You’re a disgrace, didn’t you know, to all white women! (Article)

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You’re a disgrace, didn’t you know, to all white women! (Article)

Post  Admin on Wed Nov 15, 2017 11:18 pm

By Stanley Collymore

How could you, as a white British woman, dare to quit England and in the process of doing so callously and most despicably dessert not only your own children but also and most significantly too, which was a decidedly contemptible thing to do, your white English husband; and all this without the slightest care in the world for the harm to them that you were doing and, what’s more, likewise in a state of utter remiss totally embark on a pre-planned, it would seem, situation as regards what you were undertaking in respect of another man, and who moreover is quite unmistakably a foreigner and crucially a Black, Gambian African!

Oh dear me! What on earth ever possessed you to do such an exceptionally contemptible thing? Leaving without a solitary care in the world, it does appear, demonstrably civilized England to go over there to Gambia Africa and willingly choose to live in an open adulterous liaison with a much younger and less cultured, African Black man fourteen years your junior on that Dark African continent. And even now that you’ve gone and done this dreadful thing you still don’t see any reason, it seems, why you should relent, sensibly reverse what you’ve imprudently done, return home to Britain and reasonably your white British family. And, of course, in strictly rational terms the conspicuously obvious, discernibly distinguishable and unquestionably civilized Caucasian society and highly developed First World country that is Britain.

Even the very best of intentional, personal relationships and marriages do sometimes for a diversity of understandable and even at times wholly inexplicable reasons come a cropper. And unless you are personally either directly involved in the problems that are themselves besetting any of these relationships or are specifically either in a personal or professional capacity asked for your input into attempting to resolve the aforementioned problematical situation(s) by those who‘re directly involved in them and who these problems affect the most, then quite frankly what has already transpired or otherwise is ongoingly so, is none of your business. Let alone for you to arrogantly assume or egotistically assert some specious right to interfere and furthermore on a judgemental basis in what has nothing to do with you and as is more often than not the case in a state of affairs where you’re wholly unfamiliar with all the relevant facts.

And therefore it’s particularly odious, hypocritical and distinctly smacks absolutely of rank double standards when you or others like you impertinently apply characteristically obvious and subjective criterion or criteria to some situations that you’re evidently biased in favour of yet waste neither the opportunity you feel you’re presented with nor the time to be caustically and vitriolic in other situations even when they are similar to the ones you favour or are even less troublesome, as is often the case, than they are. And such prejudiced conduct is not only quite unwarranted it also stinks to high Heaven.

John Major the former British Prime Minister had a consensual affair with Edwina Currie a similar Tory MP and equally a UK regime Cabinet Minister. Both parties were married at the time of this affair and John Major is still with his wife of the time. Paddy Ashdown, a former leader of the British Liberal Democratic Party (The Lib-Dems) was also a married man at the time of his longstanding affair. So too was Tony Blair – and the entire world well knows who this mass murderer is – saw nothing wrong in shagging the Chinese wife of his Aussie-cum- Rogue State USA citizen and political mentor Rupert Murdoch. Then, of course, there is the current French President Emmanuel Macron who as a school boy in his teens formed a very sexually unhealthy and entirely immoral relationship with Brigitte his teacher at the time and the woman who is now his wife.

Brigitte: born on the 13 April 1953 was considerably older than Emanuel who was himself born on the 21 December 1977, so simply work the not too difficult arithmetical conundrum out for yourself. But what personally appals me and as someone who has spent the vast majority of my time in education, teaching English at every conceivable level, is that any teacher or lecturer having an emotional or sexual relationship with his or her pupil or student is in my book not worthy to be a teacher and at worst is a sick paedophile, and especially so when the teacher or lecturer is almost 40 years’ old and the pupil or student is just approaching 16 years old. And they’re just the tip of this odiously hypocritical iceberg.

But contrast the double standards and the venomous cannonade levelled at Heidi Hepworth a white British woman, aged 44 years’ old who freely left her husband and children in the UK to go and live in the Gambia, Africa with the Black man Mamadou Jallow that she’s fallen in love with and rather understandably clearly wants to be with. Both members of this obviously romantic couple are adults and significantly so consensual ones to what they’re both lovingly and romantically doing. But you could be easily forgiven for not thinking so as she’s branded by the white British media as more or less a slut who has unforgivably given up her husband and children to move to Africa to be with her “toy boy”.

Was the term “slut” ever applied by these media morons to Edwina Currie or Camilla who repeatedly horned Princess Diana with her husband Prince Charles? And has the terminology of toy boy ever been applied to Brigitte Macron, the now First Lady of France? The simple answer is categorically “NO” and you shouldn’t, if you’ve got any sense, hold your breath on any of these white privileged and other examples I assure you, as you won’t see it in print or ever hear it coming out of the white controlled British and western media.

In the meantime, Heidi Hepworth’s estranged husband casually and condemnatory labels her actions in the media as a “mid-life crisis”. Was Camilla‘s a mid-life crisis when from the outset she undertook her longstanding affair with Charles prompting Diana to say there were always three persons in her marriage? Was Edwina Currie a similar mid-life crisis? And don’t men have mid-life crises; for the way I see it if it’s an okay terminology for women why not men also? A logical deduction I would have thought! People have affairs for all sorts of reasons and sometimes none at all. And rather than castigate those involved why if you’re so keen on finding out why, ask them directly instead of speculating.

Everyone from the British Royal Family right down to the lowliest man and woman on your average run-down council estate have affairs of one sort or another and if someone leaves you, instead of blabbing to the media British or other purported mainstream media where the so-called journalists there, more realistically sonographers, who work for them have sex and private lives that would make your average British sewerage system smell like an exotic and flagrant bed of roses, try realistically and sensibly sorting your problems out  privately. And if I were in Heidi Hepworth’s shoes or she did ever ask my advice on this matter my response would be simple. Your husband should grow up and realize that some of the responsibility for the collapse of your marriage can’t be laid solely at your feet.

And as someone who once worked as a volunteer for the British Marriage Guidance Council, now Relate, I’ve heard it all before. Arrogant spouses, mostly men but also women, who just can’t see the woods for the trees and just take their marriage for granted until it disastrously for them collapses in front of their eyes. And I happily take this opportunity to wish Heidi and Mamadou all the very best for their future in Africa. With the satisfaction of doing so that these ignorant, white, racist bastards and bitches who sanctimoniously like to condemn mixed race relationships can’t accuse Heidi of bringing a BLACK MAN and “potential scrounger” into Britain. How that must fucking well irk you!

This is the Article; the poem will follow in due course.


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