A sensible solution to the perennial conundrum of pointless coition that's then confused with love!

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A sensible solution to the perennial conundrum of pointless coition that's then confused with love!

Post  Admin on Sat Mar 25, 2017 11:53 pm

By Stanley Collymore

I always knew, and actually from the very first moment that I saw
you, that you were unquestionably that special one for me. How
did I know that with such convincing surety?  Quite simple
actually; and this is how! My maternal Grandmother: a
very astute, highly intelligent. thoroughly loving in
the absolute traditional sense and total meaning
of that word and an accomplishedly worldly
wise and pragmatic lady, knowingly and
most prescient-mindedly when I entered my puberty years
had from a very well informed perspective on her part,
and as both of us heartily in response to her remarks,
undoubtedly and convincingly impressed upon me,
impulsively convulsed into tears of laughter that
if my heart, my head and my penis were of the
same conjointly agreed accord in matters of
personal romance I should unhesitatingly
but even so sagaciously take the chance
or given opportunity to investigate the genuine possibility
of getting involved with that person. However, under
no circumstance if these three crucial entities: my
penis, my heart and my head, the latter through
the faculty of my brain, weren’t in faultless
sync with each other I ought realistically
to cautiously refrain from assuming it
was suitable let alone clever taking
into my personal life that female
as a lover far less so as a wife!

© Stanley V. Collymore
24 March 2017.

Author's Remarks:
My eternal and gracious thanks to you Gran for being the principal and instrumentally influential mentor, confidante, enduring friend, consoler in times of personal stress or difficulties in my life and the consummate advisor you have accordingly always been to me. Someone who has always and willingly been there for me and specifically whenever I needed you most and who I not only knew I could dependably count on you but just as assuredly would never let me down. And just a few of the millions of just reasons that I profoundly and most enthusiastically love you.

All this intellectually and sensibly complemented by admirable advice from you that has always stood me in good stead. As hypocrisy and double standards so commonplace nowadays have never been your thing nor the sorts of things you would ever have any truck with; nor are they mine having always had the excellent teacher in you to guide me and that you have at all times been to sensibly and objectively outline what these cancerous and malignant evils are all about.

So thank you Gran for massively assisting in making my life what it is having had it vastly enriched by all you’ve done for me, and thus enabling me to be the confident and self-assured person, both professionally and personally in my private life, that through your sterling efforts, love and devotion I have gratefully become.


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