The gainful Special Relationship between Britain and Bantu Saudi

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The gainful Special Relationship between Britain and Bantu Saudi

Post  Admin on Sat Oct 31, 2015 1:44 am

By Stanley Collymore

All hail to the Special Relationship that exists between
Bantu Saudi and Britain and in gloriously celebrating
it prescient-mindedly acknowledging as we happily
remind ourselves too that nothing whatsoever on
earth is, or could ever possibly be conjured up
in the most fertile of vivid imaginations, to
seriously rival or in any way jeopardize
its continuation; not even the often
spoken of and proclaimed to be
profoundly admired, shared
and longstanding alliance
supposedly that subsists
between the United
States of America
and the United

For Bantu Saudi and Britain are firmly conjoined as
any two purported nations can profitably and self-
interestedly ever be with each other and having
so much in common as they psychologically
and empathetically do – everything from
their wonderful in several instances pre
but basically medievally-inspired and Divine Rights
of hereditary monarchies, toadying crowd pleasing
spectacle of public beheadings, crucifixions
and absolutely sadistic and humiliating
floggings to chastisement-induced
bodily amputations, habitual
female subjugation and
unequivocally ghastly
and nauseatingly
exported acts
of terrorism.

All of these specifically designed to ensure that the
respective classes in Britain and Bantu Saudi so
assiduously controlled by the powers that be
not only know their predetermined and
divine allocated places in life but
moreover, thoroughly shielded
from the infernal curse and
strife of democracy coupled with its dangerous
and societally disruptive consequences, also
inflexibly stick to them and never essay
to absurdly, idiotically or in any other
way stray from the established way
of doing things by entertaining
notions of ever rising above
their indisputably defined
and prescribed stations.

Thus between them the authorities in Britain and
Bantu Saudi have clandestinely agreed that to
properly protect and guarantee the enduring
longevity of the British monarchy and the
compelling autocracy of Bantu Saudi
there was simply no way that this
highly dangerous ideology of
democracy compounded by the granting of human
rights or the tolerance of freedom of expression
would be allowed with a free hand either to
propagate and much less so fulsomely
blossom and unchallenged actually
permitted to survive within the
monarchical boundaries of
the United Kingdom.

And most certainly so not under any British regime
led by David Cameron, his Conservative Zionist
Nazis or their counterparts in the Lib-Dems
and Labtories; and unyieldingly tied to
the commission of this loathsome
bilateral warranty – in actuality
that Special Relationship that neither of these two
entities - Britain with the noteworthy exception
of the exceedingly principled and democracy-
loving Jeremy Corbyn naturally, nor its
Persian Gulf Bantustan, Bantu Saudi
would ever voluntarily permit the
status quo ante either to ever be
fundamentally challenged, or
given a snowflake in hell’s
chance of in the slightest
being necessarily or in
any achievable way
suitably reformed
either imminently
or remotely in
the distant

© Stanley V. Collymore
30 October 2015.

Author’s Remarks:
To have the arch-medieval, sadistically barbaric, Wahabi-indoctrinated, savagely undemocratic, human rights violating, terrorism propagating coupled with the most brutish implementation of the worst heinous acts of terrorism; wholly unconscionable, comprehensively misogynistic and essentially the most repulsive elements of any living creatures on earth absurdly passing themselves off as human beings, putridly infecting and likewise infesting the Persian Gulf Bantustan entity of Bantu Saudi; camel-fuckers extraordinaire and with an old goat Salman as the current and purported monarch of this irredeemable cess pity of stomach-churning iniquity and himself not only a feral, psychopathic and incestuous pervert but also a proselytising aficionado and past master of the most horrendous acts of terrorism; it beggars belief that these desert vermin can have the audacity to mention themselves in the same breath as they scurrilously defame the name and integrity – the latter an alien and unattainable concept for these odious specimens of whatever species of parasites they belong to – of Jeremy Corbyn. Constituting the worst form of political sacrilege I can imagine, coming as it does from those to whom democracy hasn’t in the past, doesn’t or will it ever feature in the foreseeable future in their lexicon of barbaric activities. So shut up! And go mount a camel, Desert Scum, as you often do in preference to your biddable women!


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