The wilful false narratives surrounding "Jew" and "Anti-Semitism"!

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The wilful false narratives surrounding "Jew" and "Anti-Semitism"!

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By Stanley Collymore

Being a Jew doesn’t determine your race, ethnicity, gender, political orientation, language, place of birth or nationality let alone your skin colour, how you physically look or the determination of who your biological parents are, any more than my being, and publicly stating that I am, a High Church C of E Anglican communicant to all those who previously did not have a clue of this useless piece of information, taken in its general context prior to my declaration of this irrelevant fact, and done so as it happens for whatever sane or illogical reason, according to your point of view, that I might have embarked on informing you of it; and frankly and probably if you had any sense couldn’t have cared less about my divulging this essentially private information.

Judaism like Christianity is strictly a religion, nothing more, and is practised by those who care to religiously associate themselves with it. It’s discernibly not a political nor a social creed. And just as I would categorize myself as a Christian for literally practising a branch of the Christian faith, such persons who do that as regards Judaism can similarly class themselves as Jews and logically, as a result, expect to be treated accordingly as Jews. Therefore, and put succinctly in other words the term Jew determines the religion which that individual or persons concerned follow and absolutely nothing more. Just as being an Anglican, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, or a member of the Pentecostal Church for example, signifies, were one to be at all interested in that information and accordingly then set about finding out that particular piece of information in the first place, that the person following that branch of the Christian faith was in fact a practising Christian; ascribing to the requisite recognition and overall realization that the intensity of the involvement of that specific practitioner’s direct, committed or otherwise participation in that particular faith was entirely a matter of conscience for the individual concerned.

The authorities in Britain and the overwhelming majority of whites living in the country, a figure consisting at about 98% of their number ludicrously to the point of it being quite fair to describe their approach as asinine in the extreme classify Britain as a Christian country and quite unthinkingly others also go along with that absurdity. I purposely used the word absurdity since these said Britons that laud the country as a Christian entity don’t practice Christianity themselves and have no intention of doing so, and in actuality haven’t the foggiest notion of what genuine Christianity is all about. Moreover the vast majority if not all of them have never been christened or baptized into the Christian faith; don’t or have ever read the Bible; never attended Christian Sunday School in their growing up life and have never entered a church of any description. Additionally, most of such people have never, and that’s assuming they ever consider let alone bother to get married at all, which remarkably is a striking phenomenon that’s very common nowadays, see fit if they do, to get married in church; and similarly most funerals aren’t church affairs. And all this at a time too when church pews are routinely empty every day of the week and especially so on Sundays. Yet Britain’s brain-dead still persist in deluding themselves that Britain is a Christian country.

So taking every bit of the aforementioned into serious account it’s totally stupid in the extreme to logically regard Britain as a Christian country. The state may decree that it is a decision that is as idiotic as decreeing Jimmy Savile to be an untainted philanthropist. In effect delusion, fantasy and wilful make belief don’t and never will in any rational mind or objective thinking add up to reality. Nor does being unquestionably partial to something and doing nothing more about it. An underage schoolgirl or lad might be particularly partial to sexual intercourse but sensibly or fearfully decide to purposely refrain from indulging it, but that pronounced partiality to coition doesn’t make them a licentious person by any analytical observation or determine that their secret obsession with sex now puts them in the category of no longer being a virgin. Likewise because someone who is also underage and routinely has sex, whether they’re on the pill or not, can’t be laughably classified as a virgin simply because of their underage status but even more principally so because that person - and let’s presuppose it’s a girl - is your “precious” and sticking to outmoded stereotypes whenever that terminology is employed blue-eyed, blonde haired daughter, and all because you’re unable to bring yourself to accept the fact that this daughter of yours is of her own free will voluntarily and pleasurably indulging in sexual intercourse and without being in any way pressured into acting as she’s doing.

It’s the same contention and moreover rationally so when taking to classifying someone or, worst still, through absolute ignorance and a complete lack of reality, you irrationally take to personally regarding someone as a Jew or even go further and let that individual deceive you that they are one because they unilaterally choose without anything to substantiate their statement or claim that they are, or have premeditatedly and with the utmost mendacity opted to become a Jew not for genuine religious reasons but meticulously in their fraudulent case avaricious and unreservedly self-serving secular ones! And as such is no more a Jew or have any entitlement to being one as Jimmy Savile had to being the Archbishop of Canterbury.

