The Harry Windsor and Meghan Markle Phenomenon!

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The Harry Windsor and Meghan Markle Phenomenon!

Post  Admin on Sat Dec 09, 2017 9:09 pm

By Stanley Collymore

I won’t ever dream of nor will I at any stage or given moment in time either unprofessionally or even more so ludicrously, damagingly and quite evidently too idiotically permit myself to be coercively, self-servingly, egotistically or falsely drawn into what, in my candid opinion, is a perceptibly feral amalgamation of what in itself and by any accurately espoused and truly balanced explanation constitute a feral combination plus a wholly and sickeningly grotesque exposition of what is both essentially and furthermore quite undoubtedly a totally bizarre but, even so, a fully expected by some, and a rather hubristically and unchallenging subscription to the callous, spiteful, racist, glaringly apparent and the concertedly hurled at will repulsive insults and the mass of unpardonable humiliation spuriously but, all the same, malevolently directed at Meghan Markle: the African-American fiancée and bride to be of Harry Windsor, her forthcoming husband and currently fifth in line hereditarily to the British throne.

And I’m most emphatic regarding all this that I absolutely will not, even remotely so, confer even a scintilla of recognition to these manifestly sick, attention-seeking, headline-grabbing, obsessively in search of, in tune with their deep-seatedly ingrained, infamous and recurrently as well transient exposure to, dubious “fame” purveyors of racial bigotry, concentrated Black hatred and their calculated disinformation, quite common of such intellectually impoverished, lowlife, redneck retards and the plethora of other similarly hardened, white Caucasian cretins looking to garner support for their endeavour, while fervently deriving enormous satisfaction from their perversely conceived, actively and rabidly proselytized and, obviously, demented, sociopathic undertakings.

Since, as I envision it, falling in love mutually with that special one whom you’ve always dreamt of meeting, doing so eventually and happily discovering that they similarly share a reciprocal interest as well as a deep-seated ambition for the two of you to jointly share the rest of your earthly lives together in mutual happiness and blessed matrimony is a realization which, by any descriptive terminology and authoritatively speaking, is literally second to no other hoped for experience.

And you Meghan Markle: a buoyant exposition of discernible intellect, accomplished poise, polished culture, impeccable self-confidence; a markedly perfected awareness of the positive contribution you’re capable of coupled with the unsurpassable determination on your part that you’ve already faultlessly shown to those who’re very much aware of what you’ve diligently been doing to make a general and crucially a truthfully meaningful difference socially and societally in this world which we live in, and most particularly so for those forced through absolutely detestable circumstances, and invariably through no fault at all of their own, to cruelly find themselves inexcusably and customarily inescapably in the process entrenched in. Counteractions by you Meghan which represent a consummate summation of Black, and as it additionally happens in your case Meghan Markle African-American, Beauty and most reassuringly inspirational progress at its peerless best!

Meanwhile, you Harry Windsor a prince of the British realm and privileged by any criterion that one can rationally employ in the circumstances you find yourself in, have impressively matured over the years from the rather rebellious royal tearaway that you seemingly gloried in, and figuratively with nobs on at the time, to become nowadays a remarkably outstanding, matured in mind, conscionable and as well an astonishingly, exceptionally hardworking man. One whom your late mother Princess Diana, by me and naturally countless millions of others not only within Britain but globally too was intensely loved and adored, would, I’m entirely sure, immeasurably and thoroughly ongoing be tremendously and deservingly so be proud of you Harry. And not only of your many and rising achievements but also the personal love of your life and a most commendable choice as your preferred wife: A Unique Diamond; Black unmistakably and with her own distinctive sparkle – Meghan Markle!

Frankly, if Meghan Markle was a relative of mine or even one of my former university students I would unhesitatingly advise her to call the whole fucking thing off; for apart from her allegedly tainting this so-called Royal family by her mere presence among it and that she’s getting herself into, she’s instead realistically and effectively making a much needed positive contribution to it and in so doing transforming these ridiculous robots into passable human beings.

