Mindless: Scuppering the NHS but keeping Trident and bank bailouts!

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Mindless: Scuppering the NHS but keeping Trident and bank bailouts!

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By Stanley Collymore

Paul Kenny – do you know who he is, ever heard of him or actually care whether he exists or not for matter if told who he was? I thought not! And more to the point would imagine that the vast majority of trade union members generally throughout Britain – he’s apparently a trade union leader of some sort, an issue I shall be returning to later in this resume of his - haven’t the foggiest idea who he is either, and when t it actually comes down to the British public generally, how many of us can truthfully say hand on heart that we even knew that Paul existed? And that, to be perfectly honest with you, included me! But after his recent self-publicizing and hubristic, attention grabbing scam, he’s rather good at things like that I was reliably informed, plus his demonstrably and completely unprovoked asinine attack on Jeremy Corbyn I decided to do my homework on this bloke.

Not much in terms of worthwhile content I must acknowledge but here’s what I gleaned from my far from absorbing research on this, as I seriously suspected and in actuality it turned out, typical lowlife, white trash piece of nonentity shit putting on fanciful airs above his cerebral and zero intellectual capabilities as a feral-disposed, dim-wittedly incoherent and discernible throwback to a perceptibly pre-Neanderthal and barbaric, that I thought was made extent by the ice age, facsimile of Homo sapiens that purportedly replaced his kind; but on the face of it, it would ostensibly appear that some of these sub-species of early terrestrial life still exist and are manifestly revealed in the embodiment of the likes of Paul Kenny.

Paul Kenny is the general secretary of the GMB, which again most everyday Brits don’t have a clue what these letters stand for and those that vaguely know it’s some sort of a trade union aren’t fully aware of and moreover seriously couldn’t care less what Paul Kenny or the entire GMB’s membership: that would be rather hard-pressed to fill a decent, average-sized football stadium really do. And for my part I couldn’t care one way or another, as I voluntarily ceased being a British trade union member when the lot of these brain-dead pillocks, including Paul Kenny, marched to Enoch Powell’s drumbeat in the wake of his Rivers of Blood speech; this despite the fact that Enoch had as much liking for or any interest in the welfare of the British trade union movement and its membership generally or those deluded purblind pillocks who unreservedly and racially jumped on his bandwagon specifically for that matter, as your good old-fashioned, British establishment paedophiles: the same class of people whom Paul Kenny fervently aspires to becoming an indoctrinated social class climbing member of, have in child welfare.

So having resigned my membership from the four trade unions that I was a member of at the time I earnestly made a solemn commitment to myself to never again join any trade union in the UK unless there was a fundamental, far-reaching across the board, and also a permanent transformation of trade unionism inside the United Kingdom. And since nothing which I’ve seen since my decision then has in the remotest sense convinced me over those several years that anything of the kind has happened or is ever distantly likely to take place within Britain during my lifetime, I’ve sensibly and logically concluded that there are far more pressing or truly imperative things I can realistically do both with my time and money than waste either of them on intransigent morons that run British trade unions and their primarily boneheaded members that permit themselves to be routinely dictated to by inherent nonentities like Paul Kenny.

But a passionately resolved and very committed advocate of the principles of trade unionism when I afterwards left the UK to live and work in Germany I instantly became a trade union member again as well as an activist there and proudly still am. So whenever I hear these pale specimens of what trade unionism should be bleating or rambling on incoherently within the UK of what they’re either entitled to or frankly don’t want to do, policies that are in essence not in the least co-ordinated as those who lead these bodies, to be absolutely blunt with you, collectively couldn’t muster the required IQ to pass an 11 plus exam I just ignore them, for I know what authentic trade unionism is all about; and it’s a general policy and well accepted practice in Germany both by trade unionists and employers consensually that when a deal is negotiated and struck for whatever number of years, normally not less than seven or so years both sides rigidly stick to that legal bargain, and when negotiations are expected for the next round of discussion on a new agreement these are mutually undertaken two years before the existing one actually expires; agreement reached after intensive and matured discussions and a new work contract between the union and employers concerned satisfactorily embarked on, so that when the existing contract finally expires the new one can immediately and smoothly be implemented without the preposterous calamity of threats, strikes and the rest of it that so cantankerously belabour the relationship between British employers and their employees at the behest of so-called trade union leaders and inane employers symbiotically conjoined in their rank stupidity.

