Maya Angelou – thanks for everything!

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Maya Angelou – thanks for everything!

Post  Admin on Sat May 31, 2014 11:45 pm

By Stanley Collymore

You were indefatigably the inspirational, tremendously
comforting and consistently reassuring beacon that
ceaselessly and enlighteningly shone into the
individual and collective lives of many,
providing the incandescent light that
brilliantly illuminated what would otherwise
have been the inky blackness of night
that pervasively enveloped the
treacherous rocks around
them in a churning sea of
despair and forlorn

Acute dangers that were themselves attendant
with the accursed indifference to and the wilful
marginalization by the rich, the powerful
and the influential totally unconcerned
about the wellbeing of the rest of us,
along with the numerous other
premeditated wrongdoings
routinely occasioned
by every luckless
and gratuitously inflicted on
all of them by the actions
of inveterate foes for
their own selfish
and utter

Chillingly unbearable heartaches – unmistakably
and decidedly detrimental and with distinctly
deleterious effects on their lives; but
which your intuitive discernment,
personal experiences and committed
involvement persuasively but
radically helped to change
much of that for the better. And
therefore for that, and a great
deal more Maya Angelou, those who
were personally affected, in common
with the rest of the conscionable
world, are eternally grateful to
you, will forever be in your
debt, and thank you
immensely for
what you

© Stanley V. Collymore
30 May 2014.

Quote by Maya Angelou:
“Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option!”


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