The truly magical and profoundly inspirational qualities of love

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The truly magical and profoundly inspirational qualities of love

Post  Admin on Thu Nov 30, 2017 10:10 pm

By Stanley Collymore

I like to think of love as an experience worth having and most
definitely not as a commodity to be bartered for and traded
to the seemingly most advantageous and highest bidder,
or else used as an exploitative means over someone
whom you evilly wish to control. Therefore, Love
is for me something that comes quite naturally,
achieves its own precise momentum, and discerns when
to be commanding, in the most confident fashion, and,
accordingly, when to judiciously hold back and take
a noticeably observational back seat of the current
proceedings. For real love is altruism at its very
best, because it’s entirely prepared at all times
to both give, and do all that it positively can
and neither claim nor demand anything in
return for what it has constructively and
willingly done. Emotions, my Darling,
that serve as just a meagre fraction of
the multiple reasons why I not only
love you enormously, but am also
profoundly too in love with you!

©️ Stanley V. Collymore
28 November 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
In this rather sick and thoroughly demented world that significant numbers of us are regrettably forced to live in amongst the plethora of absolutely dim-witted, easily manipulated, delusional and utterly sociopathically, intellectually impoverished and lowlife retards that also inhabit this Planet Earth that we all have no other choice in our earthly existence but to call home, it has unquestionably and quite obviously become rather self-evident to anyone with even a half-functioning let alone a fully operational brain in their head that many longstanding, tried and tested cultural and social values of note that have stood the test of time for literally numerous generations and even countless millennia ever since mankind first walked on the surface of Planet Earth and thereafter began evolving, subsequently establishing and accordingly reinforcing suitable and worthy civilizations as a result not only for those who were currently existing at the time but also their offspring and distant descendants who would follow them are now seemingly in the 21st Century very much in peril.

And by and large this system of cultured behaviour, practised custom and well-thought out rituals that have become endearingly embedded in the respective communities and societies of their respective times and consequently have worked exceedingly well for those involved, and with Homo sapiens initiating through evolved procedures the requisite skills that they deemed to be important and then fine-tuning them to make life overall considerably better for most if not exactly everyone in their various communities is now somehow seemed by their detractors as issues to be confronted, scorned and dismissively got rid of.

Incredibly so. Since these evolutions and developments were matters that were intentionally designed to make life infinitely better than was previously the case for others who were on earth before them or that those previously here could ever possibly have imagined. A process that saw the judicious eradication or summary dismissal of those things that neither had merit nor could possibly ever have enhanced the lives of the majority of people who were happily otherwise living at any one specific period of time in mankind’s historical and physical existence.

Now in the 21st Century such astute activities and well-meaning considerations are being gratuitously, malevolently and discernibly as swell idiotically, virulently and quite dangerously under the attack of egotistical, grotesquely self-serving, demented attention seeking, perniciously controlling and manifestly obtuse self-appointed tsars in relation to what other, and who’re very much unasked about their honest opinions, should think or do. And who moreover in their brazen arrogance and psychopathic assertions belligerently believe and consequently automatically assume that they instinctively and therefore unchallengeably know what’s best for the rest of us, and must therefore unmolestedly be allowed to proceed in their asinine quest.

And bearing all that in mind all that I’ve observantly noticed and previously said there is absolutely no doubt in my mind whatsoever that this coterie of sociopathically infused, virulently psychopathically demented, compulsively controlling and decidedly delusional nutters if allowed to have their sick, recurrently always looking for something to caustically criticize, condemn and malevolently change to suit their comprehensively distorted and warped minds, will accordingly do everything that they possibly can to sickeningly transform as well as destroy the beautiful concept of natural love that every rational human being positively and romantically aspires to achieving and endorsing for themselves as well as delightfully and lovingly giving to others, and especially that special person in their own life, into something even more nightmarish than Hell itself.

Because unfortunately these silly sods are the kind of pathetic and self-indulgent nerds that all intelligent, sensible and enlightened human beings are increasingly, within the 21st Century, finding themselves having to deal with. An outrageous situation, I know, but nevertheless one that we mustn’t allow those dregs of society and the epitome of what’s noticeably the worst of rampant, lowlife activities to gain full control of, let alone win. For to permit that would be a rank betrayal of your own independence and the thorough undermining as well of all the remarkably good things that many of our respective ancestors have in the past sacrificed their lives for to ensure that those who came after them could inhabit and benefit in the process from a much better world, and one where love was an integral part of those proceedings.


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