The self-righteous posturing of Britain’s privileged Zionist and criminal elites!

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The self-righteous posturing of Britain’s privileged Zionist and criminal elites!

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By Stanley Collymore

Anyone can pretend, and regrettably many of them do, to be a leader of some sort and the more parasitical, entrenched sociopathic, nepotistic, cronyism indebted and inclined that they actually are and unwarrantedly privileged with it, there’s every likelihood that such people are directly and increasingly more delusional than others in their demented fixation that they were unquestionably born to lead and are therefore quite indispensable to mankind generally and the running of humanity’s world affairs in particular.

Tony Blair, David Cameron, Gordon Brown, Michael Howard, if you’re inclined to give him his assumed English name rather than his real illegally into Britain, Yid, immigrant, World War II escaping, Romanian refugee father’s one of Hecht – his mother was also a Romanian Yid refugee to England fleeing the certainty of the Untermenschen extermination had she stayed in her native Romania or had been denied sanctuary in Britain, a fortuitous escape from certain death, that’s for sure, for both Bernat Hecht and Hilda Kerashion and worst luck for the United Kingdom, as these two Yiddish Romanian lowlifes who despite being both Romanian and refugees only met for the very first time in Britain, became the parents of an even greater Yid sleaze ball in the form of their son Michael and who would all later in order to conceal their Romanian origins, hoodwink the British public and the UK authorities into thinking that they were authentic British “citizens – like so many immigrant Yids do – assumed in the Hecht’s case as well a genuine looking and sounding British surname. And so it was that Bernat Hecht and Hilda Kershion arbitrarily acquired the surname Howard, which Michael and his Yid descendant tribe sport as if they’ve been authentic Britishers for multiple generations if not exactly from the dawning of time.

But what is even more sickening about Michael Hecht is his ingrained racism and entrenched aversion to immigrants, other than Yid ones, to Britain and particularly if their skin colour is different from his own; and constitutes a grotesque antipathy as well even to darker skinned Romanians; and it makes no odds to Michael under what circumstances these immigrants are coming to Britain or where they’re coming from that he implacably doesn’t want to see in the UK. An irony completely lost on this idiotic twerp so fundamentally that wrapped up in his smug narcissism as he clearly is and has been for all of his pathetic Yid life it evidently hasn’t dawned on him, fully immersed as he is in his fake Britishness, that had the British authorities not allowed his refugee Romanian and future mother Hilda Kershion into the UK – Bernat Hecht his subsequent father came in through the backdoor as an illegal immigrant – he Michael would never, for obvious and clear-cut reasons, have been born in Gorseinon in South Wales or anywhere else for that matter as two more Yid scumbags in the form of his later parents would have been thankfully added to the gas ovens of Nazi Europe!

Not a bad outcome were that to have happened I reckon but alas it didn’t, since many of those that Michael Hecht want to see purged from Britain are themselves refugees forced to flee their homes and their countries as a direct consequence of the colonialist-mindset, imperialist and hegemonic wars that were and are still continuously exploitatively waged by the US, Britain and the rest of NATO on behalf of western multinational corporations, the banks and other financial institutions plus the military industrial complex, all of which are completely or else substantially owned and controlled by Yids that have the elected politicians of these several western countries firmly in their financial back pockets and who, these elected officials, then in turn greedily do everything that’s either requested of demanded of them and always to the huge detriment of their national populations and domestic electorates. A situation that is disastrously compounded by a frenetic Zionist corporate media owned by a small coterie of billionaires supported by Zionist lobbyists that draft these countries vital pieces of legislation that in turn are avidly supported and fig-leaf manner favourably pronounced upon by nepotistic and cronyism embedded judges in these countries highest courts to maintain the status quo and shore up the illegally implanted Yid Middle Eastern entity of Nazi Zionist, apartheid Yidland and the ritual perpetrator of Palestinian genocide.

