The Lady called Charlotte (Poem)

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The Lady called Charlotte (Poem)

Post  Admin on Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:31 pm

By Stanley Collymore

Physically you’re undeniably a very attractive
young lady, and to even the most casual of
observers or the amateur admirer, let
alone a very seasoned connoisseur
of the female anatomy like me,
it’s quite evidently a precise
and an unbiased reasoned
deduction that’s indeed
beyond any question.

But in addition to this rather appealing and
manifestly incomparable elucidation of
your natural and exquisite beauty,
there’s a delectably infectious
charm and cultured dignity
regarding you Charlotte –
mutually commending
virtues which aren’t that easy to overlook
or that one would capriciously dare to
disdain; and themselves brilliantly
juxtaposed with an absolutely
mesmerizing, superbly eye-
catching and discernibly
charismatic personality
generously nurtured
by an informative,
deeply ingrained,
inspiring and
a noticeably,
intellect by
you, Lady

© Stanley V. Collymore
6 September 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
For some people there are multiple occasions when it occurs while for others just the infrequent chance or rare opportunity when, invariably and wholly unexpectedly, those affected pleasurably find themselves encountering situations that involve other persons or things which instantaneously for them, and subsequently ongoing in that same procedural vein, generate and inevitably have a thoroughly exciting, as well as a durably unalterable impact of a hugely beneficial nature and likewise on an imperturbably monumental scale on the fortunate beneficiary of that precise and rewarding encounter.

And there’s nothing that could be more honestly and gratefully said in that particular respect than to truthfully verbalize the circumstances surrounding that most auspiciously enlivening and unforgettable encounter involving yourself Charlotte!


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