More not less sleaze, please! After all, we’re British MPs! (Poem)

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More not less sleaze, please! After all, we’re British MPs! (Poem)

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By Stanley Collymore

White Brits of every social strand, educational background
and equally the two recognizably known, time-provably
enduring, naturally biologically prescribed – whether
by the hand of God Himself or through Nature on
his behalf – globally commonly acknowledged,
correspondingly extensively accepted and thus reputably
honoured genders, in addition to those putative others
and perceptibly bogus ones dubiously rolled out in
these current times that numerous campaigning
advocates of them including these self-same
Britons, who in their absolutely perverse,
malicious at times and also perverted
delusions both pledge to as staunch
zealots of, as well as misguidedly
at best, and rather illogically at
its worst credit to themselves.

Then haughtily in their absurdly proselytized assertions
demand that the entirely sane and normal everyday
occupants among the British population at large
and comparably elsewhere in other evidently
autonomous and sovereign nations of the
broader world must likewise like them
diligently aspire to, amenably follow and naturally too in
this idiotic process, self-servingly, unconditionally and
unambiguously sexually capitalize upon. While, on
the other hand, similarly renowned for intensely,
purposely, most fraudulently and thoroughly
unreservedly propagandizing the already
well-publicized but decidedly none the
less phoney conception based on the
constructed moral opinion that all
white Britons aren’t personally
basically cautiously diffident
but are additionally overtly
respectably circumspect
when it comes to the artfully encouraged and
provocatively carnal inveiglement of sex.
Hence the well-drilled and absorbedly
specious UK mantra no less of: “No
sex please, for we are (and thus,
it’s to be intuitively assumed)
perceptibly, white British!”

A conjecture that very often and much more realistically
fitting in its subliminal, entirely far-fetched, racially
constructed and bizarrely employed execution, is
a most rigorous and rather purposely engaged
in state of affairs that from a calculatedly
white British, pompously affected and
even a self-evident and an evidently
implausibly deluded position which bears no tangible
resemblance whatsoever to what actually in private
at home in Britain, or more frequently so when
white Brits, either individually or otherwise
in their collective numbers, habitually go
overseas on their vacation. Every day
manifestations, from the customary
home-based cuckolding and their
regularized, adulterous affairs
that are actively engaged in,
wanton and unmistakably
clandestine displays of
chronicled situations
linking, on the one
hand, exquisitely
delightful and

But on the other side of this equation is the
frighteningly dark side of the delusional
exclusivist, self-absorbedly pompous,
implausibly licentious, degenerate,
British privileged elites and our
MPs sequential, insulting and
predatory sexual activities.

©️ Stanley V. Collymore
9 November 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
So it’s a no-brainer, won’t you say, that as honourable and responsible MPs and naturally too as members of that coterie of privileged elites of Britain to which we justly belong that we’re thoroughly entitled, and entirely from the perspective if nothing else of simply who and what we irrefutably are and, of course as well, from our obviously elected legislative and decidedly advantaged positions to determine what’s best for everyone and de facto the entire nation.

And to that must additionally be added the immensely important and specifically bolstering portfolio, parliamentary-speaking, of what from our very own incalculably, knowledgeable point of view and personal experiences may superficially on the surface appear to be prima face acts of chance or even gross and serial immorality, but when carefully and impartially examined by us MPs turn out instead to be concerted actions of malicious and mendacious gossips or worst still malevolent disparagements that most categorically bear no semblance whatsoever to the honesty as apart from the calumny of the genuine situation being talked about, examined or media-wise reported on.

So please, as MPs we earnestly urge you to get rid of these spurious allegations about us and others our kind from your ill-informed minds, and both intelligently and charitably subscribe to the enshrined principle of due process in the face of these entirely groundless allegations that can correctly be likened to one gratuitously spitting in a gusty breeze. And fully accept on the part of the United Kingdom that, those of us who’re most honoured to be part of this divinely blessed and outstanding nation must reciprocally in grateful recognition of our MPs onerous workloads and unquestionably special needs accord to them the automatic right to personally and unceasingly indulge in far more and most certainly not less sleaze!


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