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Subjectively, Simple Minds

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By Stanley Collymore

Subservience is a state of affairs that can be induced by a variety of circumstances to which those who’re affected by this condition are subjected, but its most invidious and pathetic manifestation is the kind that’s willingly perpetrated on one’s self and enthusiastically engaged in by individuals with an ingrained inferiority complex as regards their so-called hereditary betters, and what’s more deluded into thinking that knowing their place in society is a desirable trait as well as an acceptable form of conduct to be pursued; and Britain regrettably is well stacked with such people.

And so it’s heartening to learn that there’s the unlikelihood, I say unlikelihood as there’s no accounting for the stupidity of sycophants, of any prosecution being brought against Michael Christian and Mel Grieg for their prank lobbed at the King Edward V11 Hospital in London that purportedly led, if we’re to believe those running the show there, their fellow class-ridden toadies at Scotland Yard and among the other sycophants of the outmoded monarchical system that we have in the UK and who unsurprisingly are collectively baying for blood, to the suicide of Jacintha Saldanha.

As I pointed out in my article: “Pranksters, Pillocks and the Privileged” to be found online and particularly on, there was never in my view any realistic case to be answered by Michael Christian and Mel Grieg in respect of even minor criminal charges. And what’s more I carefully summarized in that same article the set of specific circumstances under which a prank or hoax call crosses the perceptible bounds of sensible acceptability and becomes a criminal offence; and there was discernibly a marked difference between these two categories in the case of the phone call to the King Edward VII Hospital, since the Australia-originated phone call didn’t in any way or to any rational person not individually bamboozled by intensive media hype or else is instinctively prone to the sort of obsequiousness that’s endemic of our iniquitous, pronounced and class indoctrinated social system in the UK meet the requirements to seriously or honestly be classified as a hoax call in either its specific or general terminology.

Furthermore, I would confidently assert that the number of prank or even malicious hoax calls that occur each day across our green and pleasant land are frequent and abundant, some of them with dire consequences; but we don’t get to hear about them as they’re either never reported nor do the police spend vast amounts of our tax paying, financial resources or their precious time on determining who made them let alone find out the inestimable but private harm they’ve actually caused to those who’ve been the victims of such calls. And besides, in many of these cases the receptionists concerned is as equally innocent as Jacintha Saldanha was, but none of them as far as I know or have heard have ever resorted to taking their life because of the prank or hoax perpetrated against them.

So why is this prank call so different from all the others? And why is it so grotesquely elevated to the level that it has been and treated as something that it most evidently isn’t? Yes, Jacintha Saldanha did take and eventually pass on a phone call that turned out to be a prank. None of us know what was going on in her head when she did so far less why she put that particular phone call through, any more than we can say with absolute certainty why millions of perfectly sane and highly responsible receptionists throughout the country do on a regular basis exactly what Jacintha Saldanha did with calls they routinely get from outside the organisation, corporation, firm or even the hospital which they work for from people persuasively claiming to be or else convincingly posing as who or what they possibly aren’t and self-assuredly asking to speak to prominent individuals employed by that body, or else getting the recipient of the call to divulge private or other crucial information over the telephone to them.

How successful or otherwise they ultimately are depends on a number of factors, including the savvy nature of the receptionist, how confident or even competent that person is when it comes to dealing with strangers over the telephone; how trusting he or she is; how long they’ve been in the job; and even how keen they are to make an impression jobwise. Factors that have much to do with the make up of their character and little if anything at all to do with coincidence. But one thing is for sure, while Jacintha Saldanha did take the phone call in her role as receptionist that day and put it through to the ward where Kate Middleton-Windsor was, she was none the less completely innocent of passing on any information that could ever be construed as having compromised in any way patient confidentiality or usurped our data protection laws. And not least so because like all other efficient receptionists throughout the country once the call was successfully passed on their designated task was effectively completed.

I still categorically maintain, as I said in my article: “Pranksters, Pillocks and the Privileged”, that no crime was committed and therefore any prosecution arising from the prank scenario would be a gross miscarriage of justice and nothing more than pandering to the most odious form of classism in this state of ours that we call the United Kingdom. However, if in the worst form of perversity that anyone could possibly imagine there are those who still asininely think that a prosecution is in order then why not prosecute the nurse, still inexplicably anonymous I point out, who divulged, contrary to the Data Protection Act and also medical confidentiality, private information pertaining to Kate Middleton-Windsor’s state of health.