And not all those that Michael Hecht, who eventually became leader of the Tories and dismally failed to make the quantum leap to be prime minister of the United Kingdom, wants to purge from the UK are or were ever refugees. Many of them born in Britain are the descendants of those whose blood, sweat, tears and labour vastly enriched what was then a backwater offshore European entity called England that would later with the rest of Britain coalesce into becoming the United Kingdom, and whichever way you honestly look at it a predatory thief, mass killer of indigenous populations and genocider globally, endemic financial and natural resources exploiter and pretty lousy adherent to the principles of democracy, human rights or the territorial integrity of indigenous land and country owners to name but just a basic few of England and Britain’s less barbaric exploits. But there were also far worst and more enduring barbarous legacies associated with England and the United Kingdom, and the trans-Atlantic trafficking of brutally kidnapped African men, women and children into the slavery enforced upon them most savagely and for centuries in the Caribbean and the Americas was without doubt a principal element in this British barbarity! Yet despite this and a great deal more that happened to them the parents and grandparents of these non-white Britons that Michael Hecht so thoroughly despise were there during World War II altruistically and courageously, when they didn’t need to have done, fighting the Nazis of Europe in a variety of ways in Britain’s Armed Forces to rid the European continent of fascism and Nazism as well as help save the lives of multiple numbers of Michael Hecht’s Yid brethren otherwise positively destined for eradication in any number of Europe’s extermination camps.

Nevertheless Michael Hecht either ignorant of these facts or more likely conveniently choosing to ignore them along with another inveterate Yid in the person of his enormously close ally and former campaign manager David Cameron who himself independently as is his wife Samantha are both massive financial beneficiaries of the Caribbean Slave Trade and additionally in David Cameron’s case of enormous Panama sourced money laundering and tax evasion – Cameron senior and David’s father paid no UK taxes whatsoever – and ludicrously encouragingly with Michael Hecht quite desperately, even to the point of fanaticism, want to see these non-white Commonwealth and former British Empire descended UK citizens ethnically cleansed from Britain, never mind their own gargantuan contribution or that of their enslaved and savagely colonized ancestors to the financial prosperity and cultural development in tandem with the enormous social progress of those residing within the British Isles. And I must honestly and candidly say in response to all that that in all of my extensive research I’ve never once come across a solitary case or ever met a single individual who could truthfully and categorically describe a lone act of a financial or any other occurrence of significant benefit or advantage that Romania or its population have ever previously or are at the moment contributing to the United Kingdom. Yet this completely obtuse, Romanian Yid fucker Michael Hecht as if the opposite is and in the past was habitually the case and moreover as a Yid whose biological links are unquestionably Romanian that gives him pre-eminence over Black Caribbeans and others who enforcedly admittedly made Britain what it became and furthermore provided it with the sumptuous wealth it still lives off of in the 21st century do count for nothing when it comes to the likes of him and David Cameron. Just as it was Barbadian slave money which bankrolled the English Industrial Revolution! Now think on that Michael Hecht and David Cameron and not your delusional and sanctimonious fantasies.

Then as if the loathsome likes of Michael Hecht and David Cameron weren’t in themselves enough aggravation we have another Yid in the person of Boris Kamal with you’ve guessed it correctly an assumed English name as well, his being Johnson; of Turkish ancestry and born in the United States of America. But never deigning to refer to himself as an immigrant which he clearly is in relation to Britain or any other country outside the US that he chooses to live in, and in our case it’s Britain, as he indisputably fits the etymological definition in every respect of what an immigrant is, Boris Kamal just as asininely steadfastly adheres to the lunatic notion that white Caucasians: whether they’re men women or children, just aren’t or can’t be classed as immigrants regardless of where in the world they were actually born and at the present time are living outside of their birth country. So to hell with what the dictionaries, common sense or legality say as every white person who thinks and acts like an ingrained racist instinctively and irrefutably knows that an immigrant just like a refugee and now definitively in unequivocal 21st Century phraseology a terrorist can only be somebody who is a non-white individual and never in any way shape or form a white person!

So being the typical Yid that he is and brought up to be Boris Kamal quite naturally for him sees all non-whites as inferior specimens of humanity and at times in his pronouncements barely that. But he’s by no means alone in this for not only incestuous and in-bred Yids but also their supporting cast of white trash, little Englanders, empire loyalists, racist and white supremacist lowlife morons are in full agreement with Boris Kamal in his overt racism. And here are just a few of them: Neil Kinnock and his supposed village idiot son Stephen – by the way when are you going to tell the truth to both of them Glenys? – David and Ed Miliband; William Hague, Alastair Campbell, Peter Mandelson; Gordon Brown - who in Africa of all places publicly and unconscionably said that Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade were the very best things to have happened to the continent of Africa; and just goes to show how stupid some Africans are, for had he idiotically made such a remark in the Caribbean Gordon Brown would most certainly have been killed.

