Thatcherite cannabis fantasists but hypocritical heroin realists!

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Thatcherite cannabis fantasists but hypocritical heroin realists!

Post  Admin on Fri Jan 06, 2017 2:33 am

By Stanley Collymore

You’re obviously Black, as I can clearly see, what I
don’t know however is whether or not you’re also
Afro-Caribbean. So I’m going to ask you and I
hope you’ll come clean with me as to why it
is that you people are so evidently hooked
on cannabis, and to the enormity of even
feeding it to your several picaninnies.
Don’t you realize the serious harm
you’re purposely doing not only
to them but also those of your Black race and ethnicity?
So wise up your guys and girls and do the right thing!
Stay clear of cannabis that can be and is certifiably,
both psychologically as well as physiologically,
harmful and even quite ruinous to the overall
wellbeing, in terms of lifestyle and future
prospects, whether they’re diametrically
health related or strictly economic, of
those who indulge themselves with
it. A no-brainer chum; assuming,
of course, you’re competent in
assessing precisely where it
is I’m really coming from!

So cease being prime idiots you Afro-Caribbean
people and put an instantaneous cessation to
what you’re currently doing in relation to
cannabis; and if you sincerely want to
psychologically get entirely pissed
out of your head then judiciously
and authoritatively acceptably do the decent
thing and like us clever whites: referring
naturally to our well-heeled privileged
elites, adored celebrities and several
politicians alike; correspondingly
refrain from inadvisably using
cannabis and preferably and
rather appreciably too get
non-criminally hooked,
as we whites happily
and most suitably
do instead, on
options like
cocaine or
Class A

© Stanley V. Collymore
4 January 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
This poem both in its sincerity and commitment is dedicated explicitly to all those of Afro-Caribbean birth, heritage and ancestry that unquestionably form the overwhelming majority of our people and who like me have never indulged in illegal drug usage of any kind and haven’t the slightest curiosity for or interest in doing so; and moreover neither personally nor collectively would be able to readily identify, unless beforehand it was specifically outlined to them what it was that they were being presented with, what cannabis or any of the other illegal drugs on the market in their multifaceted forms either looked or tasted like, let alone be personally acquainted with the myriad and inimical effects that these drugs would have on their bodies, heath and future prospects in life if they were stupid enough to take them in the first place.

Yet, for all that, we had the senior advisor to Margaret Thatcher, when the latter was Prime Minister, one Carolyn Sinclair: a consummately delusional, empire loyalist, racially bigoted, poorly informed, completely incompetent and a totally loathsome, white scum, lowlife bitch with marked delusions of grandeur and no connections or contacts whatsoever with the UK Afro-Caribbean community, and herself according to highly reliable sources who are well aware of the social behavioural patterns of this prime piece of white shit in her own actions and taking irony, totally lost on her, to its ultimate limit.

For in an official memo to the said Margaret Thatcher Carolyn Sinclair seriously advocated that stringent measures be taken by the Thatcher regime at the time to assiduously penalize and also incarcerate for lengthy periods of time UK-Afro-Caribbeans who Sinclair not only said were disproportionately illegal drug users but were themselves also the exclusive users and controllers of cannabis and its supply throughout Britain, and furthermore Sinclair went on to say that the situation was so catastrophic that these incorrigibly out of control Blacks had as a matter of urgency to be dealt with as they even fed cannabis to their children and babies which bode catastrophically for Britain generally as well as Britons, meaning whites, that these Blacks associated with.

This from a woman, and I repeat her name again so it sticks in your mind, Carolyn Sinclair, who was herself an avid heroin and cocaine user and was fully cognizant of the well known fact that consecutive British regime members, principal Cabinet and other ministers, senior civil servants, numerous politicians ensconced in both Houses of the British Parliament and the Westminster Bubble have always, and as they still do in 2017, liberally indulged in as the massive drug users that they either were then or still are today. And that’s not fiction but fact! And what’s more with cocaine and heroin their favourite illegal drugs, although they don’t view their preference for or their indulging in these pursuits in the slightest as being illegal. And accounts for why drug addict Carolyn Sinclair saw no need for proscriptions of any kind being levied against her lot. What a comprehensively odious, fucking hypocrite and purveyor of stinking double standards of the first order this white slime ball!

From a personal perspective I have never contemplated nor ever embarked on taking illegal drugs, nor am I that daft to do so; and the same goes for close members of my family and all of my personal friends; else they wouldn’t be my friends in the first place. In fact I’ve never even smoked nor with the same mindset that I have would I want to. And I’m strong enough as a human being to resist those who with their idiotic blandishments have tried in the past to persuade me that I don’t know what I’m missing and shouldn’t knock either: drug taking or cigarette smoking, until I’ve tried it. Well I’ve never swum with killer sharks either but I don’t intend to, as I well know what the folly of doing so would be. And invariably those who have always tried to persuade me to their point of view – during my student days at university and occasionally in my working life – have always been white. I’ve politely not fallen for their blandishments and they’ve been realistic enough to realize that I wouldn’t be persuaded by them. And that’s how my life is. Boring perhaps to those who get their highs and kicks from illegal drugs and smoking but principled and sane as far as I’m concerned.

As for Afro-Caribbean parents feeding their children and babies cannabis, well you know the old and typical white stereotypes which stipulate that everything in this world or this life that is evil, as defined by them, has its genesis among Black people! I’m used to that and like me most Blacks don’t worry about it; and why do so they question like me when you’re dealing with white cunts who spectacularly risibly and delusionally even kid themselves that they’re the Master Race? Humour them if you want to; I just ignore them.

Going back however to Carolyn Sinclair’s assertion that Afro-Caribbean Blacks feed their children and babies cannabis, that’s news to me and I should know as I’m of Afro-Caribbean and specifically Barbadian heritage. However, my adoring Mum who was always well ahead of her time did breast feed me until I was THREE YEARS OLD, and for which I’m eternally grateful in many ways. For as white scientists and the rest of them several decades later have “discovered”, something which Mum, Gran and the other matriarchs in my family well knew all along, the longer you sensibly breast-feed an infant the more intelligent it grows up to be. And in my situation, alone, I rest my case in that regard!

Furthermore, always an outstandingly beautiful woman with a gorgeous figure and fantastic breasts I learnt to transfer my inclination for my Mum’s in terms of breast feeding to a strong preference as puberty inevitably took its hold of me to the girls and subsequently the women that featured in my life, and to be absolutely honest and quite candid with you, I am and have always been a decided sucker for a nice pair of breasts. Fortunately, and as at present with my German Partner and others before her, I’ve been mouth-wateringly fortunate in that regard! Thanks Mum!


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