The Rapist! (Poem)

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The Rapist! (Poem)

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By Stanley Collymore

You boastfully claim you not only love sex and consequently in
the bargain of doing so as the definitely skilled connoisseur
that you openly say you are in expertly recognizing and
when disposed to always befittingly addressing the sexual
requirements of those who’ve been rather privileged to
have themselves skilfully serviced by you, you additionally
state in the most self-centred way that you can modestly
manage to do that this state of affairs fully explains,
or self-evidently should do, why it is that you’re
not only evidently and immensely empathetic
towards sex but likewise in these expressed
conditions are thoroughly addicted to it.

And therefore and quite understandably, as you additionally
explain in your rather irrational and ridiculous manner,
accounts for why you’re obliged to habitually have
sex, irrespective of whether those persons whom
you’ve specifically selected for your routine
occurrences of sexual manipulation and your individual
glorification end up either meekly or even willingly
eager and excitedly complying with your carnal
demands of them as choice-less pawns in the
matter, and then noticeably manipulatively
swayed, in the interim, by you that what
they’re carnally ensuring isn’t simply
typical procedure, but furthermore
is rightfully and compatibly for
them an intensely innate and
compelling desire which is
both subconsciously and
naturally being sprung
from inside of them.

So driven by such irresistible cravings and indomitable
circumstances then, the only realistic, sensible and
rational response expected from them is not to
pointlessly resist this enthralling and clearly
inevitable outcome, but instead to firmly
and welcomingly, instantly, spiritedly,
gratefully both go along with and completely embrace
this arbitrary scenario that you always put to your
star-crossed and helpless victims and therefore
anticipatorily expect to superciliously from
your obviously assumed position of total
command and absolute influence over
them casually and always easily get
away without any punishments at
all, with whatever it is that you
persistently and evilly doing.

An absolute and uncompromising hubris on your part that
countenances no understanding whatsoever of the orally
expressed, emotionally demonstrated or the naturally
connected with both of these and consequently the
decidedly unflattering opinions regarding what
you, as these victim’s undisputed rapist, are
coercively and unconscionably doing to them. Incidences
that quite evidently don’t matter in the slightest to you,
or would they even when one factors into the other
sexual abuses’ equation what you are similarly
desirous of perpetrating when indulging in
your accustomed illegal and discernibly
appalling sexually abusive behaviour.

For in your noticeably twisted, utterly sickening and totally
egotistic calculation of this solely untenable and outright
demeaning situation that you’re always so desirous of
imposing on others, and where the perverse evil of
your hectic opportunism enmeshed supportively
with the analysed deduction of your intensely
believed in and just as inflexibly practised
aberrant sexual actions are, in essence, as much an integral
part of your own sexual exploitations as the habitually
stipulated, diligently devised, established planning
and the subsequent utilization of these numerous
things that in turn, and matching these several
other specified and sexual forms of human
violations, do unambiguously, as a direct
consequence of all this, unforgettably,
irrefutably and unforgivably in such
circumstances, definitely sets you
totally apart from conventional
humans to struggle endlessly
as what you clearly are and
will always be, a highly
revolting and a most
uncharitable rapist!

©️ Stanley V. Collymore
25 October 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
To start with, and in the process making it abundantly and unequivocally clear, this is no jumping onto any current or other bandwagon on my part regarding the issues of rape, sexual abuse and violence, which I’ve written about in this article and the attendant poem also entitled The Rapist.

And it has nothing at all to do with either insensitivity or the lack of a caring and empathetic attitude by me. Rather the contrary I would say. And to be perfectly honest with you my reason for purposefully taking this stance that jumping on bandwagons, and what’s more gratuitously so, is totally alien to my character and something that I am adamantly, totally unapologetically and antipathetic towards.

For I utterly detest self-righteous, self-serving, bogus sanctimoniously and contrived grief and abhorrence prats of both genders, regardless of who they are, what they do for a living or have no such thing, or what power and influence they have over others, a situation that I never submit to and especially if it’s a coercive or manipulative one.

So I’ll be blunt! I consider rape and sexual abuse to be wrong and this irrespective and in line with whoever the perpetrators or the victims are.

Yes, it’s a state of affairs that community-wise as well as globally has been around for millennia, but even so as mankind supposedly becomes better well-informed and more “civilized” and with the evils of rape and sexual abuse increasingly recognized and accepted as such it can only be hoped that these acts will be determinedly challenged, prosecuted - regardless of the social position of the perpetrators – and the REAL, as apart from the self-advertising and self-serving victims, more fully empathized with, given all the help they need and appropriately compensated.


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