The exemplary embodiment of the best of library practices!

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The exemplary embodiment of the best of library practices!

Post  Admin on Wed Jul 05, 2017 11:22 pm

By Stanley Collymore

You’re evidently efficient, praiseworthily pleasant and most
accommodatingly approachable; constituting, in the
process of all this, those delightful and human
characteristics that additionally comprise
the purposeful and attractive embodiment of everything
that a perspective and truly worthy of that position
librarian indispensably needs to have in the vital
job that you’re engaged in, with consummate
humanity and humility. And consequently
it’s hopefully expected that you’ll carry
on in the same pre-eminent fashion,
impeccably professional standard
and outstanding tradition as that of what the majority, though
it’s rather obvious and sadly so to those with observant
eyes to see not all of them, of your other remarkable
colleagues at Horsham Library are themselves
doing. And in appreciative admiration of
you and them I sincerely say to you:
“Interea locutus est Deus et ut
benedicat est bonum opus!”

© Stanley V. Collymore
4 July 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
With an alarming and most virulent intensity the young in Britain are consistently attacked by the elderly, cap-doffing to their purported social superiors and toadying sycophants as well as similarly vigorously too by all manner of quite sickeningly social-climbing collaborators and absolutely self-serving, mainstream media conspirators in conjunction with the usual plethora of “privileged elite” morons, who frankly are either individually or collectively in no position whatsoever to throw the first stone at anyone, and particularly so unwarrantedly at others, and most specifically the young, who resolutely refuse to even contemplate let alone actually seek to behave in the characteristically odious manner in which their elders are behaving.

A situation that’s both contemptuously and offensively consistent in its deeply ingrained and deliberately practised hypocrisy and proliferating double standards that none among these by no means imaginable older, elderly and supposedly paragons of virtue envisage life should be like, and consequently characteristically do their utmost best to ensure that it is, regardless of how inimical and immoral their perfidious actions are to the society or community in which they’re living specifically, or the rest of humanity generally.

And it accounts for why I’ve written this particular poem as a tribute not only to this specific Horsham, West Sussex, England, charming young lady trainee librarian but also in grateful appreciation of and expressive commendation to all the several millions of, I’m completely sure, likeminded vibrantly young, comprehensively energetic and thoroughly altruistically minded citizens across the entire United Kingdom, as well as globally, who’re astutely and beneficially doing everything that they can, as well as know that needs to be taken on, to effectively make this world that we conjointly live in an infinitely better place not just for themselves but also everyone who’s entirely deserving of that philanthropic consideration.

And therefore to all young people everywhere, and most particularly of the calibre of this Horsham young lady, but not only in my country Britain, I both wholeheartedly extend as well as send you my very best wishes and sincerest congratulations.


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