Victims of racism but we both survived!

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Victims of racism but we both survived!

Post  Admin on Mon Jan 25, 2016 10:50 pm

By Stanley Collymore

Your birth wasn’t planned but all the same your
creation was fashioned through love and most
certainly on your father’s part whose heart
was broken when through bigotry and
racism he was denied access to you
and never fittingly allowed the
opportunity to assume far
less play the role of Dad
that both biologically
and morally was
his right to be.

Fifty years on you’re a parent in your own
right and clearly know what it’s like to
give birth, have a loving family of
your own by someone whom you
love, firmly in the knowledge
that no one could have dared
do to their father, since
you would never have
let them, what your
grandparents so
callously did
in respect
of your

© Stanley V. Collymore
25 January 2014.

The Author's Remarks:
Happy Birthday Wendy Louise! First published two years ago on the 25 January 2014 to honour and celebrate your 50th birthday this poem is still a poignant reminder that you're still thought of a great deal and always will be!


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