The Jess Phillips Phenomenon – Slime masking as a healing lotion!

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The Jess Phillips Phenomenon – Slime masking as a healing lotion!

Post  Admin on Sat Aug 13, 2016 12:17 am

By Stanley Collymore

Only those who’re psychologically lumbered with this
curse, for that in reality is what it is, would know
what it actually feels like not simply to be an
ordinary idiot but crucially also a purblind
one like Jess Phillips for example, and
for whom it’s patently obvious to
anyone with a half-functioning
brain, or who unlike the braying jackass
Jess Phillips isn’t thoroughly insane,
that intelligence, commonsense
and reason are alien factors
to people like her and
consequently in their
discernibly pathetic and utterly
mindboggling, puerile existence
are certainly characteristics
that aren’t exigent in any
relation to how these
morons ravishingly
go about feeding
an uncontrolled

A wholly delusional and essentially too a fantasy
reality TV world which is unmistakably their
permanent domain, and where quite frankly
anything that even remotely smacks of
principles, an estimable value system
or basically just common-o-garden
integrity is impossible for the Jess
Phillips of this world to comprehend and
consequently is promptly treated with
the utmost suspicion, a consummate
disdain and an intense and entirely
undisguised hostility of the kind
that’s unequivocally prevalent
in their sordidly deleterious
conniving and malicious
actions against Jeremy Corbyn; and thus
manifestly and quite unsurprisingly
with their odious sort becomes
their recognized trade mark
and status quo situation.
But how I earnestly
wish that instead of the hapless
grouse it was these lowlife
scum like Jess Phillips
and her throng who
were calculatedly
subjected to an
approved of

© Stanley V. Collymore
12 August 2016.

Author’s remarks:
There’s an old moralistic and evidently sensible, for transparently obvious reasons, saying that those who as a consequence of their own deliberate, unthinking and downright stupid actions find themselves in a massive and calamitous hole of their own choosing and making should immediately stop the digging they are carrying on with. An intelligent conclusion, one would have thought, to readily suss out and competently implement if the person concerned has even a half-functioning brain lodged in their cranium that’s physically embedded between their ears.

A pretty straightforward state of affairs for the likes of you and me, not that I’m suggesting we would have allowed ourselves to ever be in such a dire situation in the first place. But clearly definitively inured and blissfully happy with this morons, risibly pathetic clowns, ludicrously obsessive attention seekers, profoundly ingrained and dysfunctional incompetents while individually and collectively characteristically comprising a consummate array of human detritus, look no further than the novice – this lowlife nonentity only entered parliament for the very first time after the 2015 British General Elections – Birmingham Yardley MP Jess Phillips!


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