Tropical Hurricane (Article)

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Tropical Hurricane (Article)

Post  Admin on Fri Sep 22, 2017 9:00 pm

By Stanley Collymore

Gale force winds rampaging wilfully in a consciously exercised and malevolent spree, and as a direct consequence of this contemptible and maliciously motivated duress and pernicious jamboree giving rise most contemptuously and violently to boisterously wind-lashed seas that quite eagerly, prodigiously and most predictably in these distinctly orchestrated and therefore manifestly conspiratorial circumstances, unhesitatingly, viciously, rather calculatedly and destructively resort to collectively assist in the projected and copious spawning of a variety of enormous waves and exceptionally treacherous sea currents, compounded in turn by torrential rain and itself attendant with the rapid incursion of dangerous inland flooding that promptly and markedly inescapably add to the intensive and deliberately generated atmosphere of the intentionally originated and cold-bloodedly exploited civic confusion that jointly encompass just a fractional part, but all the same, a conclusively acknowledged realization of the overall hostile environment and the frighteningly disturbing experience resignedly denounced as but officially also categorized as a tropical hurricane.

An event at whose subjective mercy those who’re either specifically designated as or else are more likely to be the random and hapless victims of this callous and seemingly premeditated heinousness are left defencelessly completely beholding to, no matter how judiciously or else rationally prepared they were for its eventual coming and ultimate eventuality.

For equally and inescapably caught up in this natural and predatory beast’s relentless stalking even though unsurprisingly, and therefore expectantly, everyone knew well in advance that it was coming, the onerous responsibility entrusted to national governments and their respective civic authorities despite man’s amazing technological innovations, early warning systems and industriously employed forewarning communications, for all their observable helpfulness, are still completely powerless in constructively harnessing for the general good of every affected or inclined to be concerned community or country, the unleashed energy of every looming or devastating hurricane waylaying their vicinity, far less so garner the capability to ever banish any hurricane’s presence unreservedly.

Hurricanes are predictable; can be destructive even to the point of being devastatingly so, and generally unavoidable in their occurrences. They are also atmospheric events that do feature periodically and with varying levels of intensity in the lives of most Caribbean people.

But all the same, these tropical hurricanes can at the same time, either with or without their awesome display of raw, remarkable and unbridled power, be a truly spectacular as well as a most strikingly majestic demonstration of the discernibly tremendous influence which these impressive stalwarts and agents of nature have, not only on our environment but significantly mankind as well.

And although their presence can at times be rather deadly and likewise traumatically heart-breaking for some, a world completely devoid of all hurricanes would, in my opinion – and I’ve personally witnessed several of them first-hand and upfront as they say in the Caribbean – be an awful diminution of Nature’s well balanced choreography of challenging catastrophes set against, as well as in the process highlighting, its many extraordinary environmental blessings.


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