And I would further advise her that if Harry, who is evidently in love with her, still wants to marry her to insist for her part that as a condition of this that he doesn’t get in the way of her continuing to work and independently support herself as she’s always done by doing what she loves and consequently fuck all these, to me, meaningless and pathetic so-called royal duties. For Meghan clearly has the intellectual acumen - not all that noticeable among many of those who comprise the Royal Family and from the very top of this rather corrupt and decadent tree – demonstrable ability and commitment to be her own woman and doesn’t need a bunch of transparently dysfunctional prats of a family on Harry side to bestow on her any street-cred economically or as a human being that she already has in abundance.

And let’s face facts! The House of Windsor is one of the most dysfunctional families not only in Britain but globally, collectively as well as in terms of the vast majority of its constituent members. And if it wasn’t at the top of this irrational layer of so-called superiority throughout Britain no one would bother to give it a second thought and would accordingly treat it as it jolly well deserves. But as is the nature of Britain’s deeply ingrained class system and cap-doffing by its idiotic Plebeians and social climbers we have a thoroughly ass over head situation entrenched in Britain.

For Elizabeth Windsor, aka the Queen, and Philip Mountbatten her consort who it’s being ridiculously trumpeted by all these Cap-doffing nerds that for 70 years he’s been the epitome of faithfulness to Elizabeth and vice-versa she with him – give me a fucking break will you as I live in the real world – Yes! And using that fantasy rational Santa Claus and his reindeer REALLY exist, if you also asininely think so.

To be blunt both Elizabeth and Philip were and have always been lousy, non-tactile and uncommunicative parents to their children, allowing her demented, social climbing and inured racist mother Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon to get firm and unhealthily sick grip on her grandchildren, and most particularly so Charles, shaping him irreversibly into the weird character that he subsequently became.

There’s a very popular soap opera in the UK called Doc Martin and in one brilliant episode Martin’s parents, and particularly so his mother, quite graphically and most cold-bloodedly outlined to him how that even legitimately having conceived him nevertheless from their own sick perspective his arrival in the world actually fucked up their social climbing and selfish lives for which he was never forgiven and they wished they’d never had him, and was the genesis undoubtedly for why their son Martin turned out to someone wholly incapable of responding naturally, warmly or affectionately to anyone and obviously lacked all normal human skills of social activity with other people he encountered on a daily basis, and that included the woman whom he rather bizarrely married. Someone that he was evidently in love with, as she also was with him but noticeably unable to communicate that love in any openly meaningful or unmistakeably non-confrontational way.

Elizabeth and Philip, whatever disingenuous, sycophantic or lying crap that the bootlickers to hereditarianism might otherwise tell you, are a classic example of Doc Martin’s parents. They had kids because the hereditary firm to which they belong and relish in belonging to dictated that they have them, but in terms of these kids of theirs – either publicly known about or else kept secret – these two have as much empathy with their known offspring as having a dose of Epson’s Salts effectively does on the user taking it to relieve a bout of serious constipation or a persistently irritable bowel.

Margaret who I liked was the only one that showed any natural sparkle of what she could’ve become and was really like inside and only did this when she was away from Britain and in the Caribbean that she adored, and accounts for why she spent so much time there when she could break away from the stifling and stultifying atmosphere characteristic of the Windsor, Mountbatten and Bowes-Lyon families. And Charles is a figure, who desperately all of his life, has sought to do the same; but thoroughly and unnaturally hemmed in as he always was by the vile machinations of a his obviously manipulative, thankfully gone and good riddance I say, maternal grandmother came out the loser. Poor sod!

