites I interact with and trust, I came across the thoroughly absolutely brilliant article written by Lesley Docksey and entitled: “Labour’s lost soul. Britain and the Labour Party election” which after I’d engrossingly read it I then re-tweeted and commented on on my twitter site: and with developments moving apace in that particular leadership election campaign decided for obvious reasons to prioritize my own article.

What an absolutely brilliant and decidedly honest article Lesley Docksey I concluded; as it sums up impeccably everything that I passionately feel and have been saying in several of my articles for some time now, and there is so much substance to what you say that I shan’t even attempt to comment on any of it and will let your eloquent and heartfelt words speak for themselves as well as do everything in my power to ensure that your article gets as much coverage and publicity as possible from me, by strongly recommending it in every conceivable way that I can and to each and everyone that I possibly can.

Additionally, there are striking similarities between you and me Lesley on our personal political journeys here in our own country. Like my parents, my entire family on both sides of my family tree, their friends and numerous others within the Black Community that we belong to and others we are very familiar with, we’ve all been staunch supporters, activists, spirited campaigners and, of course, committed voters both in local and national elections for the Labour Party although we were fully cognizant of the fact that our Black support and our collective votes were being taken for granted and nothing of substance was being done or likely to be, by those whom we’d helped to get elected, for our Black Communities either locally and less so nationally.

But all the same we stayed stalwartly faithful to the Labour Party because of its origins and what it ostensibly stood for even though there were times we firmly pinched our respective noses hard with the fingers of one hand while with the other hand placing our X, more in hope than any kind of expectation or possible realization, on the ballot paper of the consistently Labour HQ favoured and NOT any local man or woman candidate and invariably the characteristic and total nonentity but reliably self-serving figure like the rest of them at Labour Party HQ “official” parliamentary candidate.

Then things came to a head for me when the interlopers, carpetbaggers and what I’ve dubbed the Labtories – supposedly Labour on the outside but hardcore Tory on the inside – not just crucially but also disastrously from the perspective of what the Labour Party actually stood for dishonestly took over the Labour Party lock, stock and barrel for their own odious, self-serving ends together with those principally of their corporate paymasters. At that particular juncture then and with the future mass murderers Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and the rest of their duplicitous and absolutely self-serving ilk now totally in charge of the Labour Party and even had it re-branded as if it were some kind of convenient house chore detergent, even before any elections were mooted let alone called for parliament I consciously, as I’d already sensibly anticipated what would happen to the Labour Party now entirely under the influence of these marauding interlopers, decided forthwith and unwaveringly in the process to let my membership of the Labour Party lapse and instead opt to become an independent Labour supporter working from outside, rather than inside the realms of the party itself.

A situation that uninterruptedly carried on from the onset of the Tony Blair and Gordon Brown years right up to the present. Still at heart Labour but in practical terms firmly distancing myself from the infiltrated criminals and the deeply and organized corrupt agency that the quite morally sabotaged and annexed Labour party had become in the hands of the Labtories, I was thoroughly pleased with what I’d foresightedly done. However, I carefully and rather constructively utilized my time and other profession as a journalist to lambaste this corruption which had obviously and most insidiously taken hold of the Labour Party under the distinctly manipulative and controlling reins of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and the rest of their Labtory posse of swindlers, while at the same time doing my utmost best to energetically promote, help maintain and diligently reinforce the traditional and founding values of what I personally like to refer to as the real Labour Party.

And in doing so I knew in my heart, from my individual experiences and my everyday contacts with ordinary people that not every Labour supporter nor MP was happy about what was going on even with the Labour Party in government; and most perceptibly at grassroots level inside the party itself it was the same sad feeling with loads of genuine Labour Party supporters becoming utterly disillusioned by it all and not even bothering at election time to turn out and vote for the party they belonged to, as the now controlling and infiltrated Labtory insurgents within the party didn’t care about these people one jot, and in turn these ignored or marginalized voters reaction was simply, “why should we vote for these self-serving, snouts in the troughs pigs, both literally and figuratively, MPs?”

It didn’t help matters any either when the narcissistic and hubristic Tony Blair, his Labtory MPs and their camp following supporters somewhat sanctimoniously took to vaingloriously boasting that Blair won three elections. A tremendously hollow boast in my opinion since the “winning” vote count was only around 22% of the overall electoral vote and very much less in terms of that wretched figure if the entirety of the national eligible vote and of those that quite literally refused to show up at the polling booths and cast their lawfully entitled vote because they didn’t want to be involved in those national farces that passed for democratic elections anyway, were factored into the equation. So I really don’t call any of these supposed electoral “triumphs” of Tony Blair as either having entitled him to a national mandate; something to be proud of; or in one’s wildest imagination the fulcrum of the very best that “democracy” British style can offer; anymore than I do so now in respect of David Cameron’s 24% win in the May 2015 General Election.

Yet most astonishingly, ironically and asininely too these are the same people together with their embedded and toadying media supportively publishing their bogus polls, which say that ONLY 1 in 5 Brits would actually support Labour under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership at a general election. Now I know that the British, and particularly the English, educational system has been and is still consistently being dumbed down and quite frankly accounts for why I abandoned it and went off to Germany to lecture and teach there. But realistically, and irrespective of whether you like it or not, 1 in 5 does represent 20% by anyone’s Maths and since this percentage figure or thereabouts constitutes the figure which risibly and quite preposterously is hubristically used to champion the supposed election winning expertise first of Tony Blair and now David Cameron, then using this same argument of theirs Jeremy Corbyn should be on to a landslide victory too. But the existent impediment with these out-and-out dimwits in tandem with their manipulated camp followers is the endemic stupidity that they’re infected with and itself conceived of a disquieting fondness for recurrently living in their virtual reality world that’s absolutely divorced from all norms of reality as these morons do; plus an obsessive penchant for actually believing their own propaganda.

