The House Niggers last hurrah! (Article)

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The House Niggers last hurrah! (Article)

Post  Admin on Sun Nov 26, 2017 1:05 am

By Stanley Collymore

For centuries your sort has been a bane proverbially and literally in the lives of all decent, hard-working, thoroughly exploited but all the same exceedingly in spite of the inhumane travesties habitually and mercilessly inflicted on them, whether individually or collectively and always without question extraordinarily principled and deeply religious, whether their religious faith was Islam, Christianity or Judaism, Black persons. And you customarily did your unscrupulous deeds on behalf of your perceived racially and socially-superior betters, regardless of whether they were white Caucasians or others, during the time of Slavery, its offspring Colonialism, Segregation, Jim Crowism, Apartheid, Racial Exclusivism by white Caucasians and in marked contrast by them the total and contemptuous exclusion in every conceivable situation of all Black people.

And throughout your avid, treacherous and ever willing assistance to any and everyone who, for whatever spurious or perverse reasons they have or had previously entertained, or even when they can vouchsafe none that are either coherent or more reasonably insane and rather paradoxically do pertain even to your treacherous selves, when callously and discourteously used against you for their own barbaric ends, you’re none the less still unquestionably and sycophantically eager to do their odious biddings.

All because you’re simply nothing more than a bunch of contemptible, black lowlife scum revelling in your all-out toadying service and the disingenuously subscribed to and eagerly employed by your abusive exploiters but evidently to anyone with even a half-functioning and receptive brain between their ears the effortlessly come, readily withdrawn patronage that’s habitually shown to House Niggers of every kind when ill-treating and manipulative white Caucasians and others them who certainly relish abusing you and accordingly derive great satisfaction from their irrefutable hold over you in instances like these, unmistakably need you to do their dirty work for them!

Something that you Useful Black Idiots, and without question, always readily, permissively, sycophantically, unreservedly and most receptively respond to every time. Notwithstanding the obvious and brutal fact that your services and more particularly yourselves are, to put it charitably, extremely expendable. Since unchangeably either at the frivolous whim or sick fancy of those who in every perceived sense are still pulling your psychological and deeply embedded slavery chains, a situation that you voluntarily permit them to indulge in, clearly think little or nothing at all about you as a person except, of course, on how best to happily exploit or denigrate you.

For most of their actions in relation to you their perceived and actual House Nigger basically stem from vague but all the same pernicious whims coupled with the unredeeming and brutal fact on their part that when you’re either no longer advantageous to them and your usefulness in their cause has come to an end they see no problem in readily and happily dispensing with all resistibility for as well as heartlessly and unconcernedly getting rid of you.

A ferally-induced situation in common with a very likeminded and promptly implemented situation which from a specifically analytical as well as a conscionably humane observation emphatically bears more in its existence than just your own personal as well as an obviously shared and pathetic existence among you detestable House Niggers.

Something that your inured racist abusers and exploiters are indubitably, absolutely correctly, predictably and even understandably in these somewhat bizarre circumstances most tirelessly and together with your unquestioning assistance instinctively gotten quite used to, as they’ve always been. Diligently and egotistically completely aware of this ongoing and one-sidedly, racially exploitative affair, and they’re not alone in this believe me!

For you are the unashamedly, demonstrably idiotic, most ingratiating in the process to those whom you willingly serve, vile and treacherous House Nigger scum that every conscionable and principled Black person is cognizant of, contemptuously detest and quite understandably intensely abhor. In other words: contagious vermin!

I’m a steadfast believer in as well as a staunch supporter of the principle, practicality and the practice of meritocracy and furthermore passionately believe, and unswervingly do, that the only limitations on one’s personal capabilities and realistic ambitions must be their own well-informed and well-intentioned considerations in relation as to how best, or not at all, they ultimately use their God-given and perceived expectations. In other words, all such definitive solutions or resolutions must be theirs and theirs alone.

Conversely, I don’t for a solitary second believe in, never have done or will I ever do so, the notion of so-called “privileged elites” of any kind or how they ostensibly emerged, let alone who they are, what they do for a living or, more likely, spend their time idly scrounging off of or else exploitatively using others for their own selfish and acquisitive ends, where on earth they emanate from, and even less so what economic status or social background such persons arrogantly consider that anyone of sustenance, and most notably themselves, should and must automatically belong, if only they insist to categorically and justifiably distance themselves, understandably they will say, from the general throng of less worthy human beings.

