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By Stanley Collymore

There are women who inspire and those
that are loathsome; ladies who are cultured:
all graceful and winsome. But there’re
bitches, too, one can easily despise
with greed in their hearts and hate in
their eyes. A mass of femininity then - all
shapes and of every colour; likeable and
adorable or simply great horrors. Among
them are mothers, aunties, sisters –
other relations without end; or
women as lovers and
even as friends.

But is the latter really possible a cynic might
well ask? Yes, comes back the answer, but it’s
a rather difficult task. For the mind of the woman,
quite contradictory and Daedalian, is usually
inclined to independently work somewhat differently
from her brain. Therefore logic is seldom, if ever,
distilled from her private sentiment or habitual and
obdurate will; making it a lot harder for the average
woman to impartially assess the issues as they
generally stand, much less what’s really the
best for her, let alone that vulnerable
and highly endangered species
called contemporary man.

A blemish not found in your character thank God,
since you evidently use your brain as Nature
intended you should. And for that Dorial
those who’re privileged to know you
are greatly relieved that in this world
of contrived conflicts, oases of
commonsense and sanity,
thankfully still exist.

© Stanley V. Collymore
5 May 2001


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