Laura Alvarez Britain’s and unquestionably our deserved First Lady!

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Laura Alvarez Britain’s and unquestionably our deserved First Lady!

Post  Admin on Wed Jun 07, 2017 12:29 am

By Stanley Collymore

Jeremy Corbyn sensibly, intelligently and objectively, as is his wont, unambiguously stated, and I fully support his point of view, that his family should be kept out of the mainstream media’s, or the public for that matter, biased, condemnatory and even virulently puerile attacks on him. He’s the politician after all running for public office not them, and as such these kinds of infantile, ill-informed, manipulatively construed, propagandized, proselytized, ill-advised, mendacious, insufferably self-serving and imbecilic behaviour and themselves very much lacking all sense of reason, maturity in thought or any semblance of a responsible approach to politics, life or anything else come to that, but which nevertheless are very much endemically a significant part of what’s basically a childish, emphatically self-indulgent and decidedly immature English landscape of foolhardy thought and senseless conduct, while he, Jeremy Corbyn, was quite capable of and determinedly committed to dismissive treat with the warranted contempt they deserved or else uncaringly put up with, under no circumstance whatever would he unchallenged tolerate or allow such fatuousness to be directed at his family members. And good for him I say!

So what I’m doing here, not only categorically respects Jeremy Corbyn’s wishes and is in no way politically motivated but is also quite demonstrably from my honest and commendable point of view an earnest endeavour on my part as well to praiseworthily draw deserved attention to and vibrantly endorse that most ethical decision with my enthusiastic recommendation and your reciprocal approval as regards to the sterling, indisputably virtuous and charmingly appealing characteristics of Laura Alvarez: the highly intelligent, industriously hardworking, inspirationally motivating, non-hubristically self-assured, consummately competent, unquestionably attractive in nature; poised, erudite, genuinely sophisticated in demeanour, equipped with indubitable and naturally endowed class; instinctively and endemically cultured in thought and action, as well as the physically gorgeous and superbly attractive wife and solid rock of encouraging support for her beloved and a most principled husband and human being, Jeremy Corbyn!

For it takes immense courage and gritty guts; a steely determination, an amazing sense of humour and all these coupled with an exceedingly great intellect to observe your husband, a veritably decent and honourable man so virulently, insufferably, unwarrantedly on all fronts pathetically being lied about and mendaciously smeared at every turn, in the hope of spitefully destroying him because he’s not remotely like his lying detractors and accusers nor wants to be any part of them, by people who’re not even worthy of licking the soles of his shoes; and despite all that and much more like the true lady, in all its positive meanings, that you genuinely and spiritedly are retain your sense of composure and innate decorum as you unceasingly do, and most emphatically not let any of this get to or affect you in any way Laura Alvarez.

And in the United Kingdom, and most particularly so in England, with its class-based culture and institutions where meaningless baubles of so-called “distinction” are routinely handed out in nepotistic genuflection and laughable toadying to Lilliputian characters for absolutely nothing but their energetic subservience to their perceived social betters, how very refreshing to have people like you Laura Alvarez and Jeremy Corbyn, in marked contrast to all these utterly useless and poor excuses for human beings, both individually and collectively as they stand, grace our homeland with your inspirational, providential and most blessed presence.

And what an additional treat it’ll be Laura Alvarez to have you as our most cherished and heartening First Lady of the United Kingdom!

Isn’t she just gorgeous!


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