Death the ultimate and inevitable leveller of us all! (Article)

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Death the ultimate and inevitable leveller of us all! (Article)

Post  Admin on Sat Sep 30, 2017 7:54 pm

By Stanley Collymore

It’s a morally impoverished and sadly as well a truly pathetic person indeed who either fearfully obsesses about or grimly dreads and thinks that he or she can suspend or even indeterminately reschedule the coming of death, which is, after all, is unquestionably an unalterable fate that is the ultimate destiny of us all.

For just as we patently had no hand in or made any contribution whatsoever to the presence of ourselves being physically here in this world, there is equally no way that any one of us, individually or collectively with others, can realistically hope to indefinitely fend off, alter the predetermined circumstances, affect the precise timing or, for that matter, permanently defy or delay in any way the unescapable advance of our personal demise.

And therefore rationally accounts, among other things, for exactly why it’s no surprise at all to anyone with an astute brain in his or her head that even if death is the direct consequence of our own individual actions: either through conscious or unwitting suicide for instance, it matters not a jot in essence at the end how we eventually go.

For death is undoubtedly an inevitability that, at its own choosing and regardless of how very privileged elite or Plebeian that one is either sycophantically or discriminatorily considered to be, will unmistakeably affect us all, as every sensible and erudite person well knows!

I carefully observe and not infrequently meticulously scrutinize this world that with the rest of you I have no choice but to live in, and what do I see?  A planet brutally and barbarically, for the most part, incompetently and nepotistically run by endemically entrenched, seriously and intellectually impoverished retards, and delusional exceptionalists.

Imbeciles so caught up in their obdurate and all-pervasive narcissism that they both literally and proverbially can’t see the woods for the trees. Inured morons who, in effect, are either totally unaware or can’t recognize the intense evil that characterizes every one of them. And who in their very worst form constitute the mass murdering elements of every arm of Rogue State USA’s barbarous systems so-called governance and itself ludicrously and sickeningly passed off as the epitome of democracy. But, in effect, is nothing of the sort and in actuality is a premeditated and malevolent condition of manipulated communal control with its deeply ingrained and ongoing acts of racism interwoven with habituated and a pernicious disposition towards genocidal tendencies.

But while admittedly the predominantly white inhabited and exclusively controlled west isn’t alone in this unconscionable and murderous barbarity, while this is indisputably the case it is nevertheless essentially pertinent to express the irrefutable fact that for all that the white west is at the same time. and without question, both the instigator as well as the principal player in the overwhelming majority of the demonstrably and extraordinarily, demonically exploitative and barbarously premeditated atrocities that quite disreputably and furthermore on a habitual basis are insidiously and extremely perniciously carried out globally.

The collaborative and malignant ethnic cleansing, systemic rape, brutal torture, discernibly planned humiliation and the deleterious and genocidal eradication of the Rohingya minority population of Myanmar – insufferable experiences comparable in character to the identical atrocities monstrously and routinely inflicted on the majority and indigenous inhabitants of Palestine, which have been going on now for well in excess of 50 years by the interloping, thieving, carpet bagging and noxious European Yid element that comprise and continue to infest that illegal, British foreign and colonially, Middle Eastern inserted and contemptible entity Yidland – not even acknowledged by the scum Buddhists who’re wiping them out as citizens of their own country and where they’ve lived for multiple centuries.

A nefarious crusade in the intentional commission of mass murder and horrendous genocide; at the very forefront of which is the despicably lowlife sewer rat and discernible scum, Aung San Suu Kyi, who ludicrously and for such a long time unwarrantedly was hailed in the said west, that still supports, her as a champion of human rights. And categorically goes to show how thoroughly sick in the mind and mentally deranged not only Aung San Suu Kyi but also all of her supporters, whoever or wherever they are.

But no article of this nature could from my own perspective conclude without mentioning the Wahhabi and conspicuously sub-human scum of Bantu Saudi and their compatible adherents residing throughout the Middle East, Pakistan and parts of the west. All of whom in intimate union with and the malevolent service of their white western counterparts, be it Rogue State USA, Britain, the whole of mainland Europe and not just the European Union, and the white cold-bloodedly appropriated from their indigenous populations entities of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Yidland and the rest of them, and that individually and collectively are equally the embedded scum of this earth, present us all with the problems that needlessly we are facing.

The stark irony being, and which laughably is completely lost on all of them, is that none of the numerous ill-gotten gains they’ve come by can they take with them when the Grim reaper inevitably calls time on them. So what was the purpose of it all the sane among us wonder in what they are disgustingly and horrifically doing?


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