Miracle Worker, gutsy Labtory Conqueror and plain-speaking Hero, Jeremy Corbyn!

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Miracle Worker, gutsy Labtory Conqueror and plain-speaking Hero, Jeremy Corbyn!

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By Stanley Collymore

The cynical and narcissistically contrived hubristic onward
parade of the Labtory political predators, and schemingly
grasping scavengers has thankfully and encouragingly
been halted in its tracks; and in the wake of that the
relenting thrust constituting the rigorous process
by people like us of these Labtories looming
eclipse is confidently most welcome; well
aware in our conviction that eagerly and
enthusiastically it will portend their
decisive destruction that formally,
earnestly, resolutely and rather
beneficially in the end can
now truthfully and with
passion at last begin.

For in so doing the mass of caring, ethical and
conscionable people long marginalized and
their lives intentionally and disdainfully
made a mess, can in this new, quite
noble and entirely unique quest
inspired by public solidarity
and the cherished determination to reclaim
their own personal dignity and respect
for themselves have now mutually
and freely joined forces with
the trove of other, and for
much too long, politically comatose
that have finally woken up to the
real and exciting possibilities
before them, including the
prospect of positively
and informatively taking
back their lives again
and constructively
living them as
they were
meant to

Ditching with consummate ease and pride the burdensome tag
of being dismissively caricatured as the long misused, the
recurrently abused, and the deliberately ignored in our
respective communities; or else simply as those that
were constantly lured, like the Useful Idiots we
evidently were, by political promises which
were never intended to be conserved and
accordingly found ourselves manipulatively,
both literally and figuratively, taken for a
ride – what a thoroughly maddening
drag as we observably now know
and in the bargain, and not to
mince our unkind words,
prominently, and very
much so, also quite
abhorrently and

Now the impetus has dramatically changed and,
encouragingly for us within our significantly
dysfunctional communities, there has
observably been an incredible sea
change brought about by this
previously unexpected but
nevertheless enlivening
and very welcome seminal
transformation that has blissfully occurred within
them, causing us to willingly choose and what’s
more collectively and voluntarily throw our
personal lot in - while maturely assuming
full responsibility in relation to matters
directly shaping our daily lives and
aspirations - with the inimitable,
straight talking, a profoundly
honest human being, and
on the ball politician,
Jeremy Corbyn!

© Stanley V. Collymore
7 September 2013.

Author’s Remarks:
There’s an old and wise Bajan saying that what sweetens rabbit’s mouth eventually burns its backside.

Now you don’t have to be a Bajan, as Barbadians affectionately call themselves, or be endowed with a genius IQ for that matter to work out the meaning of that statement; however if you happen to be your typical British dimwit, either endemically or manipulatively so, then of course you wouldn’t have a clue as to what that Bajan saying means, and quite frankly it’s not for complete morons like yourselves that I spend my time writing articles or posting tweets; as to be quite honest with you I really couldn’t care what happens to you; you could fall off the face of the earth for all I care, and to be honest with you I’d rather that you distanced yourself from my sites in the same way as I would eschew the plague myself if it were still about. In short get lost! For I don’t want nor need you! As my writing is not for the likes of you.

That said, that particular Bajan saying does epitomize what I’m about to say here. The Tory, Labtory and their fellow traveller scum that perfidiously infect Britain were beside themselves with glee when Jeremy Corbyn offered himself up as a candidate for the Labour Party leadership, even applauding themselves that once and for all his candidacy would demonstrate how out-of-touch these dinosaurian “Lefties” as they condescendingly refer to them, and most particularly so Jeremy Corbyn himself, and furthermore then dismissed everyone who sensibly doesn’t subscribe their self-serving individualism, Zionist-Nazi, in favour of kissing and obsequiously shoving their heads willingly up the asses of the One Percenters, the big business conglomerates, multinational corporations, the hedge funds, criminal banks and parasitical banksters and, of course, the utterly demented, discernibly feral, psychopathic and conspicuously sociopathic controllers of the Military Industrial Complex – nest egg building politics that these sinister political nerds who sit in our UK parliament and their embedded media stenographers that ape them and propagandize their lying rhetoric as facts to a mind-bogglingly ill-informed and stupid British public at large that literally believes everything it’s lyingly and dishonestly told.

We even had the decrepit, post-menopausal hag and “human” detritus Margaret Beckett cynically appending her name to the meagre list of parliamentary MPs that Jeremy Corbyn was able to scrape together to disingenuously on Beckett’s part give the utterly false impression that she and her Labtory slime balls are all in favour of democracy and diversity not only throughout the UK but also and most specifically in the Labour Party - that on reflection and close scrutiny of both instances they clearly aren’t and you’d have to be totally brain-dead to swallow that load of twaddle and even worst believe it – and consequently Old Hag Beckett and others just as twisted like her mentally were thus giving Jeremy Corbyn a “fair and honest” chance to air his political views to party members – how bloody “generous” (?) of them – even if the likes of her and fellow travellers of her ilk within the interloping Labtory element of the Labour Party were, as they evidently are, diametrically opposed to his political perspective and proscription for a better Britain. Shouldn’t people be subscribing to and honestly voting for what they actually believe in rather than dishonestly pretending otherwise?

While at the same time, these people, having a good laugh behind Jeremy Corbyn’s back, since they were absolutely convinced, and also personally willed it to be so, that this most honest of men and the only honourable MP, in my view, in the entirety of parliament on both sides of the aisle would tragically for him and all other “Lefties” not only be soundly defeated in his Labour Party leadership bid but most certainly also in Hag Beckett’s sick opinion and that of her likeminded Labtory ilk be massively humiliated in the process; confirming without doubt and self-congratulatory so for this said dubious specimen of a woman and the rest of her creepy morons that constitute and reinforce this foul stain of an unprecedented level of human faeces within British politics, just how “prized” and “vital” the odiously corrupt system of governance by all British mainstream parties is to the United Kingdom.

But to return once more to that wise Barbadian proverb they were dead wrong in their sick and distinctly twisted analysis with even Hag Beckett castigating and describing herself as a “Moron” – how right you are prized bitch but for all the wrong reasons – for signing Jeremy Corbyn’s nomination papers as an MP to get him onto the ballot paper. And with the incomparable Jeremy Corbyn and his legion of supporters nationally who are Labour through and through but who over the years have been callously and cynically disenfranchised and marginalized by the criminal antics of mass murderers, crimes against humanity and war crimes perpetrators like Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Margaret Beckett and the rest of them that hijacked the Labour party and turned it into something that its founders as well as its myriad of contemporary supporters never envisaged or wanted it to become, realizing this massive sea change in Jeremy Corbyn’s favour by honest people out there who espied a genuine and honest Labourite when they saw one and are prepared to put their heads above the parapet and support him, what do we find ourselves lumbered with from loathsome carpet-bagging “supporters” of democracy, you guessed it; the employment of every trick in their prolific armoury of fraudulent practices to, by any means of skulduggery at their disposal, rob Jeremy Corbyn of his rightful victory.

But the political climate out here has changed dramatically, and let them try is all I have to say! In the meantime, to all you Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters and well wishers nationally, I salute you and proudly say keep the faith; for our march has at last begun and is also irreversibly on its way! So a big thank you to all of you. YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY SUPER!


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