Knowing and respecting my own mind! (Poem)

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Knowing and respecting my own mind! (Poem)

Post  Admin on Tue Sep 12, 2017 10:11 pm

By Stanley Collymore

Here you are professing to love me yet at the same time, and
knowing precisely how I feel, trying so hard to convince
me that there’s no rational point in my safeguarding
my virginity prior to my chances of matrimony,
especially in this world in which we’re both
currently living and where morality, you
say, is now passé having had its day,
and consequently, is completely
deficient of all real meaning
or any chance of integrity.
And therefore it’s utterly pointless, you likewise
resolutely contend, my vainly trying to stem
and even unrewardingly pretend I can roll
back the passage of time for no honestly
useful end it would seem to you, to a
dark era where through a societally
recommended mixture of socially
manufactured ignorance and a
knowingly coercive as well
as an inconsiderately and
predictably adhered to
conduct of protecting,
or rather more fittingly using one’s female
chastity as a prized bargaining chip to
strategically advance one’s likely
marital prospects or personal
status, and concomitantly
procure an appreciated
inclination in society
and life generally
did truly matter.

But now, realistically and thankfully so you avidly
declare, not any more. For things have changed
radically since those antiquated times and
quite beneficially, you add exultantly.
And that enterprise, and with it the
extremely ingrained notion of a
woman obligated to evidently
weaponised her distinctive
sexuality for community
advancement together
with the anticipated
accruement of personal
benefits to buttress her financial security
within the confines of matrimony are
no longer, you state emphatically,
a necessity in the 21st Century.

Personally, that’s obviously your firm opinion lover-boy
and quite possibly is one that will both impress and
sway other women, I promptly concede, to think
and behave as you suggest, but alas, for you,
I am not one of them! And communicating
it brusquely and equally unambiguously
I’m already entirely aware of and for
some time now quite determinedly
rebuffed the identical arguments
that you’re now so vigorously
proselytizing. So if you don’t mind my saying so,
how I deal with and either choose to utilize or
not to accordingly. my individual sexuality
is frankly my own darn business and not
yours or that of anyone else; and with
that, from my own true perspective
and, furthermore, indisputably in
mind, is certainly a matter that
I most categorically consider
is entirely, and for all time,
unquestionably up to me.

© Stanley V. Collymore
11 September 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
Ever since Adam convinced Eve that it was she who persuaded him, and not himself in an act of his volition, to afford himself the fortuitous opportunity to fulsomely avail himself of her scrumptious apple and pleasurably by doing so individually awoke the dormant sexual passion within both of them that subsequently in physical terms thoroughly satisfied their heterosexual requirements, and from a religious perspective gave rise we’re biblically informed to humanity, subsequent generations of human beings have consistently been debating and even vehemently arguing about whose role it actually is to initiate sexual adventures between males and females as well as the modus operandi they should appropriately employ to do so. A consensus on which neither side to-date, it seems, is willingly prepared to universally compromise on this issue, and so this contentious debate with all its various disagreements and arguments rumble on.

Well, not everywhere I’m pleased to say. For in my ancestral homeland of Barbados a rather pragmatic approach has sensibly, intelligently, compatibly and effectively in the interests of all concerned maturely been adopted. And it’s along these practical lines: That a man chases a woman until at the right time of her own choosing she decisively decides to catch him. That way both participants in this love game can truthfully say that the invariably successful end result of this joint adventure of theirs is doubtlessly one in which their individual contributions can’t honestly be decried or underrated; and therefore there’s no need on the part of either of them to get embroiled in mutual antagonisms or unwarranted castigations. Thus guaranteeing for them, and as best as any human being can, a permanent window of pleasurable opportunity for those who’re willing to participate with composure and amorous determination in their joint sexual adventure.


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