Then there are others like Margaret Hodge, another Yid; Tessa Jowell, Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey, Margaret Beckett, Angela Eagle, Frank Fields, another Yid; House Niggers Chuka Umunna and Chi Onwurah, their Asian equivalent Shabana Mahmood, Seema Malhotra, Keith Vaz and Sadiq Khan; Ian McNicol, Tom Watson, Ellie Reeves, Joanne Willmott and Conor McGinn – all of them among the Labtory dead persons walking, and Tory Ian Duncan Smith, if you try to remember that the Duncan bit isn’t double barrelled to anything but his fucking ego as Duncan is really his middle name and Smith is really his surname. But in class-ridden Britain and a still male cap-doffing and female curtseying society for many among its idiotic and sycophantic population thoroughly vainglorious things like these still matter.

Like for example  being awarded a useless MBE or CBE gong in recognition of belonging to a British Empire – the M stands for member and the C for companion and the BE obviously for British Empire – that no longer exists. As I see it, it has as much relevance and credibility to it as if someone who lives in and whose family for generations previously and continuously lived in the region of England that once comprised the Kingdom of Wessex now in the 21st Century and with this kingdom long abolished deciding none the less to refer to himself or herself as a citizen of the Kingdom of Wessex. Sensible people would instinctively I’m sure as do you dismiss them as at best idiots or even complete lunatics at worst; yet the sycophantic prats in Britain still asininely glory in these utterly useless and entirely meaningless delusional gongs.

I’m absolutely sure that if you’ve a half-functioning brain in your head you too will be fully cognizant of many similar instances involving Queers, Dykes and Paedophiles, the lot of them with their warmongering, war criminal and mass murdering propensities and odious credentials to match and who both infest and infect all of Britain’s political parties; the UK’s judiciary, in particular that of England and Wales with absolutely crooked and public office malfeasance so-called judges like Philip Sales, Julia Wendy Macur and Jack Beatson in the Appeals Court for example and several others far too numerous to mention here  but all the same readily come to mind. And all of them inured right-wingers, Nazi-Zionists, unelected and unaccountable to the public and who distinctly know that they only came into their unwarranted positions through the blatant and deceitful practices of cronyism and nepotism; are fundamentally in their nature undemocratic and tenaciously subscribe to and adhere to a privileged elite mindset that has no true credibility to it and only exists in the reality TV fantasy world of their own and which is completely removed from everyday life in Britain, and the rest of the world come to that, as well as reality; and whose sole purpose in life other than enriching themselves is to perpetuate  and hubristically inflate and reinforce this discernible travesty of justice of which they’re the motivators as well as an integral part.

Knowing full well as things presently stand the current rotten and corrupt system they are all personally embroiled in doesn’t empower the longsuffering as well as in many instances idiotic public to remove what are essentially loathsome and unaccountable judicial charlatans and in addition and quite unmistakably prime examples of detritus specimens of humanity. For how can you remove someone from something when you don’t know yourself how that particular system works, who’re involved in it and furthermore find yourself determinedly face with an implacable situation where those who’re arbitrarily and secretly running the said system don’t disclose its composition in terms of membership or its operation at any level to anyone but those who’re clandestinely involved and therefore privy to it?

Sensibly, honestly and judiciously in any country or society which seriously regards itself as being civilized and democratic and accordingly realistically expects others to regard and treat it as such it’s absolutely imperative that the rule of law must at all times be a central factor that’s automatically, rigorously, equitably, honestly and without prejudice unhesitatingly applied at all times to everyone of those constituent members who collectively make up that identifiable society or country, and itself buttressed with all apposite and impeccable checks and balances that are well known and readily available for general inspection and academic scrutiny within the public domain to ensure that what is legally stipulated is also flawlessly done.