For there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind whatsoever, and that opinion has never changed, that Charles and Camilla have always, as they still are, deeply in love with each other. And if he’d been left to his own devices they would happily have married as they currently are. But just as this social-climbing old cow did it in for Edward the VIII and Mrs Wallace primarily because she wanted to be Queen, he was next in line but Edward clearly seeing her for what she was preferred Mrs Wallace to her, and who could blame him, was instrumental in putting the boot in. After all she was now married to his brother George and that obsessive ambition of hers to be Queen of England could now be realized. And it was! In Charles case however, she knew he was reciprocally in love with Camilla but the fucking nonsense that stated any non-birth Queen of England must be a VIRGIN ruled Camilla out, so Diana who definitely was, and most insultingly too, was subjected to those battery of virginity tests, would in the mind of this sick matriarch Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon be Charles’ brood mare to produce the Royal Heir and Spare, while this old cow would behind the scenes encouraged his ongoing relationship with Camilla. And which is what happened, and tragically so for Diana. Double standards or what?
Diana produced two beautiful and well-balanced children in the praiseworthy image of their adorable mother, and Harry in my honest opinion is the epitome of what his beloved mother and a most normal human being, and not some Windsor robot, is and she herself would have wanted him to be. A very tactile Mum who knew how to relate to and spontaneously shower her children with love and natural affection, and something that’s factually millions of light years away from anything that’s remotely conceivable which Elizabeth and Philip could ever comprehend let alone administer. And I earnestly hope that Harry continues to follow in the footsteps of his adorable and adoring mother and that Meghan Markle who is not unlike in many ways from her late and would-be mother-in-law stands her ground and also refuse to become a Windsor clone.

It was always going to be a case of racist-hunting season once Harry and Meghan seriously got involved with each other. All sensible persons knew that. But when one has discernibly purblind cunts like WILLIAM HANSON – a so called etiquette expert – scraping the barrel and openly suggesting that Meghan Markle lacks class, my advice to this social climbing oik and the plethora of others out there like him is to check the Augean Stable that the House of Windsor/Mountbatten and all the other so-called aristocratic ones that both infest and infect the entire United Kingdom.

And how pathetic can one be when we see a headline of Meghan as being partial to having a weddin cake made of BANANAS! We Blacks all know what the subliminal, feral and rather idiotic message that’s being promoted and proselytized in this insult. Bananas being allegedly the favourite meal of apes, monkeys and other primates; and a distinctly biologically inferior species to which Meghan Markle a Black Woman naturally, it’s being suggested, manifestly belongs. The same bananas which were customarily and in some instances still nowadays are thrown at Black football players on the soccer pitch. And especially so when British football managers and others were routinely and openly saying and doing so in the most virulent and racist terms that Black footballers didn’t have what it essentially took to make the grade let alone become top-notch football players. Really? Well they fucking well absolutely got that wrong didn’t they? Now there’s not a single football team of note or hoping to be that does not have Black footballers in it. There are still no Black managers though! Go work that one out for yourselves why that’s the case!

Also much is being exaggeratedly made about Meghan’s biological family members. On her mother’s side we’re told that she’s descended from enslaved Black cotton pickers. Well now we know. So slavery was their fault I guess, just as it was the fault of my Barbadian enslaved ancestors. Meanwhile, that on her white father’s side of her family there was rampant racism and all the rest of it. Any Black person who isn’t cognizant of this sort of thing has either got to be a House Nigger or living in a world far removed from reality. For genuine Blacks know all about Slavery, Colonialism and all the rest of it; just as we’re well aware of your ingrained racism towards Meghan Markle. And anything to disparage this remarkable young, Black lady. Yes, you read that correctly – Lady!

A term that’s often undeservedly handed out to white women among the Windsor lot – but I wonder what the direct response of these cap-doffing Plebeians and social climbers would be if Meghan Markle prior to or after her marriage to Harry and despite all the security provided to her were to publicly claim or have it done on her behalf that she woke up in the middle of the night to find a supposed stranger who moreover was evidently not a member of her staff and therefore someone that was totally unfamiliar to her as well as the layout of her private residence not only in her bedroom but in her bed of all places?

