Loveliness splendidly interwoven with natural sophistication

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Loveliness splendidly interwoven with natural sophistication

Post  Admin on Wed Sep 07, 2016 10:00 pm

By Stanley Collymore

You are undoubtedly a very erudite and attractive lady
with a charming vivacity and hypnotic personality
that are markedly impressive and thoroughly
appealing and with all three of these very
substantive qualities a visual feast to
behold and fulsomely appreciated
regardless of whether they’re separately or jointly
evaluated, since to the observant eye they’re
nevertheless thrillingly and inescapably
harmonized by a natural, absolutely
delectable and quite stimulating
femininity in which you are
rather enchantingly and
pleasurably adorned;
and for these and other veritable
reasons mark you out as the
quintessentially beautiful
and a correspondingly
and unquestionably
in every feasible
way a genuine
cultured and

© Stanley V. Collymore
5 September 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
It has long ceased to be a source of amazement although it continuously still remains one of risible amusement to and utter disdain for me that the average Brit of all races, and in the 21st Century, is incredibly totally incapable of recognizing and appreciating what a genuine compliment and one moreover specifically given in the most altruistic of circumstances actually is, far less so how to deal appropriately and effectively with such a compliment when it’s rendered. And this is manifestly evident of British women of all age groups and social backgrounds and particularly so if that compliment emanates from a man.

Hardly surprising I must confess in view of the distinctly confused, bewildering and aberrant “gender” classifications now prevalent in the UK and which have for some considerable time now been officially, arbitrarily, concertedly, quite idiotically but predictably self-servingly – considering the plethora of Dykes, Queers, Paedophiles and other lowlife political and other sexual deviants with power and influence within the United Kingdom who’re driving this particular and sickening agenda of theirs – propagandistically and loathsomely foisted on what I still regard, and will continuously carry on doing so, as the two distinct sexes created by the Almighty God or Nature if you so prefer and are a convinced atheist!

And in predictably run and Reality TV “celebrity” fashion emulated, poorly informed, short attention span and unthinking for themselves general public comprising sick societies and countries like Britain – and what’s more both asininely and thoroughly proud of their endemic stupidity – where guile, deceit, vile hypocrisy, tangible dishonesty extraordinaire, rampant double standards, glaringly mindboggling propagandistic puerilities that would instantaneously and contemptuously be dismissively eschewed by any seven year old child from a truly civilized country like Germany, and many other such calamities besides are now deeply ingrained in and laid bare across the ubiquitous British landscape – politically, socially and economically – and furthermore are then ludicrously and/or fraudulently passed off as appealing and even worthy characteristics, which in reality they most certainly aren’t! And consequently to all intelligent and discerning individuals fully aware of this British and most especially English malady it comes as no surprise then that in Britain there’s no welcome of any kind let alone any room for virtuous actions like well-meaningly paying genuine and unprompted compliments.

So in that respect I resolutely desist from doing so, outside of the exceptions I’ve earlier given that is, when it comes to persons within Britain; for to stupidly depart from that judiciously self-imposed restriction and without giving it serious consideration would be tantamount in my opinion to the Biblical injunction of not casting pearls before swine. In Germany I have no such constraints on myself nor have I ever had any, equally none have ever been put on me as Germans: males and females alike and of all age groups don’t need to be told what a compliment is as it’s instinctively ingrained in them, nor for that matter do they require any instructions on how to graciously respond to one when it’s given even when the person giving the compliment is a stranger; so I’ve no problem complimenting either or both of the two sexes in Germany or writing poems inspired by them which I then either hand to them or electronically transmit to them after we’ve voluntarily exchanged personal details.

As in those instances the poems are elaborately configured with graphics and a unique colour scheme; distinctively laid out and personalized with the recipient’s first name embedded in the said poem. And those who live near me or that I’m likely to run into subsequently on a regularly basis I present them with a framed version of the poem; and it doesn’t matter what marital status the individual is as they instinctively know that my gesture is not some sexual “come on” or cheap chat up escapade on my part. And it’s not only in Germany as I’ve had similar positive responses in other countries I’ve visited over the years and have even formed some worthwhile friendships as a direct result of these complimentary encounters and friendly exchanges.

The expected and customary response would be totally different in Britain I assure you and has even sparked a barbed response from my German partner and some of her friends when the subject cropped up with them knowing I was writing this latest poem of mine, as I’d told them about my plan to do so and anyway they all of them take a keen interest in my work, and what the subject matter was about, that it was the height of irony they concluded that British women who’re notorious for dropping their knickers to all and sundry at the drop of a hat when on holiday abroad while acting as though butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths when at home, and British men mostly of the white Caucasian hue who’re among the world’s most inured child sex offenders particularly when they too are abroad, and both sets of them residing in a country, the UK, with the highest levels of bastardy and underage pregnancies in the so-called developed world, temporarily setting aside their other activities of and propensity for national debauchery: Queerism, Dykeism and Paedophilia principally among them, should be putting on such outlandish airs and graces as they do when it comes to someone genuinely paying them a compliment and who they probably don’t like or fancy, while at the same time idiotically and narcissistically assuming that all such persons, and particularly men, primary and sole motive is to shag them! And frankly that such idiotic and self-centred Brits should in all earnestness get a grip of themselves! My response to these German ladies astute evaluation of such brainless Brits? A categorical QED from me!

However, there are a few rare occasions when my good nature and instinctive gut reaction combined and working in unison with each other have jointly persuaded me to let down the drawbridge of my circumspection when it comes to British women and the delivery of any kind of compliment to them; and this penned version in the form of this now proffered poem: “Loveliness splendidly interwoven with natural sophistication” is one of them!


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