A cynical and financially exploitative scam being passed off for English educational excellence!

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A cynical and financially exploitative scam being passed off for English educational excellence!

Post  Admin on Mon Jul 31, 2017 11:24 pm

By Stanley Collymore

Both ludicrous and idiotic as one can possibly get! I knew it would come to this and it's why I quit the so-called English education system in 1981 and instantaneously moved to Germany to live, teach and lecture there in a diversity of further educational and university institutions.

So-called education across the board, from pre-school to the purported Oxbridge universities like Oxford, is for the most part in Britain and particularly so in England all about pretence and ostentatious show rather than substance.

And not least so because those running it are themselves hopelessly ill-informed, poorly qualified, thoroughly incompetent in everything, even meaningfully, in what they attempt to do and get their "degrees" and other "qualifications" not through merit but largely through sexual favours granted to their sexually deviant lecturers, personal tutors and profoundly conceited and egocentric professors.

Identical conduct that they themselves then practise within their own teaching establishments, as evidenced by the ever increasing numbers of sexual liaisons between teachers and their underage students or pupils, coupled with acts of paedophilia and abusive sexual conduct carried out by head teachers and others, in their lawful loco parentis care and assumed educational supervision across Britain, of very young children.

Then because of where they went to school and these said tertiary institutions, like Oxford University, that they attended they can then derive their jobs, again not through meritocratic ability and suitability but invariably through nepotism, cronyism and privileged elite connections. And it's not only education but also the political establishment and governments of the UK that similarly are self-evidently the case.

And through the embedded and nerdish stenographers in the so-called mainstream media this intentionally contrived, and profitably advantageous for those concerned, fake excellence is concertedly and in the most proselytized fashion, financially and exploitatively sold.

Consequently, and predictably so, there's no end of gullible, profoundly and cheerfully brainwashed and equally idiotic parents or guardians willing to eagerly buy into this grotesque charade.

And while there's nothing at all wrong in actively and through unquestionably constructive and innovative means - something that I've always done myself and have routinely and fully supported on the part of others - in encouraging not just young children but everyone of whatever age to always do their very best educationally, and then to both positively and motivationally pleasantly reward them for doing so; what's going on here, in this utterly nonsensical British scenario, is nothing short of absolute madness and one-upmanship taken to lunatic extremes.

Flamboyant pretence, undeniably at its most absurd!


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