Britain, judicially at the very least, is now willingly a subordinate province of Bantu Saudi!

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Britain, judicially at the very least, is now willingly a subordinate province of Bantu Saudi!

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By Stanley Collymore

Personally speaking and blatantly taking into consideration
where specifically I come from: that divine barbaric and
distinctly medieval-mindset, dictatorial Persian Gulf
Bantustan, Bantu Saudi that I proudly call home;
and given too my natural propensity when there
to normally and happily fornicate with camels,
a marked preference of my own that is itself
reinforced by my cultural and exceptional
religious upbringing in noticeable contrast, I must confess,
to having it off with women, since camels are usually
far more accommodating and mutually give one:
physically as well as psychologically, a much
more gratifying and profoundly fulfilling
ride when having coition with them
than either our own or women
generally, I do steadfastly
believe, are seriously
capable of, I must
also concede of
ever offering.

For in marked contrast to our beloved and inestimably
treasured romantic camels women are essentially
sub-humans and utterly worthless beings that
individually and collectively serve only the
one useful purpose in life that I together
with those who sensibly and patently
like-mindedly think like me rather
vigilantly perceive. And which is
to unchallengeably breed at our
masculine command or discretion, dutifully fulfilling
our requisite need to propagate the valued fruits of
our loins which unhappily we males can’t do on
our own, and thus produce more male gender
offspring who will automatically be by far
infinitely superior to and much greater in
worth understandably than any opposite
sex siblings they might unfortunately
find themselves lumbered with, as
will also be the case with all females generally that they
later encounter. Assertively laying the foundations
then in this protected, comfortable and, in every
aspect of their controlling lives, privileged
environment for these sons to expectantly,
firstly as immensely pampered boys like
their fathers were, then subsequently
and arrogantly morph into the sick
wahhabi guardians of an obscene
misogynistic, sinisterly wicked
barbarically monstrous and
medieval-mindset society.

And predictably it’s unsurprising then that these male wahhabi
practising and utterly degenerate scum who from birth were
premeditatedly, deeply and incorrigibly ingrained with a
locally widespread supportive and officially Bantustan
sanctioned intolerance towards, open disdain for and
the brutal repression of women who are decidedly
categorized not as equals or even fellow human
beings but to a large extent as the expendable
possessions of these pompous, self-centred
and domineering men; that when abroad
in obscenely money grabbing and sycophantic countries like
the United Kingdom where the powers that be are clearly
hell-bent, and at any cost, on getting their manky and
acquisitive hands on the oil money of any of these
full of themselves morons who are suitably well
heeled and associated with the latter knowing
this, it’s observable that they will continue
to conduct themselves to all women as
they usually do at home, and in the absence of appropriate
camels to sexually bed and consequently appease their
unbridled promiscuity will happily become rapists
instead, knowing full well that the said powers
that be, enthusiastically complicit with the
corporate media and quite significantly
even the domestic legal system and
the state judiciary will obligingly
coalesce to brazenly exculpate
their manifest and deeply
repugnant criminality!

© Stanley V. Collymore
19 December 2015.

Author’s Remarks:
Rape by any astute discernment is a most reprehensible crime physically and psychologically regardless of whom the perpetrator is, the circumstances in which the rape was carried out, or the victim, of whatever gender, to whom this monstrous travesty is barbarously inflicted on and should therefore be legally punished with the utmost severity. That is the rule of thumb of all civilized countries. Britain however that likes to consider itself as being a part of this cultured community has however lamentably departed from it and de facto introduced a get out clause for rapists but only if they’re exceedingly wealthy and have the right connections financially.

And that get out clause expressly stipulates that no British court or more fittingly no English ones, will find such appropriate rapists guilty if they can claim, however bizarrely and unconvincingly, that they didn’t effectively carry out that rape but that it was all down to their recalcitrant penis acting entirely, independently and insubordinately of its very own accord and wilfully penetrated the female in question. In other words penises are now legally recognized in England to have minds of their own that enable them to rather independently of their owners successfully and with a most astonishing precision embark on the flawless directional penetration of any obligatory vagina.

A brilliant development undoubtedly; but even so and advisedly as well you shouldn’t be too keen to try this new formula out if you’re Black, of some other ethnic minority or even white and from a council estate environment irrespective of whether you’re innocent or not of the offence with which you’re charged, for on much closer scrutiny this conspicuously Orwellian and Animal Farm situation is actually quite one-sided to whom it specifically addresses itself to and therefore from a distinctly English legal perspective its very much a case of “Some Penises are more important than Others!”


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