Trevor Beeston – a purblind bigot who conflates his malevolent racism with the doctrine of Christianity

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Trevor Beeston – a purblind bigot who conflates his malevolent racism with the doctrine of Christianity

Post  Admin on Fri May 25, 2018 9:50 pm

By Stanley Collymore

In this rather pathetic article in which you’re featured criticizing Bishop Michael Curry, you’re in classic hyperbolic mode and rather vaingloriously as well billed by likeminded to yourself Trevor Beeson, racist stenographers - risibly passing themselves off as bona fide journalists, when clearly they’re not, and who moreover, and I’m absolutely positive about this, wouldn’t know what the inside of a church looks like far less so what Christianity itself actually entails - as a senior clergyman. Senior clergyman to whom may I ask?

Certainly not to the overwhelming majority of citizens and residents within the UK per se, or even those who are realistically practising Christians, do attend church on a regular basis but have never heard of you Trevor Beeson.

So as a practising Christian myself and who has been one all of my life and am therefore fully conversant with all the sacred rites, doctrines and religious practices of the Anglican Church of which I’ve been a lifelong member and have contributed unswervingly and immensely to it and uninterruptedly over several years as a principal altar server, communicant from the age of 12 years old, chorister, godparent and as a fully-fledged Sunday School teacher amongst several other roles within my church, and likewise am similarly entirely knowledgeable of the Christian rituals and beliefs of other Christian denominations, I earnestly do urge you Trevor Beeson to literally climb out of your palpably ludicrous, self-serving and manifestly pathetic box of intensely racist and egotistical, white supremacist delusions and start to fucking well grow up.

Bishop Michael Curry is a Black man, as I’m absolutely certain you and your racist sort are fully aware, but significantly from your sick perspective Trevor Beeson as such, was getting all the limelight that in your twisted assumption of such things he shouldn’t have been given and consequently in your racist stupefaction was and still is something that you simply can’t stand.

So much then for your fucking brand of Christianity Trevor Beeson, all cunting and distinct disingenuous show and no tangible substance whether Christian or moral to it. In noticeable contrast Bishop Michael Curry is very much the opposite, and most appreciatively so, to you Trevor or what you’re ever likely to become. For he patently knows what Christianity is all about and how it actually does and should also influence in a meaningful manner the lives of those that choose to call themselves Christians, and crucially as well live their Christianity as a sign of their spiritual awakening and likewise their unstinting commitment to the Almighty God and Divine their Creator. Energizing characteristics which are wholly alien to delusional, white supremacist cunts like yourself Trevor Beeson.

So not unexpectedly to those of us who’re fully au fait with our Christian beliefs and also the most effective means to communicate them, and particularly so at a religious function like a marriage, whoever the individuals were that were getting married, Bishop Michael Curry in his distinctive Black fashion and at a wedding that involved a Black, African American lady typically in a truly African American style energized the proceedings as he would have done in his own church and among his regular congregation. So your asinine statement that he was playing to a world gallery is as fucking idiotic as you are Trevor Beeson.

Symbolically, as well as significantly realistically in his address, poignantly talking about the salient matters in question. Like love, compassion and, bearing uppermost in mind the racist abuse which Ms Megan Markle was routinely subjected to after the public acknowledgment of her personal relationship with Prince Harry and even more so after her official engagement to him, issues like human rights. And none of which it can be honestly said were out of place at this wedding or any other, and particularly so where the aforesaid circumstances were very much in vogue. But to pompous, self-centred and snooty- nosed cunts like you Trevor Beeson immersed as you are in your narcissistic, privileged-aficionado and empire loyalist time warp none of this, even if Jesus Christ himself was an invited guest to the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle, would ever have resonated with you.

So in what he said and the manner in which he did so Bishop Michael Curry certainly hit a very raw nerve with you Trevor Beeson and your likeminded racist lowlifes. And especially so when he forcefully invoked the late, great, charismatic and iconic Civil Rights Leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., setting off all manner of worrisome alarms in your sick minds, for in your discernibly twisted perceptions this uppity Black American Nigger had evidently gone too far. So he had to be got at.

But ask yourself this Trevor Beeson, other than this occasion when was the last time that the British or any other western media approached you solicit your supposed pertinent point of view and have you give a caustic analysis on another member of the Christian clergy? And by the way the Episcopal Church of America to which Bishop Michael Curry certainly belongs is a branch of the wider Anglican faith that incorporates the Church of England - so why do you think the British media approached you and, for argument sake, not the Archbishop of York for that matter – get where I’m coming from Trevor? - in relation to Bishop Michael Curry’s address, significantly pertaining to the wedding of Harry and Meghan? And why were you so willing to oblige?

This is 21st Century Britain that despite calling itself a Christian country, the overwhelming majority of its citizens and residents don’t go to church and very similar to your stenographer friends Trevor wouldn’t be able to hold any kind of consequential conversation on the tenets of the Christian faith, or any other religious conviction for that matter. But hey presto, most of them quite absurdly still claim to be Christians. And it’s the same with you Trevor Beeson, since you’re no more a Christian than the abhorrent paedophile and prolific sex abuser Jimmy Savile ever was a man of integrity, moral rectitude or honourable virtue. And most fittingly in an era of rampant fake news you Trevor Beeson are a FAKE clergyman, and I would even go further and unapologetically describe you as an imposter of a human being. And it’s because of the likes of you Trevor that the pews in Britain’s churches are predominantly empty from one Sunday to the next.

The Church of England is an established institution and for absolutely contemptible mother-fuckers like you Trevor Beeson with your deeply ingrained egotistical and class-entrenched approach to life, coupled with your unfalteringly endemic and wilfully embraced malevolent racism being in it is nothing more for you than a comfortable living. Now put all that in your deceitful pipe and cheerfully smoke it Trevor Beeson.

And in conclusion Trevor Beeson, perchance you would also, following your garrulous and vituperative attack on Bishop Michael Curry, like to reveal to the world what’s the average size of your congregation during weekdays and more especially so on Sundays is.


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