That said the Tory, Labtory and complicit with them Lib-Dems lot do collectively comprise the two cheeks of the same backside, have as much interest in our country, its citizens that they still class-consciously, deliberately perceive as subjects or real democracy, as the Ku Klux Klan and other recalcitrant white supremacists of that genre have in or are themselves committed in any sense to furthering in relation to Black Civil Rights. So over the past years while staying soundly outside the controlling corral of the Labtories and their apparatchiks I began - because I knew of him and what he sincerely and honestly stood for - writing articles and posting tweets, Facebook pages and Google+ summaries about Jeremy Corbyn equating him in political terms to another figure I deeply admired, but in footballing terms, the late Brian Clough; stating unambiguously that both these men were outstandingly brilliant and inspirational leaders but despite all that and much more, in the marked stupidity of the powers that be this simply hadn’t been recognized.

And just as the undeniably superb Brian Clough was the best football manager that the England team never had to take them to the heights of footballing glory that Brian Clough was more than proficient at leading them to, Jeremy Corbyn equally was the best Labour Party leader and Prime Minister of Britain that our political system – designed for and greedily utilized by the snouts in the trough MPs brigade, and doing so primarily on entrenched class-based prejudices fittingly, if it wasn’t so pathetic, for a Britain despite this being the 21st Century was still obsessively stuck and bizarrely so in the era of the divine rights of kings and queens, a situation compounded with all the other ludicrous outrageous and unsavoury Medieval paraphernalia that have no place in a modern world that ought in actuality to be based principally on the precepts of meritocracy and not those of a toadying class-based or else class-conscious deferential subservience.

So I somewhat philosophically conditioned myself to the fact that the astonishing capabilities of Jeremy Corbyn would never be given the chance for a proper outing in the service of our country and its citizens and that this thoroughly honest and quite decent man and an additionally a superb human being who is undoubtedly virtuous to the core of his being and entirely self-effacing with it as well, and furthermore was light years removed from the absolutely debased epicentre of so many of his parliamentary colleagues would, I believed, unfortunately not be permitted to have his day in the sun. Now amazingly, and happily so, it looks like I was wrong!

Then lo and behold and like a long and earnest prayer being finally answered because God in his infinite wisdom had decided that the time was now right for the national manifestation of Jeremy Corbyn, I switched on, as I normally and when fittingly so do, my TV to my favourite alternative media station and was happily bowled over by the news bulletin I watched to elatedly learn that Jeremy was standing for the leadership of the Labour Party. I was absolutely beside myself with political ecstasy, if there’s such a thing otherwise I’ve created a new terminology, even though I logically knew that Jeremy still had to overcome the not inconsequential hurdle of garnering the requisite number of MPs votes to be confirmed as an official candidate.

So I prayed, I’m Christian and don’t mind in the least admitting to that or praying for that matter, and practically too as a concerted back up to that since God likes those who are prepared to stand up for the courage of their own convictions, and immediately began writing as many constructive articles about this fantastic man and in addition say as many positive things about him as I could conjure up, which wasn’t at all difficult to do as there’s a superfluity of them to choose from, and hoped that the ball would start rolling for this remarkably wonderful person. And I must say that I definitely do intend to indefatigably carry on doing the same throughout this election campaign and beyond, since I most emphatically would like to see Jeremy Corbyn not simply as the leader of the Labour Party but essentially as well the Prime Minister of our country. For once again, and with millions of people across the country and all of us core Labour voters, plus the disenchanted former Labour voters who, because of Jeremy Corbyn and what he genuinely and truthfully does represent, are enthusiastically returning to the Labour Party fold, and additionally the plethora of fresh supporters of Labour galvanized as they visibly are by this splendidly incredible man: first time young and mature alike political activists - we’re all truthfully thrilled to bits that at last we have true cause for hope, in what until the auspicious emergence of Jeremy Corbyn was in effect a noticeably despairing environment of debilitating and unconstrained despondency.

Strikingly scathing and unapologetically critical of the Labtories embedded within the infiltrated Labour Party – past prominent members and a similar bunch inside the party’s current hierarchy that all know who I am, I studiously decided not to re-apply to join the Labour Party even though my personal vote would’ve been an additional element of strong support for Jeremy Corbin; but I sure as hell, with my independent spirit, wasn’t going to give the Labtory nutters at Labour’s HQ the perverse and sadistic pleasure of deciding, even with my Labour Party pedigree, that I was an entryist and thus patronizingly informing me that I couldn’t participate in the upcoming voting to select the new Labour Party leader; on the risible basis that my criticism of them - not the Labour Party I hasten to add, and which in this “democratic state” called Britain that they disingenuously maintain they’re all for and ”staunch” supporters of – effectively in their sick minds meant that I didn’t subscribe to the values of the Labour Party. And therefore this sick interpretation of theirs would be justifiably grounds on which to debar me from voting.

A stance that absurdly as it initially seems would in all seriousness be just as asinine as a coterie of rogue priests telling the Pope he couldn’t have Holy Communion in the churches that they run because he wasn’t Catholic enough. And candidly I wasn’t going to give these full of themselves Labtory pillocks and fixatedly ingrained abusers of true democracy that sort of perverse power or the malevolent satisfaction derived from it over me. In any case despite these distinguishable and conclusive clown democrats, pitifully and dishonestly claiming to be the democrats they patently aren’t, yet doing all they criminally can to scandalously disenfranchise as many of those they can get away with from voting for Jeremy Corbyn, I’m nevertheless energetically sanguine that OUR JEREMY will deservedly and also deservingly win this political contest.


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