But as I said and still maintain that would be perversity gone mad as she probably did so in all good faith; but if otherwise or for whatever reason she actually did it, and as it stands we can only speculate on this as unlike Jacintha Saldanha who’s dead this nurse is still very much alive as far as I know, though no one is bothering to ask her or is the public put in a position to ascertain who she is far less why she acted as she did, I don’t see why there should be any prosecution at all, which would be based not on commonsense or even the most basic concept of criminality but simply because a member of our feudal system of monarchical control that ludicrously is still in place in our country well within the first quarter of the 21st Century is acutely embarrassed by what happened, or more precisely others among the social climbing or subservient hordes within the UK are deeply and sycophantically embarrassed on her behalf.

Kate Middleton-Windsor like every other patient in Britain, irrespective of whether they’re admitted to hospital amidst the manipulative, media orchestration as she was of the public gnashing of teeth or the impulsive donning of sackcloth and ashes over her condition to the most posh, private hospitals in the land or as ordinary run of the mill patients minus all that toadying fanfare to NHS ones, is unquestionably entitled to have her privacy and medical data categorically respected and adhered to; even when the hyped condition is one that isn’t by any stretch of the imagination unique or life threatening, and is philosophically borne by millions of ordinary women up and down the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. And perhaps even more significantly so, as Britain is meant to be a developed country, by countless millions more women throughout the world, particularly in so-called developing countries of the global south, who don’t get a look in far less a mention.

Crucially too is the fact that none of these other women are ever cosseted in the way that Kate Middleton-Windsor has been, and not infrequently as occurs in these developing countries and quite commonly rural communities where they eke out a living are most certainly devoid of the likes of top rate establishments like King Edward VII Hospital and the medical personnel that they have on hand there; which effectively means that these women are obliged from force of habit to put up uncomplainingly with their condition which they know is only a temporary one. Besides, they’re equally aware that they’ll have to carry their unborn babies for their full term while actively engaged in proper work related situations, as apart from the contrived, symbolic and often meaningless ones that’s characteristically the purview of the rich, privileged and the powerful, right up to the actual moment of their children’s birth, give birth to their babies, and then minutes later with their babies strapped on their backs go back to the usual back-breaking and quite arduous tasks that comprise their every day lives. Kate Middleton-Windsor, even in her worst nightmare or those conjured up for her by a fawning media, will never in a month of Sundays experience such real trauma. So let’s get some sane perspective on that one!

The prank led it’s widely believed to Jacintha Saldanha taking her life, but it was she who did that no one else. This is not insensitivity on my part, far from it, but pragmatism; and not even Jacintha Saldanha’s closest family members or friends have any right to subject the events and circumstances of that fateful day to the vicissitudes of convenience brought on by the benefit of hindsight far less for anyone else, especially with hidden motives, to attempt to do so. And it’s a safe bet that had Jacintha Saldanha killed herself over a similar incident that didn’t have such a direct bearing on our pernicious, class structured and inequitable social system no one would ever have heard of her or anything which remotely related to her or that call. And that frankly sickens me!

For here we are well within the first quarter of the 21st Century, a modern and sophisticated world by any definition one would think, yet the actions of many Britons are still voluntarily symptomatic of a feudal, medieval and even Dark Ages society with a mindset to match and that ingloriously ranks on a par societally with the likes of the Arab Bantustans of the Persian Gulf that ironically Britain together with France under the Sykes Picot deal created and with United States assistance still maintain. With one critical difference; that even in these most barbaric and savage of entities masquerading as countries, which they most definitely aren’t, those living in them and who belong there can legally call themselves citizens, something that even in supposedly 21st Century Britain we Britons legally aren’t.

For in the United Kingdom we’re officially deemed as subjects, and it would appear that there are many of you who’re quite delighted to be so categorized; like turkeys graded for the oven at Christmas time. Enjoy! But here’s one Briton who has never joined you in this regard nor do I ever intend to do so. For I’m a Citizen of the United Kingdom, and like it or lump it, no one’s bloody subject. Nor for that matter will I doff my cap, if I wore one that is, to anyone because I’m told I must.

That’s the real story that lies behind the Jacintha Saldanha tragedy isn’t it? Where the toffs, the mass of sycophants and odious social climbers, our obsequious media and even pusillanimous elements within the hierarchy of the police don’t really give a toss about this woman yet rather revoltingly don’t mind in the least using her tragic death to further their own specious and self-serving agendas. So let’s honestly hope that the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) displays some much needed commonsense in this matter and tell these odious cretins of all backgrounds just what to do with themselves, and impress upon them that Britain’s future and advancement lies in the modern world and not in the Dark Ages of obedient sycophancy to anyone no matter how elevated they think they are. Meanwhile may God take Jacintha Saldanha into his care and grant her soul eternal peace.


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