In Meghan Markel’s case the automatic public response and virulent condemnatory reaction and remarks would be along the lines of: “Pull the other one! She obviously and bloody well invited this man to be there!” With the British media chiming in with: “We told you all along that this woman was a tart!” And: “Harry has only himself to blame, as he should never have married her. You know what these nigger sluts are like!” With other suggestions that one can take the pig out of the sty but not the sty out of the pig.

Yet this is precisely what was alleged to have happened to Elizabeth Windsor-Mountbatten in Buckingham Palace of all places with its superfluity of massive security at every conceivable level, and not a solitary suspicion of disbelief or any act of condemnation of this woman from what’s basically a gullible, effortlessly manipulated, conspicuously brain-dead, and an utterly inured white racist, cap-doffing collective of significantly intellectually impoverished British retards was ever voiced or would have been countenanced. Well here’s me explicitly saying what I always considered and still believe was the case, and a state of affairs wholly removed from what to anyone with a functioning brain in their head, not remotely interested in useless gongs, and prepared to use that aforementioned brain to think for themselves.

Similarly, the current Archbishop of Canterbury who with the bunch of cretinously induced nerds and head of the Christian Church of which I’ve been a practising member along with my family all my life recently, about a couple of years ago or so, inadvertently discovered well into his maturity and also in his current position as Archbishop of Canterbury that his biological mother was a knowing and scheming trollop who had no scruples whatsoever of putting it about sexually and most decidedly so with an avowed “aristocratic” English cad and accordingly opportunely and most cynically got some dupe, whom she hurriedly got to marry her with all the bogus declarations of love for him after she discovered that she was pregnant by her despicable cad lover and therefore urgently needed a father for her bastard child. A situation that ended up with this gullible dupe unknowingly convinced and actually believing that the child this slut was carrying was sired from his loins and was therefore his when in actuality it wasn’t, he was never told the truth nor, come to that, was the child that this unprincipled tart conceived ever informed of his rightful origins by his mother or knew about them until his accidental discovery of who he really was.

But I do distinctly recall the British media and the usual suspects being very sympathetic and also understanding towards the Archbishop of Canterbury, and I was too as it wasn’t his fault. However, when they appallingly adopted the identical stance towards his trollop mother who showed no remorse for what she’d done and passed it off as one of those things that resulted from her having had too much to drink, another bloody lie on her part, that was a red line too far for me to conscionably want to cross. And as you can tell from my response here I didn’t. But predictably no Plebeian condemnation of her. But just imagine what the furore would be if Meghan Markle were to do something like that to Prince Harry and afterwards had her slut-like behaviour not only discovered but also widely disseminated across the British and other media. And with all the dishonest, lying, disingenuous shenanigans and police “investigative” crap surrounding Madeleine McCann when anyone with even a half functioning brain knows that this girl is dead and who was responsible for killing her, just what her real “pedigree” or that of her manipulative mother is!

So my advice to Meghan Markle is simply this. Be true to yourself at all times and similarly constantly remind yourself that you’re an educated, independent woman who’s capable, as you’ve always excellently demonstrated, of doing a worthwhile job that you’re not only very good at but have also enjoyed doing. And in the process have both economically supported and positively sustained yourself and furthermore can carry on doing so. So you don’t need the fucking Windsors nor the superfluity of cap-doffing assholes and social-climbing media cunts like William Hanson who contemptibly proliferate and infest Britain or elsewhere for that matter. Verminous scum that can only rely on their delusional notion of white Caucasian superiority and nothing of substance to support their asinine concept that they’re inherently and therefore automatically “superior” to all Blacks.

Well, let them carry on with their rank stupidity and studiously ignore them every time. And if Harry and you after all this shit still reciprocally love each other why should you care what these cunts think?  And while you both politely won’t say it publicly I’ll do it for you. Tell these mother-fuckers to go fuck themselves and mean it!


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