And it’s not just the police who have a civic duty and legal responsibility to ensure that this is always undertaken and meticulously acted upon but also that all of the other law enforcement agencies that are directly as well as indirectly involved with every aspect of the law and order and criminal justice system – from the ordinary bobby on the beat or patrolling in their panda car to defence and state prosecuting attorneys, the CPS, magistrates, probation services, crown and high court judges to appeals and supreme court ones, and in this mix the several associated agencies and institutions ranging from prisons to remand centres – are fully on board and all of them singing, as it were, from the same integrity imprinted, harmonious and commonsensical hymn sheet.

But whatever they are all these various and separate bodies as well as those in charge of them must be constantly open to public scrutiny and accountability and done so through a rigorous and impartial mechanism in place to fairly deal with and professionally resolve complaints and instances of bias upwards to specified acts of corruption, criminality, favouritism and public office malfeasance by those state officials whoever they are or what positions they hold that are accused. Ideally too it would be an excellent proposal and one best set to serve the paramount interests of the general public if some senior officers in the judiciary: Appeal Court judges and those in the Supreme Court as well were directly elected by the general public on specific fixed term appointments for which they could run again when their term of office ended, with such appointments conducted through normal political style hustings where those running for office would be legally obligated to submit themselves to mandatory Question and Answer sessions from public audiences who through this operative exercise of public engagement with those seeking office would be that better informed in relation to who they should cast their vote for; while for the candidates’ part they would have an open opportunity to tell the voters why they should be elected and entrusted with such important positions in the first place.

Senior police officers of the separate constabularies, members of the CPS and other bodies generally recognized to exert considerable influence in public life would also be required to face similar public scrutiny and electoral blessing or rejection as appropriate with the inbuilt proviso that such elected figures who are subsequently deemed to be inept in their jobs, who behave inappropriately, corruptly or obviously out of line with what is clearly professionally and ethically expected of them  could be recalled by public demand , asked to explain their conduct and if such explanations are implausible, unconvincing, unsatisfactory or inadequate find themselves summarily kicked out of their jobs and replaced by other elected figures.

If such a mechanism were in place then it’s my firm belief that Philip Sales, Jack Beatson and Julia Wendy Macur for example would no longer be eligible to practice law let alone serve in any capacity or at any level as a judge in a UK court! And similarly all MPs would be subject to the same stringent rules to ensure that it’s the interest of their constituents and not their own graspingly avaricious and career-mindset MP status that galvanized them into politics. For this measure of recall and mandatory reselection before every general election is called would I’m absolutely sure seriously and continually exercise their minds as to how they should properly and honourably, rather than disreputably, behave as MPs and not as the warmongering, mass murderers, war criminals, perpetrators of war crimes and the Useful Idiots for the exploitative multinational corporations or the military industrial complex or invariably both as is so often the case and usually at the expense of the vulnerable, weak and defenceless but all the same resources rich Global South Countries.

Failure to have in place such patently desirable and fair-minded checks and balances can and will lead not only to the viral spread and reinforcement of nepotistic and cronyism political, social and privileged elite practices that currently and for some considerable time now and markedly conspicuously and continuously so bedevilled the British and particularly the English and Welsh judicial systems to name but just one example but also if introduced and utilized as they’re meant to categorically ensure that the present loathsome and manifestly unaccountable system that allows and even encourages well connected socially but wholly inept figures that without a shred of probity, honesty, conscience or competence about them will no longer just because of who they are in terms of their social connections rather than what they’re rationally, judiciously and professionally in terms of proper academic qualifications as well as their own personal character be able to automatically and “thumbing a nose” totally unaccountable to Joe and Jane Public enter the judicial, magisterial or the higher echelons of the police forces or the CPS, and who as things stand don’t see their jobs as having anything to do with the utilization and preservation of genuine law and order, without proper public scrutiny applied not only to them but the positions they hope to fill and their proper suitability for them.

A situation then that positively and enduring ensures that justice and its impartial dispensation is an absolute requite within the British law and order and judicial system at all times and is as a matter of the utmost priority impeccably carried out unquestionable impartially, irrespective of who the plaintiff or the defendants are and furthermore that money should never again be a necessary or even a mandatory requirement as it is now in Britain to buy justice if you’re from the privileged élites or have it despicably denied to you if you’re poor, working class or come from an underprivileged and marginalized ethnic minority group or community. For as I see it and as everyone with a half-functioning brain in their head knows the wealthier you are in the UK today in 2016 the more likely you are to escape legal arraignment, prosecution and even if rarely found guilty go to prison, which isn’t the case if you happen to be Black, stitched up for a crime you didn’t commit and quite as expected can’t afford to pay some fancy and expensive lawyer to be interested in the case let alone condescend to defend you. Something that even the incumbent PM Theresa May on the steps of Downing Street on her coronation day openly but oh so disingenuously admitted, since before being anointed as PM she was the longest serving Home Secretary in the annals of British and most certainly contemporary political history and the Home Secretary portfolio and a very senior government cabinet job has as its remit and has always done law and order, the police, CPS, the magistrates and the judiciary.