And why am I not in the least surprised that something like that doesn’t happen in Britain? Simply! When you have white trash employers and trade union leaders, excluding of course people like Arthur Scargill, but most discernibly scum like Paul Kenny throwing in their lot quite racially and mindbogglingly dim-wittedly with psychopathic manipulators of the likes of Enoch Powell and Margaret Thatcher how the hell then can such obtuse dimwits lacking both the commonsense and intellectual perspicacity which the Germans have in abundance lead anything, far less a supposed trade union, anywhere but into a bloody cul-de-sac? And the only realistic Master Race claim I can personally see which these prized British pricks have to is the indisputable reliability of their discernibly unadulterated and innate stupidity which every sentient and intelligent person readily recognizes but they, poor sods, like the noxious vermin they clearly are, simply can’t.

Paul Kenny is transparently a congenital idiot, not his fault entirely as his genetic mix clearly has something to do with it; that said though he has also undoubtedly and hugely contributed to this unequivocal characterization of himself. And demonstrably useless as he is as a union leader and other things besides he’s however a graspingly avaricious acquisitor of one thing: money! As the leader of his GMB union he’s paid £81,000 in salary plus perks, but he’s also on record as telling his union members they ought to take pay cuts to save their jobs; no such altruism though on his part when it comes to his own salary. But then mindless bullies - or as I much prefer to see and characterize them as the slime balls that more appropriately fits their depiction - never see why they should themselves lead by example and therefore compromise in the same way they narcissistically and bloody well hypocritically always insist that others do. Yet here we have this out-and-out contemptible, rather lumbering, demonically perverse, categorically loathsome, social climbing and transformed neoliberal moron, egotistically and egomaniacally spurred on by the guarantee of the same rubbish and completely discredited
state trinket, which was also handed out to those like Cyril Smith and Jimmy Savile – whose paedophilia was well known within the same circles which this new knight of the realm is so impatiently looking forward to joining and hence has no time for the likes of Jeremy Corbyn, who in the most principled manner that he has always been and most assuredly will carry on being so as he conscientiously tries his level best to make Britain a better and more equitable place for all of us but that Paul Kenny for all his lying and disingenuous rhetoric about caring for the average working man, his GMB members and their jobs specifically particular doesn’t in the least mind using them for his own self-aggrandizing ends.

Of course he’s not that dumb to stupidly let it be known to them that’s actually the case as all of these cap-doffing, working class Tories are wont to do that in reality he doesn’t empathize with them; and with his imminent “ennoblement” it just wouldn’t fit in he evidently imagines with his new found status nor, for that matter, that of his lady wife Patricia now! Would it old boy? But then working class, social climbing prats are the very worst scum around and are in essence even more snobbish than their “privileged” masters and mistresses. Which forcefully and risibly reminds me of those council house tenants who bought their council homes under Margaret Thatcher’s right to buy legislation, not because she ever gave a toss about them but principally because she wanted to terminally destroy what she dogmatically always perceived was a Labour Party political power base and with this absolutely sick obsession on the part of many Brits – and not practised anywhere else across Europe - to own their own homes at any cost, irrespective of whether they can afford to do so or not Margaret Thatcher did massively succeed in her quest.

And as a young Labour activist then I could always tell those who’d exercised their option to buy; for the very first thing they did was to change their front doors and windows - and don’t say you didn’t bloody well do it, for the lot of you did - to narcissistically demonstrate to the world, as if anyone with a functioning brain in their head actually cared, they were no longer local council tenants but Conservative home buyers!

That’s the same idiotic and class entrenched, Medieval mindset attitude that social climbing and treacherous scum, Paul Kenny is operating from as he willingly embraces his neoliberal and turncoat philosophy. But as my maternal Grandmother has always said and determinedly maintained you can wash down and dress up a pig as much as you care to and even decorate it with the most imposing of finery but were one to take it even in that refined condition into the most sophisticated and the grandest of stately homes that pig will do what all pigs do and shit on the floor, as it’s a condition totally inbred in and characteristic of pigs. And that about perfectly sums you up neoliberal aficionado Paul Kenny; as you’re undeniably lowlife, white trash and strikingly, like that analogous pig, has no class whatever or basic commonsense to go with it, so don’t idiotically delude or flatter yourself let alone act on such spurious beliefs that you’re even light years near to anything that Jeremy Corbyn is. For he is more the man and human being – the jury from my perspective is still out as to whether you actually meet the most basic criteria for either of these two assumptions – than you could ever in a billion light years ever be. But since he’s also a gentleman with everyone, something that I promise you I most assuredly am NOT when it comes to dealing with scum like you Paul Kenny, I’ll tell it like it is! And, what’s more, carry on doing so.