In religious and cultural terms the Falasha are the oldest Jewish religious sect on Planet Earth and the practising of Judaism by them goes back several millennia to the dawning of that faith. But the Falasha are Black and indigenous to Ethiopia never mind the spurious spiriting away of them from their indigenous homeland to Yidland by the then regime of that wholly illegitimate and genocide of the Palestinians, in their own indigenous homeland, entity that like a pernicious cancer is deeply lodged in the body politic of the Middle East, and with these credulous Falasha taken to Yidland in order for those who control that outright loathsome, Nazi-Zionist-apartheid entity to mendaciously con their toadying elements in the white western world that Yidland was “genuinely” a homeland for all “Jews” who were at last “coming home” again.

Nothing could have been any further from the concrete truth of what the actual situation was as the Falasha were quick and despairingly to find out. With their genuine Jewish religious rites predating by millennia the fabricated ones of those of the condescending bogus “Jew” upstarts from the parts of Western Europe from where they had either fled as refugees or else had been mercifully rescued from the prevailing and pervasive death and concentration camps in which they were ensconced by entirely volunteer, decidedly altruistic and chiefly non-white, British Empire Forces, the Russians, the Americans and the British, they were unreservedly and unceremoniously told that they would have to immediately subjugate these to those of white European Ashkenazi “Jews” if they wanted to be officially approved of and even in their case accepted as Jews in Yidland although never on the same basis as the Ashkenazi “Jews” who in essence controlled Yidland and everything in it, a grotesque state of affairs that in detailed fashion affected every aspect of their lives, even personal matters like them getting married. And one that still persists in 2017 ever since they were airlifted from Ethiopia to Yidland.

European Judaism is by comparison to anything that the Falasha can massively muster relatively recent in historical terms and unlike the Falasha, European Jews - and I’m referring to those who actually practice Judaism and not the European holocaust reparations and anything else that they can get from it bandwagon climbers – became Jews because their white Caucasian ancestors just like their similarly white Caucasian kith and kin relative to the latter’s conversion to Christianity, those who became the practitioners of Judaism had also converted to their faith. White Caucasian Christians, and I’m not referring to the fraudsters or fantasists who delude themselves that because they are white the tag “Christian” somehow automatically and miraculously comes with it, are the descendants of those who converted to Christianity. They didn’t create Christianity any more than white Caucasian Europeans who practised, or still do, Judaism actually created their faith or were in any way instrumental in bringing it about. So if you personally don’t practice Christianity you can’t honestly call yourself a Christian and do so just because a grandparent or even your parents practise that particular religion. The fundamental factor is that whatever you may think otherwise you aren’t and most categorically cannot ever become a Christian simply by association or birth. For Christianity isn’t something that can be handed down like a benevolence in someone’s will; and the same concept applies to Judaism and every other religion come to that.

Furthermore because religion is a faith and something you can convert to it makes a complete and obscene mockery of any religion if you then ludicrously assume or believe that it can be inherited, like Charles anticipating him inheriting the British crown from his mother Elizabeth Mountbatten Windsor when she dies or were she to abdicate and hand it to him. And much worse so if you were to delude yourself that is or can be the case in your particular circumstances regarding religion and whether it’s Christianity of Judaism, labelling yourself rather ridiculously as a Jew afterwards, and to then either dupe or coerce the ill-informed or total dimwits that that is actually the case, when it patently is not

My entire family: grandparents, parents, aunts, great-aunts, siblings etc are or were all practising members of the Anglican faith, essentially High Church, Church of England. I was christened at the age of one week old when I was formally inducted as it were into becoming a member of the Christian faith and over the several subsequent years and the requisite Christian teaching became at the age of eleven years old a full communicant in my church having been officially confirmed by the Bishop of the diocese in which my church was located. And in addition to that I’ve played practically every conceivable role within the church to which I belonged from altar boy, server to choirboy and Sunday school teacher ; to lay preacher, God-parent and many others and I attended church regularly, and not just on Sundays. But at no time, and even now in 2017, I’ve never been, had no intention of ever becoming or would I want to be a Bible bashing proselytizer of my faith. I’m a practising Christian and although my faith is important to me it’s private. Just as it should be I believe for those who have a faith or none whatsoever.

So I couldn’t care less whether someone follows my faith, has another one or actually possesses none at all, and as such take the view that that decision is theirs alone and has nothing to do with me. And as far as my contemplating using Christianity, let alone actually doing so, to purposely exert pressure on others to advantageously improve my life’s chances regardless of my personal capabilities or suitability for the position I’m after and invariably at the massive disadvantage of others, as all of you out there are completely aware routinely goes one in the case of a particular religious faith and the numerous and fraudulent renegades that have no compunction or morality whatsoever in deviously and insidiously employing such tactics for their own ends when in point of fact they’re no even practitioners of the faith they laud as their own, is something that I would never in a month of Sundays resort to doing.

