Hurrying slowly to procure justice for Britain’s paedophile victims!

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Hurrying slowly to procure justice for Britain’s paedophile victims!

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By Stanley Collymore

Systematically and sexually abused both by you and
your equally detestable friends and with my serial
humiliation absolutely and heartlessly at your
mercy and likewise in your brutal and
controlling hands: contrived by you
it’s true but authoritatively and
malignantly sanctioned by those, the faceless ones, that
wholeheartedly and zealously support you and whose
obviously assured, covert but nevertheless official
immunity assigned you the right to act as you
do, that you most welcomingly enjoy and
furthermore willingly and unconcernedly execute
with absolute impunity, has been itself vigorously
conjoined with the twisted fantasies and deviant
plans of your thoroughly sick minds liberally
awashed with an enduring and profoundly
fixated proclivity faithfully evinced by
your notorious predilection for and
devilish pursuit of unscrupulous
and debauched activities of
the inescapably sinister,
outright and deeply
depraved kind.

But psychologically and against all the odds I was manifestly
and massively confronted with I did manage to defiantly,
although understandably secretively so, fight back as
best I could; having promised myself that I would
when with no other viable alternative options
open to me other than pretending that this
wanton abuse of me wasn’t happening
or else to shut it out permanently from
my mind I should resort to killing
myself and be done with it. Solutions that I had no intention
of ever embarking on; for to do so I would be giving my
serial abusers the immense pleasure and satisfaction
of them appreciating they’d not only physically
subjugated but similarly too had emotionally
crushed me. Intrinsically acknowledging
their victory in this one-sided war of
unwarranted sexual attrition they’d
not only unleashed upon me but
had also quite barbarically and
insensitively pursued against
others too whom they had
mercilessly forced into
the same situation; as
paedophiles always
and callously do!

But I’m now no longer that utterly defenceless child of
yesteryear: exceedingly young, vulnerable and deeply
traumatized by strictly unaccustomed to and very
unwelcomed affairs of the physical and carnal
kind that then personally involved and also
implicated me in these sordid acts of perfidy that I’d not
willingly consented to nor could I legally have done
so even if I’d known what they were all about
and was of a mind that wanted to, which
most assuredly wasn’t the case and
emphatically were activities that
forcibly and unavoidably I had inflicted on
me. Additionally knowing full well that
while this uncalled for mistreatment was being
systematically perpetrated against me there
wasn’t anyone whom I could realistically
trustingly anticipate finding for much
needed support or a sympathetic
understanding of what was
quite appallingly and
also unpardonably
habitually then
to me.

Voiceless then I was and at best summarily dismissed,
when I initially tried to complain to those whom I
naively felt either could or should have been
there for me and doing their utmost to
assist me in every way they could,
as a flirtatious fantasist, or else a little Madam distinctly
out to dishonestly and intentionally cause trouble for
or else intentionally ruin the hard-earned careers and
reputations of those that they claimed I spitefully
disliked and wanted to occasion harm to; and
consequently in those given circumstances
and from their discernibly “principled”
perceptions they absolutely saw no
purpose whatever in carrying on
with my wholly “unjustified”,
slanderous and evidently
in their biased opinions
my all too obviously
libellous, nasty and
rather spurious

But that’s no more now! For with the advent of a new century,
changes in moral attitudes, myself energized by all this and
thankfully transformed into a self-confident and intensely
conscientious adult: something I never imagined that I
would ever become, I’m still here and appreciatively
very much alive. But unfortunately for you my
abusers, all the other loathsome paedophile
perpetrators and those of you who knew
all along yet silently excused what they
were evilly up to, let me chillingly
inform you I’m quite determined in this new frame of
mind I’m in and however long it does take to have
justice: long overdue in any case, for all those
victims long passed away and buried in the
annals of time, along with others like me
that providentially survived and by the
Grace of God Almighty are still here
to steadfastly, unapologetically
and openly say that we won’t
ever give up on this one, and will
pursue you all, each and every
way, until justice at the end
of the day is honourably
and deservedly done!

© Stanley V. Collymore
19 October 2015.

Author’s Remarks:
I was initially sorely tempted to write not only the title but also a version for publication too of this particular poem in Latin although I must stress not for any grandiloquent or intellectually superior motives –would I do a thing like that? Of course not he says – but chiefly because the subject matter I’m dealing with here has in my honest opinion discernibly, disingenuously and most decidedly been intentionally misused and abused I very much believe by the powers that be and others with their own or similarly self-serving interests as historic crimes, and one can’t get any more historic, logically speaking and placed in those given circumstances, than actually resorting to the enshrined and universally accepted, historic language than the aforesaid Latin.