You say in your hubristic remarks to these rightwing newspapers, an interesting observation on my part and says a lot about you bearing in mind you’re supposedly a trade union leader and these papers are quite diametrically opposed to all forms of trade unionism, that Jeremy Corbyn would have “a choice to make of whether to follow the defence policy of the [this] country or feel that he should resign.” Well let me frankly inform you of a few salient facts Paul Kenny. I’m not aware that this country of ours and that you infect like a toxic parasite ever voted on any kind of defence policy with or without nuclear weapons. Of my own free choice I served in the RAF and had full top secret classification and that subject also never came up while I was in uniform; nor am I aware the British public ever voted on any such defence commitment or any political party offered it as a choice to the British public either in their manifesto or a national referendum.

Furthermore, Britain is one of only nine countries to have nuclear weapons. These countries are: the United States, United Kingdom, Russian Federation, the Peoples Republic of China, France, India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea. Britain, moreover, is a signatory to the NPT agreement which clearly stipulates that those countries with nuclear weapons MUST legally phase them out in exchange for all countries without nuclear weapons legally pledging not to have them. But what do we find? Every one of these nuclear states hangs on to their nuclear weapons and in the case of the west they not only upgrade them but equally have brought all the white Caucasian states under the protective nuclear umbrella of NATO; and to add gross insult to an already hurtful injury have clandestinely conspired with Zionist apartheid Israel for it to have its own nuclear and distinctly massive nuclear arsenals, deceitfully and lyingly pretending these don’t exist. For under US law if the United States ever once admitted to this fact it would have to stop the billions of dollars worth of military revenue and state of the art weaponry it annually gives to this pariah entity barbarically and unlawfully ensconced in the Middle East. So too would Germany and the rest of the EU. So the lie is maintained.

Not only that but the same Britain, United States and the collective rest of them together with Israel collaboratively developed nuclear weapons with and for the apartheid regime of South Africa; however when the official collapse of apartheid seemed inevitable these same bloody hypocrites swiftly set about rather hysterically demanding that the ANC surrender these very nuclear weapons that when South Africa was under the grip and tyranny of apartheid they all said never existed and that it was all conspiracy theories. This despite the fact the ANC long knew of their clandestine existence and had openly said that when a majority run democratic South Africa emerged the ANC for its part had no wish to have or any need for these nuclear weapons and would voluntarily give them up anyway. None the less, that specific guarantee or the promised word of the ANC wasn’t enough for these purported “elite” members of the Master Race who didn’t mind a very barbaric, white minority supremacist and overtly racist apartheid controlled South Africa having them, but a Black and democratic one – no bloody way; for these Niggers can’t be trusted as whites can. Never mind that one of those spouting this sort of stuff was the United States regime, which wasn’t only the last western country to recognize the fall of apartheid - and incidentally Nelson Mandela was still on its terrorist list right up until the election of Barack Obama as President - but somewhat ironically in all this, is the lone country to have used nuclear weapons in warfare at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But we all know that American and the broader aspect of white Caucasian exceptionalism gives them all the unchallenged right to be as hypocritical as they choose to be.

Thoroughly pissed off with these blatant sets of double standards India, followed by Pakistan and North Korea developed their own nuclear arsenals and who could blame them; and while the west was more than happy for the Shah of Iran - their own carefully handpicked dictator to go down that particular path - it was most categorically a no-no for Iran when the Iranians successfully, and rightly so, overthrew this western implanted and militarily backed dictator, installed by the United States and its allies, most infamously Britain, to all the better plunder the natural resources of Iran, since Britain is a past master at doing this kind of thing and has repeatedly done so all over the globe; but with the Iranian revolution a reality the west chose to do an instant about face by declaring Iran should be nuclear free, a situation that continues to this day even though Iran is a voluntary signatory to the NPT, something Zionist apartheid Israel isn’t, and has time and again been subjected to more rigorous inspections by the IAEA than any other country. Zionist apartheid and routinely genocidal against the Palestinians and others in the Middle East Israel, meanwhile, has been given blanket immunity from the west not to let any IAEA inspectors onto its stolen Palestinian territory let alone anywhere near its nuclear plants; yet reliably is stated to be the possessor of the world’s third largest stockpile of nuclear weapons after America and Russia, and which are considerably greater than what the United Kingdom has ownership of.