So it’s not something that I’m making up as the facts are there to be ascertained provided of course there’s any genuine interest to do so. Which there isn’t, as the figures I’m writing and complaining about are all part of the privileged elites and who clearly feel that they’re a law unto themselves. People who are surreptitiously appointed by God alone knows who or why other than that they are classed as one of them and who endemically and deliberately make decisions that are fraudulent in nature  and not based on a shred of common sense, fairness or the remotest notion of probity or justice but rather on subjective political, class-based and discernibly criminal motivations as Britain and the rest of the world recently witnessed in the utterly shocking and loathsomely sickening definitively Tony Blair and de facto Blairite sponsored and promoted, Nazi Zionist, Yidland dictated – there was even a Haifa born Yid inserted into the trio of these corrupt Appeals Court “judges” – and comprehensively undemocratic so-called judgement rendered by the England and Wales Appeals Court “judges” of Philip Sales (close friend and former employee of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown in their capacities as PM from 1997-2009), Jack Beatson (Haifa born Yid and inured Zionist with a known Zionist antipathy to Jeremy Corbyn who is a staunch and conscionable supporter of the Palestinian cause), and Julia Wendy Macur(also a Balirite, Zionist and friend of Yidland) in their incomprehensible and discernibly unprincipled, corrupt, criminal, fraudulent and utterly malevolent “verdict” in favour of a Blairite Labour NEC  headed by Ian McNicol another Blairite and against 130,000 unfairly and deliberately disenfranchised Labour Party members.

And all this callously and conspiratorially done because these 130,000 new Labour members who joined the Labour Party in good faith and were told they could participate in all Labour Party elections when they joined up were now retrospectively and criminally by three corrupt judges in league with other corrupt Blairites Ian MCNicol and Tom Watson on Labour’s NEC and brazenly granted the fraudulent fig-leaf cover of judicial blessing by the Appeals Court of England and Wales summarily and unconscionably stripped of their right to vote as have others in other dubious and criminal circumstances by the NEC in its ongoing illegal purge because they’re perceived to be supporters of Jeremy Corbyn. And frankly that isn’t what any court and especially an Appeals Court should be doing, employing the fig leaf of judicial protocol so that three thoroughly and wholly unconscionably inured criminal charlatans in the specific forms of Jack Beatson, Philip Sales and Julia Wendy Macur could be fittingly drafted in and by virtue of their quite patently nepotistic, cronyism and unaccountable judicial appointments be expected to and accordingly willingly assist, and as they promptly delivered, in the overt rigging by the NEC and the neo-liberal Zionists led by their war criminal mentor Tony Blair against Jeremy Corbyn and his acquired mandate less than a year ago by the Labour Party’s membership to be the democratically elected of the Labour Party  of which he has been a continuous and a most admirable and conscientious member for several decades.

But even in this wasteland of British politics and judicial chicanery and criminality there are still thankfully to be found an oasis or two of hope that refuse to be swallowed up by the desert of despair and calamity around them. And I’m exceedingly pleased to note that just as I firmly recognized and astutely warmed to the inspirational greatness of Jeremy Corbyn when he was simply an ignored backbench MP all those several years ago, that many others now across the UK are likewise becoming acutely aware of the abilities, perspicacity and principled leadership qualities of this most remarkable man Jeremy Corbyn. And frankly if you can’t recognize these outstanding qualities or the man himself then in my opinion you’re perfectly at liberty to carry on having your asses remorselessly and disdainfully kicked in, as is customarily the case, and without any sympathy from me by those whom you sycophantically and in typical cap-doffing fashion instinctively and rather idiotically in this completely sickening and class-ridden British system pay gratuitously obeisance to!


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