However, my German partner who voluntarily takes an enthusiastic interest in my work and is additionally very supportive of what I do, and furthermore is someone I’m most delighted to bounce any of my work off of because of her superb judgement, untainted honesty and terrific ability to fearlessly speak her mind, which partly accounts for why she’s my partner, tongue in cheek jovially questioned whether it was a shrewd move on my part to do so, adding that many of those in Britain that risibly attach an inherent and thoroughly paranoid hubris to the English Language they quite delusionally like to exclusively claim as their own when they clearly don’t have a comprehensive awareness or discernment of it in its properly written, communicative or intellectual form, how then could one judiciously expect such people, including 98% of MPs in the House of Commons, to take any interest in let alone figure out something that was written in Latin? In fact her precise words, which characteristic of her are quite impressive I must say were:

“Warum bemuehen sich, ein Haufen nutzloser Lemminge asininely versessen darauf Selbstmord vom Sprung von einer gefaehrlichen Klippe am Meer, um ihre unvermeidliche Todesfaelle auf den Felsen in der turbulenten Wasser des unter dem Meeresspiegel eingebettet zu stoppen?”

Translated into English it emphatically states, and I must add she was referring specifically to the usual suspect British MPs: Tories, Lib-Dems, Labtories and their fellow travellers: “Why endeavour to stop a bunch of useless lemmings asininely hell-bent on suicide from jumping off a dangerous seaside cliff to their inevitable deaths on the rocks embedded in the turbulent waters of the sea below?”

But whatever language she’d chosen at that moment to use, as usual she was spot on with her prescient-minded observation; and so I decided to keep the English version and English title. Although for the pleasure of you Latinists out there the poem’s Latin title is: “Tardius properantem in agris nactus judicium de hostiis salutaribus fecunda Britania profert pedophiles!”

However, to get down to the real nitty gritty of why this poem was written in the first place I’ll unapologetically say it’s categorically because I’m firmly convinced that no one either in or who’s even remotely linked to the powers that be in the United Kingdom have the slightest intention of taking paedophilia seriously let alone doing anything positively about it; not least because they’re all involved in it in one manner or another and likewise for every one of them it’s a rite of passage in their sick and sadistic, lacking in self-worth propensity to demonstrate their class-based and essentially delusional notion of their farcically believed God-given and innate superiority to do whatever they want with impunity backed by covert state immunity for their heinous crimes; and thus see that as the ultimate expression of the power they wield to abuse anyone they choose to and moreover basically regard as their inferiors.

I shan’t waste my time going over the despicable shenanigans of Theresa May whose lack of probity I equate to a box of foul smelling frogs; in other words this feral specimen of what passes for mankind doesn’t have any and wouldn’t recognize the word probity or for that matter anything tenuously associated with it even if her pathetic life depended on it. And the self-appointed and patently vainglorious body that ludicrously and disingenuously claims it represents the interests of the victims of paedophile have as much credibility I believe as the Ku Klux Klan claiming the same thing in respect of Black Civil Rights in the USA.And my partner and several German friends all want to know why it is that a country like the UK that boasts about its democracy, law and order and justice systems and arbitrarily pushes its skewed version of these down the throats of others whether they want them or not has to go to the other side of the world to engage a Maori, Kiwi bint to do their dirty work for them and at a reputed £500.000 per annum plus all the extra perks that go with her sinecure, like holidays and visits back to her homeland and all this at a time of austerity in the UK paid for NOT by the rich and powerful British Establishment and so-called celebrity sexual and paedophile abusers but by the hard-pressed British taxpayer?

A very nice little earner Lowell Goddard and bearing in mind that at the most probable earliest you don’t have to report your findings – which are self-evident to anyone with a functioning brain in his or her head – until after 2020? Another Chilcott in the making I’d say! Want my honest opinion? It’s a scam and Theresa May and her lot on both sides of the House of Commons aisle are getting YOU to pay for it! Knowing what a superabundance of cap-doffing to their “superiors” idiots there are in the UK, enabling them to applaud themselves as they get away with it. So totally pissed off with all this I decided for sanity’s sake to move away from the fantasy of it all and instead write this poem which is based on what I perceive that a real life survivor of paedophilia, in this case a female but it’s also pertinent to those of the male gender too, were they given a proper hearing, genuinely listened to and were also allowed and encouraged to openly tell of their heinous treatment and the insufferable trauma they were premeditatedly subjected to by those who run our country.


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