So my pertinent question to brain-dead Paul Kenny is this: assuming that Britain goes ahead and renews Trident, which incidentally it couldn’t operationally use without the specifically stated and given permission of the United States of America anyhow, so intrinsically it’s not an independent British deterrent as it’s hubristically and vaingloriously claimed to be by its neoliberal and boneheaded 19th Century fixated imperialist minded supporters, who on earth is Britain, in point of fact, going to use these nuclear weapons against? The United States or other NATO countries? Unthinkable. Israel; I don’t think so with so; not with so many yids in David Cameron’s Cabinet, both chambers of our parliament infested with them and their supporters and with yiddish Zionist lobbies rampant in the UK, across Europe and of course in the United States.

China? Hardly. India; the same. Both countries have over one billion people each and could very easily sacrifice the sum total of the UK and United States joint populations and actually still exist while for the US and Britain it’d be curtains permanently drawn. Russia? Again not feasible. So other than having these nuclear weapons for Britain and its idiotic population by and large to asininely delude themselves that somehow it actually makes Britain great - that’s like a thoroughly sick and demented psychopath in your neighbourhood publicly stating that he or she is wholly justified and also entitled to have weapons of any kind in their home but none of their neighbours should or will ever be permitted to do the same. And it’s not rocket science to correctly determine what your response to that diktat would be if you were one of that person’s neighbours, and them moreover justifying their idiocy on the ludicrous premise that they do need to have these weapons to defend themselves. From whom, when no one in the remotest sense is a real, as apart from a paranoid one, threat them? For it’s they who are the recidivist troublemakers! Yet you idiotically out there see nothing at all wrong with the recidivist criminal Britain having nuclear weapons. Not funny in the least!

For let’s get down to brass tacks, far from not having nuclear weapons Britain shouldn’t even in the modern world we live in be allowed to carry on having a permanent seat on the UNSC. I passionately love Mohammed Ali as the superlatively great Black man and a superb boxer he’ll always be to me and scores of millions around the globe but were he to state he’s going to go back into the ring to prove what a great boxer he is I would be totally appalled; just as I am with the UK attempting to roll back the passage of time and bizarrely pretend that it’s still a major global power. It’s not. And I firmly believe from my upbringing that strength doesn’t come from brute force - any barbaric nation, its rulers and even its populace can pathetically and unintelligently act that way - but from personal and national character and inner strength. Britain led by someone like Jeremy Corbyn can do great things in this world, but these must be absolutely consensual with the people we’re dealing with, and not have us asininely cling on to an outdated and obscene form of warfare and like a bully threaten those who don’t have the same weapons we narcissistically give ourselves but nevertheless insist they mustn’t have into coercively complying with our arbitrary wishes and demands.

Jeremy Corbyn received more votes than any UK party leader has ever had in living memory and that includes the Labour Party; he has a genuine mandate that is more than the Labtories have ever had or the Nazi Zionist Tories actually received in the last general elections; 24% of an electorate’s vote where less than 40% of those eligible to vote did so doesn’t equate in my honest opinion to democracy or a mandate for anything but quite arbitrary and dictatorial rule. And when magistrates, some of the most conservative people in the UK, are up in arms and resigning in quite significant numbers because of the clear travesty of justice that there is in the legal and court system they were  expected to unfairly operate and supervise these are the kind of issues together with many other pressing ones we should be urgently addressing and not wantonly squander billions of Pounds that could and should be spent on matters like these instead of wasting this money on useless, highly destructive and redundant weapons.

So frankly Paul Kenny your lamentably lame and utterly disingenuous argument that you’re not willing to sacrifice your members’ jobs by having Britain give up Trident, what jobs do you imagine will be around Mr Prime Asshole Kenny if the nuclear cloud were ever set off? Go crawl back into your sewer Paul Kenny! And as for the equally ludicrous remarks which are coming from testosterone driven Angela Eagle, clearly more copious in that department than most white British males like Paul Kenny, I had initially planned to include you both in earlier tweets of mine and also the subsequent article but decided instead to furnish you Ms Eagle with a complete spread of your own and do faithfully promise you that this particular DYKE is going to be burst wide open! So, forewarned, do cling on to your trident sister (?) as from this assertively heterosexual male’s perspective - I’m averse to all imitations - it’s going to be one hell of a bumpy ride, metaphorically speaking!


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