An Open statement to Sadiq Khan Mayor of London

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An Open statement to Sadiq Khan Mayor of London

Post  Admin on Wed Aug 24, 2016 10:51 pm

By Stanley Collymore

Unquestionably in my mind a more fitting task – the endemic, epidemic and incestuous in-breeding with its attendant and utterly disastrous consequences for Britain socially, culturally, in terms of its physical composition, educational capabilities and massive financial outlay for the unwarranted upkeep of numerous idiotically and ill-conceived physical and psychological village idiots unwisely created in the name of so-called but clearly distorted “cultural” and asininely concocted religious beliefs – that Sadiq Khan full of himself and vaingloriously deluding himself with it too that the distinct nonentity he previously was and still largely is he became Mayor of London of his own volition, should urgently address instead of taking gratuitous, public office malfeasance and criminally promised financial remunerations swipes at Jeremy Corbyn whose numerous supporters overwhelmingly got him elected to the office of Mayor of London in the first place.

But why don’t I think that Sadiq Khan will do fuck all about this tsunami of Asian but patently and largely Pakistani incestuous in-breeding now deleteriously infecting and affecting Britain – sexually quite literally keeping it in the family as it were? Not hard to figure that out as he’s himself endemically and in every other loathsome respect an integral part of it!

Time, I honestly believe, that Britain should fearlessly and non-politically correct put on our statute books the same laws as Germany has in this specific regard and then likewise rigidly enforce them with huge fines and lengthy terms of imprisonment for those who break them if those requisite laws in place are in any way flouted. These laws in Germany were sensibly introduced in the direct aftermath of World War II and are still rigidly maintained as the Germans are fully conscious of the detrimental harm that can be occasioned to its country and communities within it if incestuous relations and all sexual contact between close biological family members aren’t prohibited and of course as a prudent part of this process any idea of let alone the actual marriage between such people is unthinkable und verboten!

As I began by saying this would be a more appropriate undertaking for Sadiq Khan who at the very most will be Mayor of London for just four years, assuming of course that this treacherous bastard lasts that long, as I don’t think that the voters, significant number of them Jeremy Corbyn and union supporters will be turning out for him again and that’s providing of course that he’s still among us to be selected, if the selection committee were that daft, as the official Labour candidate again. So while you still have time Sadiq Khan utilize your incestuous in-breeding credentials to stop Britain being propelled into a medieval, incestuously bred repository of brain-dead village idiots, both physically and mentally, and crucially unsightly to look at while they burdensomely cost the rest of us a packet for their useless upkeep! For it’s NOT what I as a Black Briton want to see, and I’m absolutely sure that the same goes for many white Britons too, regardless of what affiliations they are politically.


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