When I moved to Germany and as there are no Church of England churches there that I know of except one in Hamburg I would approach the priest of the local church where I was located and of whatever Christian denomination it was, explain who I was and tell him or her in our discussion at the time what my religious faith was all about and ask if I could worship in their church. Without exception such requested permission on my part was always granted. Customarily though if there was a Roman Catholic church in the area I would choose to go there because the service and mass at it was rather similar to the High Church, Anglican service that I was familiarly acquainted with and had been from birth. The major difference being that the Head of the RC was the Pope while the spiritual head of the Anglican Church was the Archbishop of Canterbury; and the way I see it is this, if you’re heading for a particular destination – and in a spiritual sense Heaven - and have a choice of ways to get there, does it really matter what appropriate means you use to get there?

What I’ve observed over the years and disturbingly so from my perspective and a situation that has become grotesquely ingrained in the mindset of many ever since the end of World War II in which my father, several others of my close biological relatives and their friends altruistically participated in when they need not have done so, and bearing very much in mind that the visibly loathsome and racist jackboot of British imperialism and colonialism following in the wake of Caribbean Slavery was very much on their individual necks and overall made what was going on in German look like disorderly drunken brawl, is the asinine placing on this special pedestal, and exclusively so I must truthfully and unapologetically point out, anything to do with Europe’s holocaust and as it strictly and only applies to just one noticeable set of people, Europe’s Ashkenazi. And whether they were practitioners of Judaism or not they were all of them earnestly, cheerfully, intentionally, flagrantly and non-discriminatorily amalgamated together as “Jews” and so World War II and the European holocaust was wilfully and most despicably, fraudulently and self-servingly concocted as a tragic and barbarically inhumane story simply about and that impacted exclusively on them and nobody else; not even the considerably more millions of other victims: the Romany people or Gypsies – Europe’s uniquely oldest continuous inhabitants who in 2017, just as back then and always have been, are still unremittingly persecuted; Communists; Homosexuals; The Rhineland Niggers: the legitimate offspring of Black French soldiers, born in France but not uncommonly with ancestors from France’s global colonial territories, and their white Caucasian French wives; and all of them together with many more collectively in their millions butchered in Europe’s European holocaust death and concentration camps. But no mention is ever made of them and of course no “requisite” compensation or reparations demanded and enthusiastically handed over on their behalf!

Those who classed themselves as Jews or were ignorantly regarded as such whether they were or not were treated totally differently. They were entitled to get reparations and compensation to be also empathized with as victims exclusively of Europe’s holocaust and even have that term itself appended only to them. Furthermore, they themselves didn’t empathize with any of the others that were victims of Europe’s holocaust and post World War II sought only to milk that episode in the history of Europe’s many other barbarities, but carried out globally and particularly in the Global South, for whatever they could financially and solely for them; a situation that still goes on to this very day in 2017. And even more sickeningly, if that its at all possible, Europe’s holocaust is the only one, and it’s not at all difficult assuming of course you’ve a functioning brain in your head to understand why, for which one can be summarily prosecuted and jailed in some western countries for the supposed “crime” of denying or even suggesting that Europe’s holocaust didn’t exist or that the actual number of “Jews” who were killed in Europe wasn’t the grossly exaggerated figure that all of these dim-witted sycophants of Zionism like to in the most toadying fashion, enthusiastically latch on it, earnestly embrace with religious fervour and in turn cheerfully promulgate at each and every opportunity granted to them or that they can improvise.

No such sanctions, legal or social mind you, for those who even if they knew about them said the same things about Germany’s first two holocausts in Namibia as it now is, at the time the German colony of Southwest Africa, now independent Namibia, where in excess of 80% plus of that land’s indigenous population was entirely, premeditatedly and systematically wiped out and Shark Island the first ever streamlined and official death camp made Auschwitz, Dachau and Belsen Bergen for example look like gentle correction institutions. Nor come to that are legal penalties in situ or for that matter in force should anyone state in whatever context they desire that the Transatlantic Slave Trade never happened. And as I read not in anyway in surprise but as a Black man with déjà vu of the harrowing experiences of white British children, some of whom were mere toddlers at the time, being “transported” to Australia, New Zealand and Canada, for example, and subsequently the vile and absolutely loathsome and intolerable sexual and other abusive experiences they were subjected to in the countries they were sent to during the period of the 1930s to 1970s, despite my individual abhorrence, on the part of those victims, to what went on I can’t help as a Black man feeling at the same time a sense of disgust at white Britons who sickeningly and very belatedly are decrying this but who are the very same persons who frankly couldn’t give a damn about the far worst situations that were commonplace for Blacks throughout the British Empire, and also taken there enforcedly, and in essence treated far more appallingly than anything meted out to these white kids. But again one doesn’t have to ask why their approach is different for stench of hypocrisy and rampant double standards are overriding, prevalent and profoundly ingrained in their essentially racist, bigoted and white supremacist attitudes. But Black Brits like me are all nevertheless automatically expected by them to empathize with the plight of their white kith and kin, even in the light of them showing no such empathy, understanding or solidarity whatsoever or ever likely to do so with what happened at the hands of similar British authority figures and the country as a whole to Black people.

