No guarantees mind, but all the same a Happy New Year to you!

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No guarantees mind, but all the same a Happy New Year to you!

Post  Admin on Thu Dec 31, 2015 11:26 pm

By Stanley Collymore

Another year will soon be gone as optimistically those
who want to forget the tragedies and self-inflicted
calamities of this outgoing one welcomingly
beckon a new one in its place; but as these
pre-planned celebrations transpire and
festively explode with much hoped
for celebrations, what guarantees are there that
come the 31 December of the incoming New
Year that people wouldn’t have learnt any
lessons in the interim; and then, will be
ruefully glancing back and rather as
it happens, dejectedly ruminating
that for all their cherished good
natured optimism and great
cheer, 2016 unfortunately
was really no different
from other preceding
and adverse years?

© Stanley V. Collymore
31 December 2015.

Author’s Remarks:
The world is in turmoil and incredibly as it seems those who are directly and personally responsible for the terrible mess that we’re in unsurprisingly like the purblind morons that they are and seemingly oblivious or else uncaring of the cataclysmic state of affairs they’ve inconceivably fashioned and asininely carry on with, rather than sensibly climb out of the hole they’ve created, caused us to be in and likewise stop hindering and allow the rest of us to do the same, they nevertheless like the dead-beat imbeciles that they are, and frankly that’s putting it mildly, relentlessly carry on with their incomprehensible and utterly catastrophic digging!

Die Welt ist in Aufruhr und unglaublich, wie es scheint, die, die direkt und persönlich für die heilloses Durcheinander verantwortlich sind, die wir in überraschend wie die blöden Idioten, die sie sind, und scheinbar nichts sonst gefühllos der katastrophalen Lage der Dinge sie unvorstellbar haben sind fashioned und asininely weiter mit, anstatt sinnvoll aus dem Loch, das sie geschaffen haben zu klettern, uns veranlasst, in sein und ebenso aufhören zu behindern und lassen Sie den Rest von uns das gleiche zu tun, sie doch wie die dead-Beat-Dummköpfe, dass sie sind, und ehrlich gesagt, das ist noch milde ausgedrückt, unerbittlich weiter mit ihrer unverständlichen und absolut katastrophalen Graben!


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