The remarkable and inescapable you!

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The remarkable and inescapable you!

Post  Admin on Fri May 02, 2014 10:49 pm

By Stanley Collymore

A seemingly unknown entity yet quietly but confidently
exuding a much wholesome warmth and engagingly
effective inspiration epitomizing a character
that’s manifestly strong, unshakably
vibrant and deeply enmeshed with a charming
allure that is evidently all its own and which
is endearingly wonderful to behold;
more so as it instinctively evokes
a primordial love and enduring
respect for everything that’s awe-inspiring and
truly marvellous about human kind, giving
rise to a veritable inestimable woman
that’s certainly beyond comparison
and most gratefully, one must
unequivocally agree,
worthily so!

© Stanley V. Collymore
2 May 2014.

Author’s Remarks
Periodically general events, the significance of whose occurrence at the time may have unconsciously gone unnoticed, unexpectedly resurrect themselves to establish situations that ultimately become hugely inspirational and even momentous in the life of that particular person; this is one such occasion.


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