What in the Devil’s name are you inferring when you say: “There is no God!”

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What in the Devil’s name are you inferring when you say: “There is no God!”

Post  Admin on Sun Dec 17, 2017 2:05 am

By Stanley Collymore

For persons like me who take their Christian faith seriously and which is itself clearly juxtaposed, as has always been the case, with a firm and unswerving belief in God Almighty, all this might come as something of a puzzlement to those who’re distinctly sceptical of every religion that there is and not simply the Christian one.

Committed agnostics who not only think but also openly say that they need more persuasive arguments to thoroughly convince them that there’s an authentic feasibility of there being a God and, moreover, one who does actually exist.

Or intransigent atheists, for their part, whose entrenched view on religion and hand on heart approach is that it’s essentially a concerted ploy by the societally rich and privileged elites, and has always been so, to keep the general masses in check and continuous subjugation.

And, consequently, that religion and its earnestly embarked on proselytizing vocation is therefore nothing more or less in substance than a suitable and effective sop being utilized by its ironically essentially irreligious controllers to fittingly ensure that this deeply ingrained, structurally ongoing, rather manipulative in its conception, perpetually and psychologically exploitative, and a decidedly graspingly mercenary mechanism carries on unrelentingly to their personal satisfaction and covetous ambitions, as well as their desired and readily looked forward to comfortable self-aggrandizement, while simultaneously working most consciously to the calculated disadvantage and the overall detriment of most other people in their relevant wider society.

But crucially, too, there are those who conscionably speculate or otherwise strongly demand to know what the forthright and honest answer to this unnerving and worrisome question is: “If there’s truthfully a God in existence and, furthermore, one who is patently almighty, all-seeing, unquestionably all-knowing and even supposedly everlastingly good as it’s frequently suggested and often pedantically claimed or arrogantly proclaimed that super-being is and will forever be.

Why on earth then does he, she or it recurrently, manifestly and indefensibly turn a blind eye to or worst still uninterestedly permit to happen the overabundance of multifarious activities and incalculably outrageous atrocities globally, and which specifically correlate with defined concerns of political, social and particularized injustices, extensive suffering of all kinds and themselves massively compounded by deliberate and malevolent acts of dispossession, mass murder, genocide, crimes against humanity, humiliating torture and supplementary physical abuse; financial corruption and human exploitation attendant with multiple, heart-rending incidences of what are principally preventable diseases, mass starvation and other acts of premeditated criminality – all of these the sickening specialities devised through rampant imperialism and the remnants of pernicious colonialism instigated by western hemispheric countries on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and thereafter disastrously realized either by Useful Idiot aspirants working for them or the west’s own military association: The North Atlantic Terrorist Organization (NATO).

Now set all that against your personal beliefs, delusional though several of them they might be yet notwithstanding that are all the same voiced quite openly, resonantly and arrogantly, that somehow your individual race complemented with its purportedly prized skin colour as well as your culturally taught maxim and earnestly imagined aphorism that you of all people are indisputably superior to everyone else and therefore fully entitled to the unchallengeable privilege of racial and social exclusivism, and then ask yourself why any God, regardless of whom that person is, would seriously want to save you from your own stupidity?

And if you’re even half as clever as you reckon that you are you’ll quickly recognize why it is that God, who from the very moment of your conception endowed you with the ability to think and make relevant decisions for yourself, most sensibly in such circumstances as the barbaric abuse or the planned abandonment by you of this divine trust and solidarity, either wouldn’t or conceivably shouldn’t desire, and taking all things into apposite consideration, allow you to be appropriately hoisted by your own petard while they independently opt, as any judicious observer would, not to interfere? But because they don’t when your stupidity eventually smacks you head-on and catastrophically in the face doesn’t in any way by your sick reasoning establish that God doesn’t exist!


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