The Chink in the Aussie Armour

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The Chink in the Aussie Armour

Post  Admin on Sun Mar 03, 2013 12:30 am

By Stanley Collymore

People who wave their mediocrity like a flag are becoming
increasingly prevalent these days; but that’s hardly
surprising with the dumbing down they’re
relentless subjected to of everything,
including what passes for
education, nowadays.

So when two nerds living in Australia: imports to that
country, settled by the detritus of humanity shipped
there and as far away from Europe as one could
possibly get; past masters of every conceivable
act of criminality, including genocide
of the indigenous Aborigine.

And who long before the last shots were fired in World War II
were openly advertising in Nazi Germany and elsewhere in
fascist Europe for immigrants of so-called Aryan stock to
go and settle in that racist cesspit Down Under; the
classic irony symptomatic of the profound idiocy
that these two contemporary bozos: one a non-
white Sheila the other a Caucasian twit,
predictably emit doesn’t surprise me
one bit; nor is it really any wonder!

For what I see in both of them are apt caricatures of the remarkably
perceptive and foreboding film “Idiocracy!” And besides who sensibly
thinks of Australia as a land of high culture or academic excellence?
Even the majority of its boorish, beer-swilling men and servile
Sheilas as it happens don’t! For it’s commonly perceived as
well as generously acknowledged globally to be a country
that’s full of sheep, both literally and metaphorically.

And having two doltish dimwits try to lecture me on the English Language,
someone who in all its several constructs has been a practitioner of it for
many years is very much akin to taking coal to Newcastle; for I really
don’t need any lessons either in the comprehension or exposition
of the English Language, and certainly not from persons that
are academically challenged and also mentally impaired.

Who moreover heavily burdened, poor things, with an unbelievably limited
attention span think that the “Sun” illuminatively as well as linguistically
is a brilliant newspaper or that Fox News is an eminently informative
media outlet, and what they both offer robotically is the very best,
literarily speaking, that one can actually get or else must wholly
rely upon, because like the rest of his “idiocracy empire” are
owned and ruthlessly controlled by a carpet bagging Australian!

But though expediently he chooses to be British, American and Australian
or even Chinese when it suits his interests financially, Rupert Murdoch,
you see, can and does get away with it because he’s filthy rich! And
suitably having a Chinese wife while sleight of hand and for hard
nosed commercial reasons seemingly but cleverly sidelining
his Caucasian Australian one was quite adept and has
certainly and most effectively done the trick!

Notwithstanding his success however the chink in both your armour is
that when a handy marriage to a Caucasian man is done primarily to
diligently but insecurely breed out your own genetic origin, the
current Mrs Murdoch is not a template to emulate or even try
to duplicate. For she not only has the Murdoch name but
also billions of dollars in collateral which go with it!

You on the other hand were you to travel around Australia on your own
and without your white man’s arm to triumphantly lean upon would
instantly and universally be seen in this overwhelmingly racist
and white supremacist society that Australia has spawned
as simply another yellow peril look-alike Chink loathed
and unwanted in Caucasian designated Aussie-land.

© Stanley V. Collymore
1 March 2013.


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