Grenfell Tower Inferno – Ethnic and social cleansing at its most effective and absolute best!

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Grenfell Tower Inferno – Ethnic and social cleansing at its most effective and absolute best!

Post  Admin on Sat Jun 24, 2017 2:07 am

By Stanley Collymore

So there was a fire in London involving a 24 storey high rise block of flats called Grenfell Tower; so what? No big deal that, I say; and quite frankly the evidently over-the-top relevance ludicrously shown in relation to and also emotionally attached to it categorically neither registers with, impacts on, or in any way sways me from my studious indifference towards it. For who are these reportedly and generally accepted by many, Grenfell Tower Block residents and allegedly incinerated victims?

No distinguishable persons that well-heeled individuals like me can with any consummate empathy ever intuitively conceivably or honestly imagine had they with all of their endemic and frustratingly enduring social ills and baggage carried on living instead of thankfully and from a level-headed, realistic and fiscal perspective – relative to distinctly finite national and local government subsidies – not acceptably and cost-effectively ended up dying, would in a month of Sundays have made any major or worthwhile lasting contributions respectively, either communally or nationally, to this majestic nation we call Britain or, come to that, the wider world generally.

So it’s fortuitous for everyone concerned that they’re gone! And surely you must see this; unless, of course, you’re a Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonald, Emily Thornberry, Diane Abbot, David Lammy, the Canary or Momentum inured-type leftist moron, and one who either quite like ethnic minorities and other social underclasses per se and therefore being very supportive of them foresee no problems whatsoever in either wanting or actually having them living in London, and through their presence there dramatically and most undesirably, I must say, demographically change the white Caucasian, privileged elite and proudly selfish millionaire composition of our beloved capital city in myriad disastrous ways! And harsh though it may sound to have to say this, their welcomed departure, untimely though it was I readily confess, will in the end, I assure you, be all for the best.

For let’s face facts! Seeing the backs of these most undesirable throngs of sub-humans, even if involuntarily so as has seemingly occurred in their situation, will quite literally, fortuitously and significantly, ably assist the long in situ and tenaciously adhered to necessary ethnic and social cleansing policies of the discernibly royal in character and privileged elite in behaviour London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Everyone who is familiar with my writings irrespective of the format they take or the subject matter which I’m dealing with will be fully au fait with the fact that the views I’ve succinctly expressed in the poem: “Grenfell Tower Inferno – Ethnic and social cleansing at its most effective and absolute best!” that I’ve recently written and are unalterably contained in this article you’re now reading, couldn’t in any way be more diametrically opposed to everything that I stand for, profoundly cherish and wholeheartedly support with every fibre of my conscionable being.

For as you will equally know I’m unambiguously, fearlessly, unapologetically, candidly and unquestionably unashamedly and vigorously opposed, as I have always throughout my entire life been and will unswervingly continue to be as long as I draw breath into my body and am competently able to do so, to all forms of gratuitous, spiteful, totally unwarranted and in turn characteristically intentionally instituted forms of discrimination irrespective of whether these are individually conceived and enacted personally or are themselves more hazardously in this entirely sickening scenario governmentally and or local government divisively prescribed.

And there’s no doubt whatsoever in my mind that the catastrophic events either personally experienced, despairingly and harrowingly first-hand observed or else graphically displayed in all its gruesome horror on out TV screens, all of which were and still are heart-breaking to the very core of one’s being and, in my forthright opinion, were needlessly thrown up by the Grenfell Tower Inferno: in all respects a hideous accident impatiently waiting in the wings to happen, and the calamitous circumstances threateningly surrounding it and fully known at the time, and which themselves were constantly reported by the residents and tenants of Grenfell Tower just as they were continuously and dismissively ignored at best or else contemptuously derided by all sections of officialdom and especially those directly responsible, despite them having a combined legal, ethical and distinctly professional care of duty responsibility for all the residents and tenants of the wide-ranging social and economic backgrounds in addition to the miscellaneous ethnic composition of the residents that fell within the clear ambit of their political and social accountability, and of whom the disappointingly disparaged residents of the Grenfell Tower Block and likewise similar council and housing associations’ tenants and accommodation dwellers within the Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council area ought to have been routinely and courteously treated with the utmost dignity and natural respect that they were absolutely entitled to, but instead usually found themselves impudently, haughtily, indifferently, rather contemptibly and even threateningly with eviction, for being persistent nuisances, simply for asking that their totally justified, and now tragically demonstrated for the entire world to see, grievances were dealt with.

Something that Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council and its collaborators in deliberate corporate murder of the 500 luckless Grenfell Tower Block inhabitants, who I’ve been confidentially given as a realistic figure of those who perished in that avoidable inferno by a trusted source, had no intention at all of ever addressing as they still don’t with the properties under their jurisdiction; since the one major determinant of Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council and its collaborators’ perceived remit for existing is the systematic ethnic and social cleansing of the professedly “royal” Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. And accounts not only for their Hurricane Katrina approach throughout, to the Grenfell Tower Block tragedy, which I intuitively commented on immediately after that fire broke out and quickly engulfed the entire building, but also why YOU are still consistently being blatantly lied to in relation to how many people actually perished in the Grenfell Tower building.


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