The ultimate sexual liberator, mentor and reliable friend!

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The ultimate sexual liberator, mentor and reliable friend!

Post  Admin on Sat Jun 18, 2016 9:44 pm

By Stanley Collymore

I’m not being extreme – I kid you not – in saying that
a full-throated fear it seems has gripped a growing
accumulation of extremely concerned citizens
within the United Kingdom who’re volubly
conveying their severe consternation at
what has extravagantly been classed
as the newest technical revolution,
in terms that is, of an enormously
important sexual transformation in relation to how
most British people it’s feared will in the near
future conduct their own individual coital
deportment, attendant as well it’s being
optimistically guaranteed through the
revolutionary creation and of course
readily accessible implementation
of a sexual contraption: in short
a robotic machine, that’s being
vaingloriously touted by those
jubilantly responsible for its
invention along with others
personally associated with
its fulsome and unstinting
promotion as a superbly
amazing development
relative to the utmost
prospective of coital
prospects and quite
unsurprisingly far
reaching success!

The supreme assertion by the creators, supporters
and detractors of this robotic contraption of the
stupendous achievement in the personal goal
of the critical ambition of the longstanding
quest, as one should have guessed, on the
part of pubescent youngsters in the first
flush of sexual cognizance as well as
the impassioned yearnings of the average adult male
and female for the truthfully exceptional realization
of an unrivalled sexual experience, characteristic
emotional liberation and a truly indescribably
coital satisfaction which in itself and by all
accounts was extravagantly said to have
previously been unsurpassed by none!

But can this actually be true? And should ordinary
people be seriously worried, if concerned at all,
about this latest and explicitly much avowed
mechanical invention, however technically
pioneering, sexually tempting or robotic
that its supposed potential is effusively
declared to be; specifically designed
it’s claimed by robotics expert Dr.
Kathleen Richardson not simply to enhance coition
but in reality additionally take over all features of
what until that time and customarily so were the
individual’s own autonomously instituted and
personalized sexual decisions? Really? And
contentedly abandon good old fashioned,
conventional, secretive, entirely at will,
meticulously risk free and moreover
personally satisfying masturbation?

© Stanley V. Collymore
18 June 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
To each their own I say; but I don’t think that with intelligent, sensible and logical persons able to think for themselves and act accordingly in their own best interests and very much unlike the plethora of brain-dead morons who can’t and thus rely on equally pathetic and moronic individuals to do theirs for them and additionally tell them what to do, that this latest robotic contraction will have any traction whatsoever with the aforementioned persons I referred to at the start of this assertion; and among whom I count myself!


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