The hereditary principle of automatic superiority is equally something that I implacably abhor having discerned it to be a rather ludicrous, in the extreme, concept to honestly envisage as an acceptable and defensible approach to living; and accordingly, as I see it, is on parity with the worst aspects of the abysmally failed and fantasy perception of eugenics. And, therefore, is in effect nothing more or less than a perverse excuse for the worst excesses of unashamed incest and other equally disgusting forms of sexual manipulation, pathetically but also reprehensibly masquerading to anyone with eyes to see and who’re are prepared to consciously do so, as the epitome of what cultured life and de facto the pinnacle of earthly civilization is all about and unquestionably must be.

For the House Nigger, however, it’s demonstrably obvious that logic, common sense nor any other form of rational evaluation doesn’t ever, even for a single second, enter their somewhat pathetic and sickening equation let alone what either he or she is despicably doing, for they’re so completely and likewise unresistingly brainwashed by those who’re cruelly manipulating and self-servingly exploiting them, that what these House Niggers are accordingly willingly but transparently, catastrophically and idiotically doing against other Blacks doesn’t register with any of them and, consequently on their part, is seemingly incapable of doing so.

Since all that these inured and ludicrous House Nigger scum are concerned about is to either voluntarily or instructively do all that they possibly can to promote, secure and advance the welfare, personal satisfaction as well as the combined wide-ranging interests and ambitions of every white Caucasian man and woman they gleefully and unswervingly serve, as well as those peoples’ similarly horrible offspring, and to do so in every conceivable and beneficial manner that they possibly can. Undertaking assignments, like the Useful idiots that they are who don’t mind in the least embarking on any of them, even if in accepting such tasks it’ll necessarily involve them having to sacrifice their own lives, so long as they can fawningly achieve these much cherished goals or ambitions on the behalf of their toadying-perceived racial and socially superior master or mistress, who invariably happen to be a white man or woman and not uncommonly and rather ironically these white Caucasians spoilt and just as racially ingrained children.

Offspring who following their conception and birth these Black House Niggers have looked after hand and foot but yet treat not as charges in their care but most ridiculously as though they were hereditary earthly Gods and Goddesses to who, as with their parents, these House Niggers must equally, despite their youth and inexperience of life, nevertheless without any exception intuitively bestow on them the corresponding obedience, subservience and rites of passage to their notion of white superiority and its attendant entitlement to white Caucasian exclusivism that all racist nerds of their racial breed consider to be rightfully their own.

But we’re now in the 21st Century and this was all a long time ago, surely. Don’t you believe it for “House Niggerism” in still very much alive, in total rude health and very much kicking its subservient heels in offensive jubilation as it carries on its long-established service to other races but most particularly so it’s beloved white Caucasian man and woman. But observably unlike the past when House Niggers were principally ensconced in the home of his master or mistress – hence the terminology House Nigger – they’re now, like the verminous scum that they are, located everywhere; never allowed to be in charge of anything substantial but with the skilful cosmetic PR work applied to them by those who manipulatively control them can be disingenuously passed off as the meaningful change from the dark and bad old days.

So we now find them in the case of Britain in the House of Commons but because of the way politics is run in Britain disproportionately in the Labour Party. All of them Tory-minded of course and who would like nothing better than to be in parliament as Tory MPs but there’s not much chance of that happening and certainly not on any significant scale, you can rely on that, and principally because the redneck Tory constituency parties and voters aren’t going to keenly have these House Niggers representing their perceived blood-blooded constituencies in parliament. So these House Niggers join the Labour Party but treacherously from within its ranks support the Tory Party and every conceivable right-wing Conservative agenda that you can think of. And with their similarly abhorrent and highly treacherous white “Labtories” in the Labour Party malevolently carry on doing their contemptible work against ordinary men and women across the United Kingdom.

But Britain’s House Niggers aren’t alone in this damnable perfidy, and unquestionably even in greater numbers proliferate within Rogue State USA where these loathsome bastards and bitches can be effortlessly found, and most infamously now as the customary chattel they’ve always been throughout Rogue State USA’s vile, barbaric and ongoing genocidal and racist history in that entity’s supposedly, but laughably termed, prized forum of “democracy”. It’s called the US Congress!


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