I’ve written extensively in the past about the intentionally false narrative of white European Jews of Khazar descent claiming to be “Semites”. My own information and that of others who are also reputable in the field of genealogy confirms that these people are at best fantasists and at the worst pathologically ingrained liars and fraudsters. So I’m not going to waste my precious time repeating what I’ve already extensively written, and if you’re interested and care about the truth rather than Zionist promulgated fiction or worst still having others do your thinking for you then go search that information out for yourselves or read the works of others who similarly tell the truth about these Zionist “Jew” fraudsters. And while you’re at it and should you take that path then do your own research on Zionism, determine what it really is, when it started, who were behind it and how it fraudulently and premeditatedly became conflated with Judaism which it has nothing at all to do with, and how the evil adherents of this political “creed” – for that’s what it actually is – have quite scandalously arbitrarily linked it to the European version of Judaism and subsequent to World War II jumped on Europe’s holocaust in order to recruit numbers to their cause and set up their entity of Yidland in the Middle East through the completely brazen lying and savage militaristic deprivation of Palestine from its indigenous inhabitants coupled with the barbaric ethnic cleansing and ongoing genocide of the Palestinians themselves, but most significantly as an expedient vehicle, this clearly deliberate and unashamedly sickening conflation on their part of Zionism with Judaism to greedily and specifically financially milk the European holocaust for everything they can self-servingly get from doing so.

But I couldn’t possibly end this article without as I always do making my position abundantly and at the same time unequivocally clear. So here goes!

As a Black man and a longstanding practicing Anglican Christian I can convert at my pleasure to Judaism and consequently become a legitimate Jew. However in doing so that act on my part doesn’t in any way, or can it do so rationally, change my race, my cultural identity, educational background, political perspective or my chosen or acquired nationality for example. Likewise a genuine or fake “Jew” can just as spiritually or expediently convert to Rastafarianism. But their decision to do so, and just for argument sake in this discussion, does not make them an Afro-Caribbean person biologically if they weren’t already genetically one, simply because the Rastafarian Faith was founded in Jamaica which is principally an Afro-Caribbean state. So how on Earth then can being a white Caucasian, Khazar European “Jew”, whether in essence a truly authentic or else a bogus one, make that particular individual, or collectively as persons, a Semite or Semites? Because they say so and claim to be “Jews”; desire it to be thus; or there are simply any number of absolutely brainless, ill-informed, inveterate and thoroughly dim-witted, gullible, totally manipulated and comprehensively deeply educationally challenged white pillocks around and sickeningly infesting the white western world they inhabit in terms of countries like the UK, USA, Canada and Europe whom these bogus “Jews” can in the most vile, coercive and blackmailing or perverse seductive terms con in this specific regard or idiotically bend to their will?

And unless the just as transparently stupidly lot of you out there who have risibly fallen for all this mindless crap are just as ludicrously going to say that only whites and specifically European ones are or can be “Jews” and de facto that makes them Semites; then immersed as you are in such utter nonsense there’s absolutely nothing more that any truly informed person can say or do than to put the information out so that those who’re willing to think for themselves can objectively analyse and make their own minds up while for my part relentlessly challenge you, as I also fearlessly and unapologetically tell everyone of you other mother-fucking idiots along with your bogus “Jew” chums and any others who asininely think like them to go fuck yourselves! For what you’re intentionally doing is a gross obscenity and intolerable insult to all those: The Rhineland Niggers; Gypsies; Communists; Homosexuals; the Disabled; Political Opponents and others who were sadistically and unscrupulously massacred and exterminated in Europe’s Concentration and Death Camps through the utilization of the same methods being currently employed by the plethora of Nazi-Zionist-apartheid, bogus “Semitic Jews” and their idiotic white western, and couldn’t independently plot their way out of a sodden paper bag, useless cunt supporters!


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