Please! Refrain from your hyperactive and irrational behaviour!

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Please! Refrain from your hyperactive and irrational behaviour!

Post  Admin on Sat Feb 25, 2017 1:00 am

By Stanley Collymore

Please, don’t tell me what you think I want to hear, and while
we’re on the subject let me make it absolutely clear that you
adopting such a position like that does nothing to clarify
the authentic situation of this embryonic relationship
between the two of us and, in its place, either raises
undue expectations which realistically can not be
fulfilled or else simply rather prematurely and
even needlessly kills off those that if considered objectively
and given the time, effort and the opportunity in obviously
appreciable circumstances to possibly succeed, logically
can be. But because of the manifestly irrational manner
in which you’re behaving quite clearly aren’t allowed
the likelihood to, since for you to cooperatively do
so would, instinctively on your part, be explicitly
looked upon as anathema to me and therefore
as something that’s not only as completely
thankless an assignment as they come but
also and ominously even singled out as
detrimental to this shared but entirely
new relationship that we’re having.

Well let me in response to that attitude be perfectly honest
and forthright with you and in addition from a personal
point of view candidly say that your second guessing
of what I’m supposedly thinking is something you
must without any delay refrain from doing, as it’s
entirely unbecoming in every conceivable way
of any purportedly consequential and adult
relationship that two prudent and rational
people could possible share, and unquestionably from
my perspective of the kind you evidently would like
for us to be establishing. For whatever conclusions
you arrive at in such an unconventional situation
is forthrightly, when all is said and done, mere
speculation, and so is neither the appropriate
basis nor any guarantee either that it bears,
or will ever do, any similitude to reality,
or as I anticipate it effectively serve as
a relevant catalysis for an established
relationship, if things were to carry
on uninterruptedly and put bluntly
as they presently and glumly are
with you, between you and me.

© Stanley V. Collymore
20 February 2017.

Author’s remarks:
It’s both a safe bet and a massive understatement too to say that significant numbers of individuals globally who either knowingly or else unintentionally but all the same pleasurably get caught up in a one-to-one personal and emotional relationship with another person, normally, if not always initially to start with, expect from their mutual association with each other the kind of enlivening, heartening and reassuring satisfaction commensurate, they feel, imperative to achieve and would therefore like to unrestrictedly realize from voluntarily engaging both empathetically and intimately with that specific and exceptionally special person on whom they’re completely depending on to fulfil their innermost and even undisclosed expectations.

Wishful thinking on the part of some who would earnestly like for these deeply felt and often treasured expectations to be endorsed and fulfilled, in the process of this happening, through the mechanisms of this entirely new, propitious and decidedly intimate association that, as things stand, both individuals are beneficially having. That said though, appearances can often be unreliable in the perception they convey, and in the worst case scenario be cruelly deceiving to those who invest their complete trust and immense time and effort in them.

Then there are those who have no compunction whatsoever in cynically or callously exploiting the touching faith placed in them by others for their own perverse ends, and doing so regardless of the psychological harm they occasion to those who’re involved and intentionally put on the receiving end of their heartlessness as well as their endemic selfishness. But, of course, none of this is ever going to stop people from falling in love or speculatively hoping that things turn out as they would like for them to be; as love isn’t just a romantic experimentation it can also be a mug’s game, and which category you let yourself fall into is, I’m afraid, a matter that’s totally up to you and I would presume of your own choosing. And if not, it’s too complex a pursuit, which honestly you shouldn’t seriously be involved in!


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