Simply and honestly I love you exclusively, my exquisite German Princess! (Poem)

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Simply and honestly I love you exclusively, my exquisite German Princess! (Poem)

Post  Admin on Fri Nov 24, 2017 11:29 pm

By Stanley Collymore

I thought I’d like to share this amusing and a profoundly
emblematizing joke with you my precious Darling in
order to further emphasize, in light relief this time,
how very much, in real and solid terms, I am in
love with you and the extent and consistency
therein, naturally, of what you actually, as
a consequence of this and several other
motivational things and experiences,
mean to me now, have always done unquestionably in
the past, and will, most assuredly continue to do so
enduringly. There was this gold enthusiast, you
see, who in his extreme and undue obsession
with this singular and precious metal, most
determinedly decided to become a gold
prospector. And as a consequence of
his inexorable wish and subsequent
decision chose to risk everything
in his private possession: both
financially and in asset terms,
embracing his total life’s
savings on his extravagant
wish of a lifetime vision
of becoming in his
highly optimistic fantasy - but realistically to
you and me far-fetched optimism – of
immediately and automatically, as
he doubtlessly saw it, getting filthy
and deservedly rich too.

And to that compulsively tempting and evidently to him a
seemingly mouth-watering end, he accordingly bought
and gladly registered with the suitable authorities
in his land a new and pristine goldmine claim
that without a shadow of doubt on his part
he thought would undeniably advance
and significantly enhance his risible – but clearly
from the objective perspective by any normal
and intelligent person was something that
was unmistakeably not to be credibly
relied upon – financial ambitions
and doggedly acquisitive aims.

Alas, however, for this ingrained egotistical man his
rather exaggeratedly hoped for gold rush inspired
and excitedly induced financial expectations
didn’t pan out. Prompting the fitting and
unavoidably reflexive response from
others in tune with the discernible boldness from
equally prescient-minded persons, who were
fully acquainted with what he’d heedlessly
embarked upon, and therefore were also
mindful of the immense predicament
he was now predictably embroiled
in, to unsympathetically sneer at
him and mordantly say of him:
bloody well serves him right!

And more particularly so for out-datedly assuming,
in what’s now the 21st Century that for the likes
of him it’s still insultingly and disgracefully
perceived to be perfectly ethical for them
to garner massive economic gains or
returns on absolutely speculative
investments alone and furthermore in decidedly
exploitative and clearly immoral situations
that strictly on their own merit are more
likely than not actual demerits needing
nowt else in this dishonest bargaining.
No divergence then is my personal
opinion in any kind of discerning
investigation or reading when it
comes to true love, as distinct
from the self-interested and
envisioning kind. And the
conviction of what exists
between you and me my
Love needs no explanation of what we
substantially have, or any road map
to tell us where we are going or
should be travelling to. As we
clearly, and unaided, have
always known, and still
confidently do where
we’re at; and what’s
more, exactly too
where it is that
we’re jointly
heading to.

©️ Stanley V. Collymore
23 November 2017.

Authors Remarks:
Falling in love is fundamentally an emotional, usually a reflexive occurrence as a consequence of something that has unexpectedly, possibly excitingly and not unusually hopefully happened to the person who suddenly, or as an afterthought, has been the individual person who found himself or herself exposed, or even involuntarily subjected, to that particular situation which fortunately or otherwise they’ve now found themselves in.

Being in love, however, is an entirely different matter that consequentially involves the explorative understanding and the likely significances that stem from or may accrue from not only strongly and emotionally getting involved with someone but also involves the intriguing prospect of welcomingly, enhancingly and worthily having that person in your life and just as complimentarily having you do the same in theirs.

Words are essentially redundant when it comes to expressing how I feel about you. Fortunately, you and I have multiple ways of expressing our love for each other (smile). Nevertheless, in traditional and enduring word-form I'll simply say: I Love You


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