Principles! Not profit motives or baseless prejudices.

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Principles! Not profit motives or baseless prejudices.

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By Stanley Collymore

I want my MP and the man or woman democratically selected
to represent my constituency in the House of Commons to
be someone who knows what probity is all about; who
passionately subscribes to the principles of a fair
and just society for all; equality before the law
for everyone and who instinctively knows,
and doesn’t have to be reminded, what
the meaning and value of meritocracy stand for and how best
this should always be implemented in an equitable society;
and, moreover, is skilled in the art of motivating all those
who’re genuinely disposed to, to fully acknowledge their
God-given abilities and additionally are persuasively
emboldened to single-mindedly summon up the
courage and determination to diligently, and
with the maximum resilience, pursue and
ultimately realize their most cherished aspirations.
For as the past thirty plus years have confirmed
Jeremy Corbyn, you’ve conscientiously been
the characteristic personification of such an
MP and explains, without any apologies
at all to your dim-witted detractors or
Machiavellian opponents, why I not
only salute you as the epitome of
what an MP should be, but also
why it is that I want you not
only to be the leader of our
Labour Party but, equally
too under your inspired
management, the next
Prime Minister of
what categorically
would become
a celebrated

© Stanley V. Collymore
10 September 2015.

Author’s Remarks:
Those of you who previously weren’t aware of the exceptionally high esteem that I’ve always held Jeremy Corbyn in both as an outstanding and principled human being and a conscientious MP, or for that matter that I’m explicitly committed to assisting him in every conceivable way that I persuasively can in his credible and justifiable mission to become the next leader of the Labour Party, then you have either just moved to earth from a different planet in the outer reaches or the universe or having emigrated there have after a long sojourn there decided to return home, in which case I extend my warmest welcome to you and categorically state that I fully understand why it is that you’d be unfamiliar with what’s going on.

To the rest of you however: the legions of dim-wits and intellectually challenged who serve as the willing manipulative “Useful Idiots” of the Nazi-Zionist Tories, their Labtory conspirators and toadying so-called mainstream media that feed you the garbage they want and that you enthusiastically consume, because poor silly sods that you are you don’t know any better, I shan’t spoil Jeremy Corbyn’s parade by telling you here - in this celebratory poem about him – and in my usual characteristic language what I really think of you; but I have a feeling that you already know how much, to put it mildly, that I utterly despise you.

So instead I’ll just confidently finish off by cheerfully saying to the Great Man Jeremy Corbyn; all the very best for Saturday 12 September 2015.


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